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Wed Mar 15 2023
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Alex Chase Muniz is an adopted son of an American singer, songwriter, and actor Marc Anthony. His father has risen his fame through the songs like Vivir mi Vida, flor pálida,  you sang to me, Parecen Viernes, etc.

Muniz's father has been continuously contributing to the American entertainment industry as a singer, songwriter, and actor.

Early Life of Muniz

Marc Anthony's son Muniz was born in the United States. He was adopted by Marc and his ex-girlfriend Debbie Rosado. Debbie is a police officer.

The couple Debbie and Marc adopted him when they were in a relationship. He was adopted when he was a child. He was born on June 9, 1995, in New York City.

Social Media

The son of Debbie Rosado is not actively present on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He loves to have a low-key profile. 

Chase Muniz in a frame.
Chase Muniz was captured posing for a photo. photo source: Webber International University Athletics

He is more focused on his studies and that could be the reason for not being active on social media.

Siblings of Muniz

Muniz has five half-siblings Ryan Adrian Muñiz, Cristian Marcus Muniz, Ariana Anthony, Emme Maribel Muñiz and Maximilian David Muñiz.

They are not Muniz's siblings from his real mother but from the father Marc who adopted him. Muniz always loves to be away from the limelight than his other siblings.

Ex-Wives of Muniz's father

Flor pálida singer was previously married to the Puerto Rican actress Dayanara Torres in 2000 in a private ceremony in the presence of close friends and family. The lovely couple could not make their relationship and decided to get apart from each other in 2004. 

After divorcing Dayanara Torres he again married the famous American singer Jennifer Lopez in 2004 but the couple failed to continue their relationship and finally got divorced in 2014.

Third Wife of Muniz's father 

Parecen Viernes singer was previously married to the Venezuelan actress  Shannon De Lima in 2014. 

Chase Muniz's father Marc Marc Anthony and his ex wife Shannon De Lima
Chase Muniz's father  Marc Marc Anthony and his ex-wife Shannon De Lima were captured at the party wear. Photo Souce: NBC news

The couple still could not continue their relationship and decided to get part from each other as a husband and wife in 2017. Since that moment Muniz's father is single and has not been involved in any kinds of commitments.

Relationship Status 

Chase Muniz is currently single. He has not shared any information regarding his girlfriend and affairs on social media.

Additionally, he has also not shared any information regarding his past relationship and affairs as he is recently focused on her study and career.

Net Worth

Chase Muniz has not been working to have his separate net worth as he has not been able of building his own career. But his father Marc Anthony is a famous American actor and has a net worth of $80 million.

Chase Muniz with his father in a frame.
Chase Muniz was captured with his father wearing glasses and posing for a photo. Photo source: As USA

He has access to such an amount through his successful career as an actor, singer, entrepreneur, and producer.

Rumor of Muniz's father

The American songwriter Anthony was once rumored after he had a divorce from his third wife Jennifer Lopez.

He explained the reason for the failure of his marriage with Jennifer but after the divorce, Jenifer got reunited with Alex Rodriguez.

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