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Tue May 17 2022
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Céline Nha Nguyen is the first woman in Vietnam to climb the world's highest peak Mount Everest which lies in Nepal. Apart from that, she is also a famous model and attorney general by profession. The mountain she has recently climbed has an elevation of 8,848.86 m most recently established in 2020 by the Chinese and Nepali authorities.

She kept her foot on the summit point of Mount Everet on May 16, 2022. Though she has already established her fame in her country Vietnam for cycle mountaineering from an early age. She has recently been well known in the world as the first Vietnamese woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

Early life of Nguyen

The Vietnam model Nguyen was born in Vietnam. She has not disclosed her exact date of birth and the exact place in Vietnam where she was born and raised. As per her Instagram post, she was raised and grew up in her own born country Vietnam under the supervision of her parents.

As per Nguyen's social media post, she was interested in modeling and fashion wear since her childhood. She was born and grew up in a well-sophisticated family in Vietnam which made huge support to make her dream turn into reality but her struggle and hard work are still at the top.

Céline Nha Nguyen wearing sunglass and taking selfie in the middle of the base camp of the mountain
Céline Nha Nguyen wearing sunglass and taking selfies in the middle of the base camp area. Photo Source: Golfedit. com

Nguyen as an Attorney

Céline Nha Nguyen is a famous woman attorney in Vietnam except for her career as a model. She has been continuously serving as an attorney to the private offices.

She is the head attorney of the Openasia Group which is a famous private business group that lies in the Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam. She is also the Senior Corporate lawyer of PETRONAS which is a famous private oil and gas company in Malaysia. Additionally, she is also associated with the YKVN which is widely recognized as the leading Vietnam-based law firm. 

First Meet With Nimsdai

Nyugen met the Nirmal Purja in the Plaza De Mulas, Aconcagua Base Camp Provincial Park of the Argentina. She shared a photo with him and Lakpa Dendi Sherpa as well as with her friend. She has not mentioned the name of her friend who was captured with them in the photo.

Céline Nha Nguyen posing with the Nirmal Purja and  Lakpa Dendi Sherpa and her one friend in Plaza De Mulas, Aconcagua Base Camp
Céline Nha Nguyen posing with the Nirmal Purja and  Lakpa Dendi Sherpa and her one friend in Plaza De Mulas, Aconcagua Base Camp. Photo source: Instagram @ celine_nha_nguyen

Nirmal Purja is a Nepal-born naturalized British mountaineer and a holder of multiple mountaineering world records.

You may know more about the biography of the only mountaineer in history to summit all the 14 tallest peaks within '6 months' and '6 days'!The fearless Nepalese mountaineer, Nirmal Purja.

Conqured Vinson Massif

Céline Nha Nguyen has not only conquered the highest mountain peak, Mt.Everest but also she has successfully climbed the peak, Vinson Massif which is the highest peak situated in Antarctica. 

It has a massive height of 4,892 meters and it is reported that Nguyen climbed the Vinson Massif by carrying the weight of 70-litre pack.

Kami Rita Sherpa as Guide

Nguyen and her team were led by the fearless and experienced Nepali guide, Kami Rita Sherpa to have access to the world's highest Peak. Kami is a guide who has been guiding the people to have access to Mount Everest since May 2018. He scaled the mountain for the 26th time on 7 May 2022, breaking his own record set on 7 May 2021.

Céline Nha Nguyen posing in the peak of the Mount Everest  showing the Flag writing OPEANASIA in it.
Céline Nha Nguyen posing on the peak of Mount Everest showing the Flag and writing OPEANASIA in it.Photo Source: Everest Chronicle

Kami helped the team to reach the summit of Everest successfully. They finally step at the summit on May 16 and by the time they reached the peak, it was 3:30 am on Monday according to expedition organizer Seven Summit Treks. There were almost 135 clients and 215 climbing guides during climbing. The team succeeded to reach the goal on the morning of May 16. 

Additionally, Nguyen came to climb Mount Everest with the Openasia Group from the very start. It is also reported that she is also the Head attorney of the Openasia Group.

Nguyen's on Social Media

Céline Nha Nguyen is quite active on social media platforms like other celebs. She is more active on Instagram and LinkedIn than on other social sites. She has 107 followers on her Official Linkedin profile as Celine Nha Nguyen. She posts her business and legal matters on her Linkedin profile as she is an attorney general of her country.

She has 17.6k followers and 68 posts as well as 124 followers on her official Instagram account @celine_nha_nguyen. She posts her photos of traveling and mountaineering on her official Instagram account.

Relationship Status

Céline Nha Nguyen is one of the young and emerging celebrities who has kept a spot in the limelight recently and likes to keep her status low-key. 

There is no information regarding her being in a relationship or dating anyone however, there is not any assurance that the beautiful Nyguen is single. 

She might be hiding her relationship status from the public or she might be single and focusing on her career.

Sunset Lover Nguyen

The first Vietnam woman to climb Mount Everest loves watching sunsets more than sunrise. Also, watching the sunset in the beach area is one of the most favorite things of Nguyen. She seems to be spending her time in the beach areas, sea areas boating around, and mountains mostly as per her Instagram posts.

Céline Nha Nguyen posing with paddle in the middle of the sea
Céline Nha Nguyen posing with a paddle in the middle of the sea. Photo source:  Instagram @ celine_nha_nguyen

She has shared her photo wearing a bikini on the boat holding paddle in her hand in the middle of the sea captioning her photo as "Sunset is a wonderful opportunity for us to appreciate all the great things the sun gives us".

Hobbies of Nguyen

As per Nguyen's Instagram post, she loves swimming, playing golf, Likes to drink, wearing heels, watches, and sunglasses of different brands, and trying fashionable clothes and accessories. She is so obsessed with bags short and cute bags as she is seen every time carrying them with her.

She also loves to travel to different new places in her country as well as other countries and explore the beauty of nature. She also loves to spend quality time with her family and loved ones.

Physical Appearance of  Nguyen

The mountain girl Nguyen has a very dashing and charming physical appearance. She has black hair, sparkling black eyes, and small lips which have made her more beautiful.

However, her height and weight have not been displayed on social media yet but she has a well-maintained athletic body as she is a sports personality as well as a model.

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