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Relationship Timeline Of Charles Bronson

Ex-wife : Harriet Tendler
Charles Bronson's first marriage was to Harriet Tendler, whom he met when both were fledgling actors in Philadelphia.
1968-10-05 1990-05-18
Wife : Jill Ireland
Charles Bronson was married to English actress Jill Ireland from October 5, 1968, until her death in 1990.
1998-12-22 2003-08-30
Wife : Kim Weeks
In December 1998, Bronson was married for a third time to Kim Weeks, a former employee of Dove Audio who had helped record Ireland in the production of her audiobooks. The couple was married for five years until Bronson's death in 2003.

Late Charles Dennis Buchinsky, well recognized as Charles Bronson, was an American actor mostly known for portraying cops, gunfighters, or vigilantes in revenge-based plot lines. He was an American actor who rose to prominence from the 1974 movie Death Wish.

During his active acting days, Charles mostly collaborated with renowned directors Michael Winner and J. Lee Thompson. Here, you'll get to know about the late actor's career, relationship, and net worth in detail! 

Charles Bronson: Cause of Death

A coal miner from Pennsylvania, Charles Bronson, who entered Hollywood to become an international film star, died on August 30, 2003. He left this world at the age of 81 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Respiratory disease, metastatic lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and cardiomyopathy were mentioned as the cause of death in his death certificate.

How Much Was Charles Bronson's Net Worth When He Died?

Charles Bronson was one of Hollywood's wealthiest actors when he was alive. He had an incredible net worth of $65 million at the time of his demise in 2003. The legendary celeb earned such a huge amount of money from his four decades acting career.

Charles Bronson with his co-actor on the set of Death Wish.
Charles Bronson is acting on the set of Death Wish.
Photo Source: Roger Ebert

According to online sources, he made $1 million each for his 1970s movies The Stone Killer, Chino, Death Wish, and St, Ives. It may not be a huge amount for an A-list Hollywood celebrity today, but back then, it was a big enough amount to make him the highest-paid actor on the planet. 

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In addition, Bronson received $1.5 million for Death Wish II and $2 million for 10 To Midnight, which was a big amount at that time. 


Charles Bronson not only had millions of bucks in his bank account, but he also had several multi-million dollar residences. He had an $8 million mansion in Malibu, a $5 million Vermont beach house, and a $5 million Bel Air mansion, the last of which was reportedly sold for $20 million in 2014.

After the tough-guy actor's death, his assets went to his surviving spouse and kids. Surely, his family is eternally grateful to Charles!

Played the Main Role in Hollywood's most Violent Films of the 1970s, Death Wish

Charles Bronson appeared in Death Wish in 1972. He served the role of successful New York architect, Paul Kersey who turned into a crime fighter after his wife was murdered and daughter was sexually harassed in the film. 

The part of Paul Kersey, the main character in the film series, Death Wish, was portrayed by Charles Bronson.
Paul Kersey, the main character in the film series, Death Wish, was portrayed by Charles Bronson.
Photo Source: The Pink Smoke

The movie nevertheless became a hit. So the team further released its four-season over the next two decades staring at Bronson's performance. 

Who was Charles Bronson Married? Know about his Wives and Children!

Charles Bronson walked down the aisle with Harriet Tendler in 1950 in a traditional way. Bronson was 26, while Harriet was 18 when they first met. However, things didn't work well between them, and they got separated in 1965.

A few years later, Bronson got married for the second time to actress Jill Ireland in 1968. She was the former spouse of actor David McCallum who worked with Bronson in The Great Escape

This duo had first met in 1962 and starred in 14 films together, including ''The Valachi Papers'' and ''Love and Bullets.'' Their marriage lasted for more than twenty-one years of marriage, before Jill's unfortunate passing after a long fight with breast cancer in 1990.

Bronsons' couple with their daughter Zuleika.
Bronsons' couple with their daughter Zuleika.
Photo Source: Pinterest

In December 1998, Denis tied the knot to Kim Weeks for the third time. His third partner was an employer at Dove Audio who had helped Charle's second wife, Jill Ireland, produce her audiobooks. She stayed with her husband, Bronson, in their villa with children for five years until Bronson's death.

Charles Bronson also adopted Katrina Holden Bronson as his daughter.
Charles Bronson also adopted Katrina Holden-Bronson as his daughter.
Photo Source: Married Celeb

Mr. Bronson had three daughters, Suzanne, Katrina Holden, Zuleika; a son, Tony Bronson; two stepsons, Paul and Valentine McCallum; and two grandchildren.

Charles Bronson's Awards and Achievements

Charles Bronson had been a great actor throughout his acting career. In 1961, he was nominated for 'Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role by an Actor and Actress in a single program in Primetime Emmy Awards for the show "General Electric Theater." 

In 1996, Bronson was handed over the award 'Golden Boot Awards,' and in 1972, he received Henrietta Award for 'World Film Favorite' in Golden Globes, the USA. Nonetheless, his final award was Star on the Walk of Fame for Motion Picture in 1980.

Bio and Early Life of Charles Bronson

Charles Bronson was born Charles Dennis Buchinsky on November 3, 1921, in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. He was the eleventh of fifteen siblings. 

After his father, Walter Buchinsky, died, his family suffered extreme poverty. So, he had to work in a coal mine to look after his mother and siblings. 

Charles worked in the mining industry until he enlisted himself in the United States Army Air Forces in 1943 during world war II. During his stay, he served in the 760th Flexible Gunnery Training session.

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