Inside Chris Appleton's Short-Lived Marriage with Lukas Gage

Wed Nov 15 2023
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Chris Appleton and Lukas Gage have called it quits after six months of marriage: Complete story here!   

Chris Appleton is no actor, singer, or Hollywood royalty, yet the UK native boasts some biggest A-listers in his close circle, including the beauty and fashion mogul, Kim Kardashian. One can reckon that there is more than one way to push oneself into the realm of Hollywood elites, and in Appleton's case, it's his impeccable hairdo skills.  

Appleton is a renowned Hollywood hairstylist. He is credited for coming up with some of the most iconic hairstyles of the decade, which include Ariana Grande's high ponytail, Kim's sleek glass hair, and J-Lo's bouncy hair during the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show.  More often than not, Chris's name gains traction when stars laud his hair creations, but this time, the Brit is in the news for his personal life.  

Inside Chris Appleton's Short-Lived Marriage with Lukas Gage!   

Of course, the most sought-after hairstylist of Hollywood divas is gay. Chris married who he thought was the love of his life, actor Lukas Gage, merely seven months ago, and it brings us no joy to reveal that the two have already called it quits. As per reports, it was Appleton who first made the move to file for divorce.   

Chris Appleton and Lukas Gage have called it quits.
Chris Appleton and Lukas Gage are no longer together. Photo Source: Instagram

Appleton's now-estranged husband, Gage, 28, is best known for starring in Americal Vandal, The White Lotus, Euphoria, and more recently, in season four of Netflix's series, You. He has more than two projects waiting to be released in the next few years, including Road House, and Dead Boy Detectives

The esteemed hairstylist has cited "irreconcilable differences" as the reason behind their separation. Looking back, the twosome's nuptial has ended as fast as it began and blossomed. Their whirlwind romantic ride started earlier this year in February when Gage, 28, who is publicly gay, posted snippets of him and Chris enjoying a trip to Mexico.  

Chris Appleton and Lukas Gage are no longer together.
Lukas Gage is best known for his roles in 'You' and 'The White Lotus.' Photo Source: Instagram

The swirling romance rumors garnered more attention when the two posed together on the red carpet in March. The same month, Appleton famously confirmed his rumored relationship with Gage during his appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show. "I'm Very much in love, and I feel very grateful to be able to share my time with someone very special," the hairstylist said. 

Gage, on his part, also gushed about his budding chemistry with the Brit. "You're going to find the perfect person when you're least expecting it," the actor told People. The duo's public confirmation and the consequent loved-up moments were followed by speculations of the two being engaged in April.   

Chris Appleton is a renowned Hollywood hairstylist.
Kim Kardashian was the one who officiated their wedding. Photo Source: Instagram

A source at the time shared that fans weren't the only ones shocked by the hasty move. "Friends in their circle are definitely shocked at how quickly it happened, but they're happy for them," an insider said. The smitten pair seemingly tried to keep things on the low but the cats had to be let out of the bag sooner, or later.    

Chris has cited "irreconcilable differences" as the reason behind their split! 

Appleton and Gage reportedly got married after nineteen days of their engagement. Their LA wedding was no small affair, with Kim Kardashian as their officiator, and country singer, Shania Twain, as the star performer. Actor Gage shared glimpses of their unconventional, luxe ceremony, alongside the caption, "Ring finger where the rock is."  

Inside Chris Appleton's Dating History!  

Appleton, at 40, has achieved a lot, and he certainly has a long way to go. The hairstylist's unraveled marriage with Gage isn't the end of his romantic career, just as it wasn't the starting point. Chris is known for keeping a neutral ground, meaning choosing to divulge the least and protecting the most.   

Chris Appleton was married to Katie Katon.
Before coming out of the closet, Chris was married to Katie Katon. Photo Source: Instagram

His marriage with Lukas was, undoubtedly, an exception and against Appleton's celebrity persona as the reticent guy when it came to his love life. The British hairstylist obviously had some relationships before and after he rose to stardom, but almost none in the public eye.  

Appleton's dating history, so far, only reveals one name, (including some rumored ones), and shockingly enough, it's a woman. The Brit experienced a serious heterosexual relationship before he discovered his sexuality. Appleton was married to fellow stylist, Katie Katon, for a certain period of time.  

He even fathered two kids, Billy, born in 2003, and Kitty, born in 2005, during his nuptial with Katon. The timeline of Appleton's first marriage remains blurred but we know for a fact that the long-estranged couple shared an amicable bond.   

Chris Appleton is a doting father of two.
Appleton shares two kids with his ex-wife, Katon. Photo Source: Instagram

Chris's ex-wife, Katon, had nothing but love for the hairstylist when she talked about him and their failed nuptial in an interview. "Hiding who you are for so many years causes a lot of pain inside, wouldn't it?" said Katon, adding, "The way Chris dealt with that pain was trying to be the best he could be in other areas."  

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