Constanza Creel Gonzalez

Sun Sep 22 2019
By   Selena

Constanza Creel Gonzalez is the maternal orphan daughter of famous Mexican actress, Edith Gonzalez, and Mexican politician, Santiago Creel. Likewise, she was born on 17th August 2004, but her parents were never married.

Sadly, Constanza's mother passed away at the age of 54 on 13th June 2019 due to Ovarian Cancer. Let's have a glance over this child star life history.

Personal Life - Family

The 15 years old, Constanza hasn't yet been a public figure, so there are no details regarding profession as well as private love life affairs. As soon as she shares her intimacy, we assure our readers will be notified.

Constanza Creel Gonzalez with her late mother, Edith Gonzalez
Picture: Constanza Creel Gonzalez with her late mother, Edith Gonzalez

Talking about the connection between her parents, Edith and her lover, Creel has never been a marital partner, but for several years they were bonded in a romantic relationship.

Edith and Santiago's First Met

Gonzalez first met Santiago when she was 14 and Santiago, 25 at a bullfight. In 2008, Edith told People magazine that they met again several years later at a benefit event when the news came out that Creel was the father of her young daughter. 

Edith Gonzalez and Mexican politician, Santiago Creel
Image: Edith Gonzalez and Mexican politician, Santiago Creel

Gonzalez even stated:

 “I had recently gotten out of a very difficult relationship, and he was searching for new horizons in his personal life. Perhaps what united us at that moment was solitude.”

Also, she confessed that there was no scheduled pregnancy. She said, "she stayed friends with Creel, and he was actively engaged in the lives of his daughter."

Edith Gonzalez- Husband (Lorenzo Lazo)

Late actress, Edith exchanged wedding vows in the year 2011 with the economist husband, Lorenzo Lazo, with whom Constanza was being raised.

Edith Gonzalez and Lorenzo Lazo
Photo: Edith Gonzalez and Lorenzo Lazo

Gonzalez used to share lovely pictures of her family trips via Instagram, which depicts how well their family bond was back in days.

Father, Santiago Creel's Wife - Paulina Velasco

Before dating late actress Edith, Creel was in a marital relationship with his wife, Paulina Velasco since 2010. Before tying the knot, he and Paulina dated almost four years and is still going very strong together for nearly two decades.

The demise of her Mother

After battling ovarian cancer for three years, his mother Edith died on 13th June 2019 at the age of 45 in Mexico City, Mexico. She was buried by her father, Efrain Gonzalez at Parque Memorial Gayosso in Naucalpan de Juarez. 

Edith Gonzalez hairfall during battle with Ovarian Cancer. This is the picture while giving an inspirational speech during her fight with life taking disease unfortunately, she lost the battle.
Capture: Edith Gonzalez battling with Ovarian Cancer

At the funeral of Edith, the 14 years old daughter, Constanza wrote a heartbreaking farewell letter to her mother. These were the emotional words of González:

No, love, life is not easy, but it is awfully beautiful. You have a very determined heart, an acute intelligence and a generous spirit. I am so full of you, so proud of you, of seeing you brave by building a loving, cheerful, strong and committed identity.

After the death of her mom, Constanza Creel went to live with her uncle, but the widower of Edith asked her to return to his side and continue living as when her momma was alive.  

Lazo is trying to convince Edith's family to grant him custody of the late actress's daughter legally. Finally, the source said Edith Gonzalez's daughter likes to live with her dad, so she hopes this will occur in the near future.

Raised among Half-Siblings

From her father side, Constanza Creel has a total of four sisters and one brother. Her siblings are María Creel Garza, Santiago Creel Garza, Beatriz Creel Garza, Miranda Creel Velasco, Paulina Creel Velasco.

Although she was not their biological siblings, they never make her feel separate. 

Rich Manner of Living with a Gigantic Net Worth

Constanza Creel Gonzalez is still not engaged in any professional field, so her salary and self-assembled wealth is not an appropriate subject to discuss. Besides, she belongs to an affluent family, so she must have been comfortably raised with great prosperity alike Meadow Rain Walker and Michael Boxleitner.

Creel Gonzalez's mother Edith's total asset is around $185 Million as of 2019 gathered throughout her profession as an actress and dancer. Likewise, she is best recognized for her works on multiple telenovelas produced by Televisa, Telemundo, and TV Azteca. 

Edith at the top of the list in multi-million earning actress

With an earning of $58 million, she has ably listed herself at the number 1 position on People With Money's top 10 highest-paid actresses in this 2019 year. She is radically leading by $30 million over the closest competition.

Also, she receives quite a paycheque from her profitable partnership with several companies and endorsement deals, as well as other advertisement works. Holding such a fortune, she even invests part of her income in a stock market business possessing multiple shares.

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