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Mon Nov 21 2022
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Charleston White is the former gang leader who now does commentary on the internet. He has established himself as a polarizing figure on the internet. 

White mostly does his commentary about hip-hop culture and music but sometimes comments on other stuff. The former gang leader turned his life around and has inspired many due to it.

White Loves To Beef (His Beef With Tasha K)

A YouTuber, Tasha K, found herself having to deal with a lot after Cardi B's team filed a case against her. It also saw Charleston White's involvement as he gave his opinion on how he felt about it.

It led to a massive fight between the two. While many sided with CW, some people didn't like certain things he said, particularly about women. The battle also saw the involvement of Tasha's husband, who said he would kill the man.

She has covered her head with a cloth.
Tasha K taking a selfie (Source: Instagram @unwinewithtashak)

Tasha was in trouble with rapper Cardi B some time back as she claimed the Bodak Yellow singer has an STD and does cocaine. Cardi B's team filed a defamation suit against her, and she must pay $3.8 million as a part of the case settlement.

Tasha K isn't the only one the comedian has been beefing with. No one is safe from the man as he has been fighting with rapper Soulja boy, T.I., and his son king and Boosie.  

He Believes The Internet Ruined His Marriage

Charleston White usually doesn't bring his personal life to the media. But it wasn't the case when the news of him physically assaulting the mother's daughter came out.

While discussing divorcing his wife, White said something in an interview with Shawn that saw him headline the news again. He admitted to having slapped his wife's daughter.

Whenever a White speaks on something, people are divided. It was the case this time as well. In an interview, he admits to all his wrongdoings. Many respected him for acknowledging that people usually blame each other in the relationship. While many also hated him for the same reason, others liked him.

How Much Money Has The Internet Personality Made?

It's crazy to think people can make a career from commentary on different topics, as with Charleston White. It seems like age doesn't have much effect on his life as he is still going strong despite being over fifty years old.

He is wearing an orange cap and a chain in the picture.
Charleston White in an interview (Source: AllHipHop)

His net worth is estimated to be the same as actress Tara Wraith at $2 million. The man mainly makes money through his commentary on hip-hop culture and other related stuff. He also generates a few bucks through his comedy shows.

White Used To Be In A Gang

White spent most of his young years not in his house but in prison. He used to be involved in many illegal activities as part of the gang. Not just that, he was the leader of his crew.

He was arrested in the case of murder. He was sentenced to six and a half years. In his own words:

I spent six and a half years in Giddings State school for the crime of murder. I was sentenced under Texas Determining Sentence (juvenile) law of twelve years. I was one of the first juveniles in my county (Tarrant) to be adjudicated for murder. It was highly publicized. I was heavily active in gangs and became a gang leader.

His Philanthropy Works (He Founded HYPE)

When White isn't beefing with people on the internet, he is busy trying to help kids to improve their lives. And he does it with the help of his company Helping Young People Excel (HYPE).

HYPE was founded to improve the lives of kids who have gone through something similar to him. White entire young life went into prison and gained no education, and yet, he didn't let that take him down and is now living a good life. He wants to help and improve the lives of the kids. 

As per his LinkedIn profile, he has mentioned how he was given a chance by TYC to improve his life:

I was considered the worst of the worst as a juvenile, based on my behavior while in TYC; but TYC and its staff gave me all the tools necessary in life for me to be productive and succeed in life. 

He is wearing a shirt and a bow tie while talking about his company HYPE.
Charleston White talking about his company HYPE (Source: Xcellent Films Charleston J. White Bio)

White and his friends were given another chance in life.  And he wants to help young people by doing the same:

Most of them have spent twenty or more years incarcerated from age thirteen or fourteen, till now. We were the generation that impacted the tougher laws on juveniles, but now we have grown to be men and want to give back. We recognize that we can positively impact the lives of young people with our testimony.

Education Background (White Missed Out On High School)

Charleston White is currently doing his bachelor's degree. He put his education into learning law and order as a prelaw student. However, it is unknown if he aims to become a successful and famous lawyer like Edward Jeffries.  He studies at Texas Wesleyan University in Ft. Worth, Texas. However, his education hasn't always been smooth sailing.

As a result of White's troubled young life, he missed out on one of the most valuable things people need to succeed, i.e., education. He never went to high school.

The comedian and social commentator White were involved in criminal activities. He also served prison time for the murder of the man when he was just 14. Even though he didn't kill the man, White blames himself for the death. 

He was twenty-one when he got out of prison and missed out on many things, including education. As per the article published by The Sun, he said:

When I got out at 21, from a mental aspect of things, my thinking, the process of my emotions was on a 14-year-old level – I didn’t have the natural progress needed for social skills. I didn’t have the experiences that a natural 14-year-old experiences. I didn’t go to high school; I didn’t graduate, so I didn’t have those experiences that you need in society to succeed."

The Fake News Revolving Around His Death

Not too long ago (The time this article was written), White found himself in the news for a bizarre reason. The announcement came around the media that he was dead.

The media reports that he shot himself in a strip club in Dallas. Well, it turned out to be fake news. It was a publicity stunt and did that to increase ticket sales for the comedy show that was about to happen at an Uptown Comedy Club in Atlanta.

The thing that made rounds on the internet was that many people celebrated the news of his death. White isn't popular among certain people. Not long before the fake news of his death, he had made some controversial comments regarding the murder of PNB Rock. He said, "So what PNB died – F*** him." It's safe to say his words didn't sit well with many.


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