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Former Family Therpaist, Celebrity Wife (1951)
Tue Jan 16 2024
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Relationship Timeline Of Chris Rodstrom

Husband : Pat Riley
Chris Rodstrom Married To Pat Riley In 1970

Love, positivity, and support are the requirements for the long-lasting happiest marital life. Several couples went on through nasty divorces after staying in a marital relationship for a few months. But, in this article, we present Chris Rodstrom. Chris comes to fame as Pat Riley wife. Chris and Pat are regarded as one of the most powerful married pairs all over the media.  

Chris, who is widely gaining fame as a celebrity wife, was born in 1951, in Maryland, to the American Rodstrom family. As per the report, her father was a Navy Captain, and her mother was a Navy Nurse. Concerning Chris's educational details, she graduated with a master's degree in psychology from Cal State University. Similarly, she was also trained to become a family therapist. 

Who is Pat Riley Wife, Chris Rodstrom?

To gain popularity after sharing an intimate life with a renowned personality is not a new thing. Like others, Chris Rodstrom came to prominence as the sports personality, Patrick James Riley, aka Pat Riley's Wife.

 Chris Rodstrom is the wife of an American former NBA player, head coach, Pat Riley.'
Picture: Chris Rodstrom is the wife of an American former NBA player and head coach, Pat Riley.
Source: Getty Images

Pat, in his late 70s, is an American former basketball player and head coach. As a player, Riley played for the National Basketball Association (NBA) teams San Diego Rockets (1967-1970), Los Angeles Lakers (1970-1975), and Phoenix Suns (1975-1976).

Similarly, as a coach, he trained professional teams like the New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers, and Miami Heat. Likewise, Pat served as an executive. Riley, who won five NBA Champions as a head coach, has been the president of the Miami Heat since 1995.

Chris Rodstrom and Pat Riley Married in 1970

Chris Rodstrom and Pat Riley first met one another between 1967 and 1968. At the time, Pat played for the team San Diego Rockets, and Chris was attending the University of San Diego.

After the first encounter, Rodstrom and Riley stayed connected. Later, Chris and Pat started their romantic affair. Following several years of dating, the duo decided to tie the wedding knot in June 1970. Since the wedding day, the happy couple stays in marital bliss.

Image: Chris Rodstrom and Pat Riley have been in a marital relationship since 1970.
Source: Players Wiki

As mentioned above, Chris and Pat, are also considered as one a powerful, inspirational couples. Because, as of now, the married pair is celebrating their 51+ years (more than five decades) long marriage anniversary merrily, without creating any signs of separation.

Although the married partners aren't active on any social networking accounts, they jointly attend public functions. The husband-wife duo, Rodstrom, and Riley are very supportive of one another. They are holding each other's hands in both happy and sad times.

Chris Rodstrom and Pat Riley Share Two Kids

From the strong marital relationship, Chris Rodstrom and her spouse Pat Riley shared two kids. Chris gave birth to a daughter, Elisabeth Riley, and a son James Riley. The Riley siblings are also gaining fame as celebrity kids. 

Pat Riley and Chris Rodstrom shared two kids, Elisabeth and James Riley, from their marital bond.
Snap: Pat Riley and Chris Rodstrom shared two kids, Elisabeth and James Riley, from their marital bond.
Source: Players Wiki

But both kids of Rodstrom prefer to keep themselves far away from the limelight and social media. However, it is reported that Pat & Chris's only daughter, Elisabeth, is a married woman. But Pat nor his wife disclosed when and with whom his daughter took the wedding vows.

Net Worth of Chris Rodstrom, Pat Riley's Wife!

Like early life details, Chris Rodstrom has not mentioned the exact net worth she enjoys. But, Rodstrom formerly worked as a therapist. From there, she might have earned an impressive sum of wealth. 

As per Payscale, a family therapist makes an average salary of $57,574. On the other side, Chris is also enjoying her husband's net worth.

Chris Rodstrom's husband, Pat Riley, was the ex-coach for the Miami Heat. Source: Instagram

As of now, Pat Riley owns an estimated net worth of around $80 million. Pat accumulated his assets from his successful professional career as a coach and a former player. 

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