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Wed Jan 03 2024
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Celebrity daughter Charlie Faeth Wolfe just grabbed the media attention since her birth. She is famous for being the single daughter of American antique and collectible picker, Mike Wolfe. He is best known for being the creator and star of History Channel's hit reality TV show American Pickers.

Charlie was born on January 30, 2012, in Tennessee the United States to the dad, Mike, and his wife, Jodi Faeth. But she was born with a lip with a cleft. Her uncle is Robbie Wolfe and her aunty is Beth Wolfe. Her grandmother is Rita Wolfe.

Parents' (Mike & Jodi) Eight Years of Nuptials

In the meantime, the pre-teen Charlie is still too young to start any kind of romantic relationship with anyone. Therefore, she must be enjoying her childhood along with her parents and often features on their social accounts.

Photo: Charlie Faeth Wolfe With Her Dad, Mike Wolfe
Source: Instagram@mikewolfeamericanpicker

Wolfe and Faeth met for the very first time in 1994. They began dating a little while after they first met. The partnership lasted for almost two decades until they eventually agreed to walk down the aisle and confirm, "I do." 

On 8 September 2012, they formally tied the knot in a private ceremony. Their big day took place in a themed ceremony in Leiper's Fork, Tennessee. The newlyweds went to Hawaii for their honeymoon.

Mike Wolfe and Jodi Faeth During Their Marriage Day
Image: Mike Wolfe and Jodi Faeth During Their Marriage Day
Source: Pinterest  

Seven months earlier, they had already given their beautiful baby girl into the world, Charlie. Now, with all their love and affection, the couple is doting on her. Now, the family of three resides in Le Claire, Iowa.

Charlie has a Half Brother

Yes, Faeth Wolfe is blessed with one older half-brother from her mother Jodi's past love affairs. Before marrying Mike, she was in a romantic love relationship with another man whose identity is not known.

Faeth welcomed her first son Kyle when she was a still teenager. But she and Kyle's dad later parted ways due to their issues. Then after, she met Mike and the rest is history.

Total Net Worth of Charlie Faeth Wolfe and her Parents

Charlie is still young to start her professional career. But being the daughter of a millionaire, she enjoys the luxurious lifestyle out of her parent's incomes. Marnie Rose Cooper is another celebrity kid who enjoys her parents' properties.

Her dad, Mike has a whopping net worth of $5 million as of 2020. He has built his fortune throughout his successful career as a well-known reality TV star, and antique hunter. Further, he makes a million dollars from an endorsement deal with Indian Motorcycles.

Apart, he has his own raveling antique company named Antique Archeology. Moreover, he has authored several books including American Pickers Guide to Picking.

How Much Does Mike Get From American Pickers?

Wolfe and his business partner, Frank Fritz, created the American reality TV series, American Pickers on History, produced by A&E Television Networks. The show which premiered on January 18, 2010, has aired over 240 episodes to date.

Thus, Mike makes reportedly $500,000 per season while Frank earns $300,000 per season. The show became one of the most famous programs on The History Channel with millions of views.

Was Born With a Defect

Yes, at her birth, Mike and Jodi's only child, Charlie, was diagnosed with a developmental genetic disorder lip with a cleft. So, to remedy her condition, she underwent numerous facial reconstructive operations under the age of 2.

Fortunately, she began living normally after the resources of her parents to get Charlie's best doctors. "Charlie is a strong kid," Mike once said. He also added that she even shocked the surgeons and got to go home early.

Image: Charlie Faeth Wolfe With Her Grandma, Rita Wolfe
Source: Instagram@mikewolfeamericanpicker

The couple then became the organization's ambassadors, Operation Smile. It offers such life-saving surgeries without money for children in countries worldwide.

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