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Thu Jul 20 2023
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Céline Menville is one of the familiar faces in the showbiz industry. Yes, she is none other than Jacquelin from the Netflix series Emily in Paris.

Menville, although a celebrity has led a low-key life. Due to this, not much about her is known to the public. But worry not, here are some interesting facts relating to the life of Céline that you might not know.

What Is Céline Menville Relationship Status?

At the moment, Emily in Paris actress Céline Menville is flying solo. Her relationship status is single as there is no evidence of Menville having a boyfriend or husband currently. But, she might have dated in the past.

Celine Menville with Santa Clause.
Celine Menville with Santa Clause. Source: Instagram @celine_menville

While Céline does not like to talk about her romantic life, she does love being part of romantic drama. In the movie I am not an easy man, Menville plays the role of LoLo who has a love interest in the main character Damien.

Does Céline Menville Have Children?

The answer is yes!, Céline Menville is the mother of a boy. But his father's identity is out of media reach yet. Menville often posts pictures of her son on Instagram.

Menville keeps on wishing her son Ferdi on his birthday. On September 14, 2021, she celebrated the 6th birthday of her son Ferdi. Apparently, her son watches football and is a supporter of France.

Celine Menville celebrating her son's birthday.
Céline Menville celebrating her son's birthday. Source: Instagram @celine_menville

Céline's only son is aiming to become a great player like Kylian Mbappe. The actress posted a picture of Ferdi in Paris Saint-Germany Academy Jersey. One thing the blonde-haired celebrity son loves equal to football is pizza and pepperoni. 

The American actress seems to be raising her boy as a single mother like Shanny Sossamon. Menville takes Ferdi to many beautiful places and to date, she has proved herself as a responsible and caring mother.

How Old Is Céline Menville? Know Her Age, Early Life & Parents

Céline Menville's age is undisclosed, but from the looks of her photos, Menville must be in her 40s. The American actress was born in the United States to her parents.

Céline Menville's childhood picture.
Céline Menville's childhood picture. Source: Instagram @celine_meville

Speaking of Céline parents, they love staying anonymous. I am not an easy man actress Menville has not disturbed their personal life by revealing their identity.

Although, Menville has hidden most of the information from early life. Her love for acting since childhood could remain behind the curtains.

Céline Menville Net Worth: Earnings From Movies & TV Shows

How much is Céline Menville's net worth and earnings? Well, the Emily in Paris actress has not publicized her salary and net worth. In fact, Menville's real estate and properties also remain under wraps.

But based on her profession and lifestyle, Menville is estimated with a net worth of $600k. Céline wealth is thanks to her more than two-decades-long career in the showbiz industry. With this fortune, she lives a comfortable life and travels to many countries.

Menville has been part of many successful movies and TV Series since 2006. Some of them include I Am Not an Easy Man (2018), Emily In Paris, Nautilus, and O-Negative.

Lily Collins, her co-star and the main lead of the TV Series Emily in Paris earned $300,000 per episode. Considering this, Céline might earn a good amount in the show.

Céline Menville As Jacqueline In Emily In Paris

Emily in Paris is a romantic Netflix series about the life of a woman, Emily, who got hired by Paris's marketing company. Céline plays the role of Jacqueline, the French teacher of Emily in the series.

Jacqueline treats her student, Emily nicely. But, their relationship is extremely professional, and charges Emily for hangout. While in real life, Menville does not seem to be all business-minded like the character she portrays.

Is Céline Menville Interested In Sports?

Besides acting, Menville seems to have an interest in sports, especially tennis. On June 11, 2023, she posted a picture of Novak Djokovic on Instagram celebrating his win.

Celine Menville celebrates the win of Novak Djokovic
Celine Menville celebrates the win of Novak Djokovic. Source: Instagram @celine_menville

She captioned:

23 times winner…1st time in history. 🏆🎾❤️ Djoko ❤️ #novakdjokovic

Céline Menville's height, Weight, & Physical Appearance

Céline Menville has a slim and well-toned body. She has an average height and weight. Like her eldest son, Menville also has dark brown hair.

Being a private person, Menville has not disclosed other physical measurements like hips, waist, and so on.  

Céline Menville's Instagram, And Other Social Media Platforms

Is Céline Menville active on social media platforms? yes, the Emily in Paris actress is available on Instagram. She has more than 500 followers on her Instagram id @celine_menville.

Menville loves sharing glimpses of her personal and professional life on this platform. Besides Instagram, Céline does not seem to use any other social media platforms. 


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