Chrisanne Blankenship

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Mon Aug 21 2023
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Chrisanne Blankenship has become people's interest for being the wife of American actress Alexandra Billings. Her partner Alexandra is known for acting work in the TV Series Never Have I Ever

Blankenship's relationship details from interesting first meeting to marriage are covered in this article. You can learn information about her parents, career, and net worth with other exciting topics. 

Know About Blankenship's Relationship Status: Who Is She Married To?

Chrisanne Blankenship shares a blissful married life with her spouse Alexandra Billings. They are examples of a longstanding married couple who have shared almost three decades together. 

Alexandra Billings with her wife Chrisanne Blankenship.
Alexandra Billings with her wife Chrisanne Blankenship. (Source: Instagram @ therealalexandrabillings)

Alexandra met his wife Chrisanne in high school during a drama class at the age of fourteen. They might have developed a romantic interest in each other sharing a relationship soon. 

Moving ahead, the duo Blankenship and Billings completed a commitment ceremony on December 4, 1995. They again got married in 2008 after gay marriage was legalized in California. 

Likewise, The loving duo Blankenship and Billings haven't shared any kids from their marital life right now. They have proved that gender doesn't matter in pure love through their longstanding martial journey. 

Unveiling Blankenship's Net Worth: Is She Secretly A Millionaire?

The exact figure of Chrisanne Blankenship is unknown but is estimated to have a net worth of $500 thousand. She has been the Senior Vice President of Schmengie, Inc. since 2019. 

Chrisanne Blankenship stands at a net worth of $500 thousand.
Chrisanne Blankenship stands at a net worth of $500 thousand. (Source: Instagram @ therealalexandrabillings)

Likewise, Blankenship has earned money directing various plays, readings, and cabaret shows. The details of her other income-adding sources and business ventures aren't available. 

On the other hand, Alexandra Billings has a massive net worth of $5 million similar to Brice Bexter. She has achieved this financial success through her acting career in the showbiz industry. 

Billings has made money appearing in Never Have I Ever from 2021 to 2023 for 8 episodes. She will be making money appearing in the upcoming project Queen Tut playing Malibu. 

A Look At Blankenship's Bio/Wiki And Age 

Chrisanne Blankenship was welcomed by her parents in January 1959 and is the age of mid-60s right now.  No details could be fetched on her parent's names including their personal life. 

While glancing through the Internet, it is reported that Chrisanne's father was a musician and her mother was a nurse. They provided love and supported her artistic passion without objections. 

Blankenship doesn't have social media accounts staying inactive on these platforms. Due to the unavailability of her social handle, she narrows down the sources to know about her family.

Chrisanne's Spouse Alexandra Acting Career In Brief 

Alexandra Billings is an American actress active in the showbiz industry since 2003. She stepped into the acting world debuting in the television series Karen Sisco playing Lois DiNardo. 

Billings rose to widespread recognition appearing on the TV Series Transparent playing the role of Davina Rejennae. Likewise, she also delivered amazing acting work in The Conners

However, Alexandra earned Youth's attention by portraying the role of Jennifer Warner in Never Have I Ever. People are looking forward to her acting work in the upcoming project Queen Tut

In addition to acting career, Alexandra is a producer contributing to the showbiz industry. She is the producer of Transparent and an upcoming project When We Arrive As Flowers

Blankenship's Spouse Alexandra Is An Activist

In addition to being a prominent actress, Alexandra has impactful contributions as an AIDS and LGBTQ activist. Moreover, she is an advocate for the equality of the LGBTQ community.

Alexandra has encouraged others to use their voices to create a change within the LGBTQ community. She is also a long survivor of AIDS and has used her platform to raise awareness about it. 

Billings' activism has made a significant impact in the areas of AIDS and LGBTQ advocacy. She has authored her thoughts on living with HIV in her memoir This Time for Me: A Memoir.

Chrisanne's Partner Alexandra Billings Before The Surgery 

In 1980, Alexandra Billings found her true self transitioning from male-to-female in 1980. It was a crucial time for transgenders as societal acceptance and understanding were limited.

The picture of Chrisanne Blankenship and Alexandra Billings.
The picture of Chrisanne Blankenship and Alexandra Billings. (Source: Instagram @ therealalexandrabillings)

Furthermore, Billings has been living as a woman after she transitioned to female in 1980. As of today, she has become a trailblazer for transgender representation in the showbiz industry.

Alexandra has become known for her transgender characters on television, including most notable in Transparent. In that television series, she portrayed a transgender role, Davina. 

Billing's journey to finding her true self has been marked by challenges but Chrisanne stood by her side. Her openness about her journey has helped raise awareness and promote acceptance for the transgender community.

Social Media Engagement of Blankenship

Chrisanne Blankenship is active on the social media platform having an account on Linkedln. She has placed her professional experience and details about herself in her Linkedln profile

Nonetheless, Chrisanne is not found on other social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook. She is often seen on the Instagram handle of her love life Alexandra.

Blankenship's partner is actively interacting with her fans on her official social media platform. She is often active on Instagram and is available under the username @ therealalexandrabillings.

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