Christiana Barkley Boyfriend and Affair

Sun Dec 08 2019
By   Manish

Christiana Barkley works hard as the sales assistant at Turner Sports. Despite her successful career, most people know her as the daughter of NBA legend Charles Barkley. After getting some fame as the child of Charles, fans search for Christiana's relationship status. 

Who is her boyfriend? Is she secretly dating? These are some of the questions that some people want the answer. Barkley keeps her personal life very secret, and her Instagram account in a private mode also suggests that. If you want to know more about her, then read along.

Does Christiana have a Secret Boyfriend?

The thirty-years-old celebrity kid enjoys her life behind the glaring attention of the media. As per reports, Christiana is currently single and is not looking for Mr. right as of now. 

Christiana Barkley with her father Charles Barkley at the news network
Image: Christiana Barkley (right) with her father. 
Source: Celebstatter

Barkley is keeping her Social media account in a private mode. So, her relationship status cannot be confirmed as single. She might be secretly dating someone, but most reports suggest that Christiana is single.

Any Past Affairs?

Charles's daughter has always managed to avoid media attention despite being born in a celebrity family. Not just her father, her mother, Maureen Blumhardt, also belongs to the showbiz industry.

Christiana Barkley with her mother Maureen Blumhardt
Picture: Maureen Blumhardt (right) with Christiana (left). 
Source: Pinterest

Blumhardt is a former model, and maybe that's where Christiana gets her beauty genes. Barkley as beautiful as she is; she might've been in some relationship in the past. But Christiana chooses to stay silent on her love life. 

There are no reports of her dating any guy in the past. But again, this is the information as per sources. Christiana might've been in the dating game, but no authentic reports are published on her past affairs.

Barkley's Parents First Interaction to Becoming Soulmates

Charles and Maureen first locked eyes with each other at the City Avenue restaurant. At the time, Blumhardt worked as a part-time model and a legal aide. During the 90s, due to the thinking of the society, the couple did not get together.

Charles Barkley, Maureen and Christiana for the whole family pose
Frame: (From left to right) Maureen, Christiana, and Charles. 
Source: Liveramp Up

But they fall in love, and it raised many disapproving stares and whispers about their relationship. It created a huge controversy, as well. Despite disapproving stares, the couple secretly exchanged wedding vows in front of a judge in 1989.

As of now, they are together for more than three decades. 

Christiana's Raunchy Photos Created a Big Scandal!

Even though the family is avoiding controversies and scandals, Barkley became part of such scandals online. Many people were shocked and sparked an outburst over her raunchy photos online.

According to the reports, some pictures were leaked on Twitter, but after some reports, it was proved false. The images belonged to another woman named Villanova, who resembles Barkley in most parts. Neither Villanova nor Barkley has bothered to comment on the issue.

Christiana is not just modest but also a woman with a golden heart. She's involved in philanthropy works alongside her mother. Barkley attended Fresh Start Fashion Gala in 2016, where they raised $1.5 million for the charity.


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