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Engineer (1994)
Wed Dec 27 2023
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Cooper Matheson is famously known for being the son of actor Tim Matheson whom he had from his previous marriage to Megan Murphy Matheson. His father, Tim, is a multi-talented man and his IMDb page says he has worked as an actor, director, and producer. 

On the other hand, Cooper's mother, Megan, has also been remotely associated with the industry as a one-episode feature in Dinner: Impossible. She has also worked as an additional crew in Brain Donor.

Cooper was born on August 12, 1994, which means he is no longer just a celebrity kid but is making a living himself. And his work is completely different from that of his father, as he is an engineer.

Relationship Status: Is Cooper Matheson Single? 

Cooper Matheson is not seeing anyone right now, and it doesn't look like he plans to get into a relationship anytime soon. He is a man full of life and energy, as evidenced by his Instagram. He doesn't seem to be affected by not having love in his life, as he is already occupied with his loving friends and family.

The dog face is right at the camera in this selfie.
Cooper Matheson with his pet dog (Source: Instagram @coopdahoop)

Cooper made his career in engineering, a profession that takes up much of one's time. And, when not working, he loves traveling and doesn't mind spending time alone. He has even said that spending time alone has helped him realize the importance of the people in his life. In one post, he expressed:

The more time I spend alone, the more I realize just how important my people are. Took a big hiatus kaiyote to play with friends and celebrate some real special love. The two weeks off did wonders for my heart, but not enough for my legs, we’re hurtin’ after 3 days back beaming some sweet memories from these past couple weeks.

The Net Worth Of Cooper Matheson and His Parents

Cooper Matheson hasn't disclosed any of the wealth he has made. We can only assume he is a successful engineer as he seems to be living the best life based on his Instagram page. But as an estimation, Cooper, the celebrity child owns around $100,000 as his approximate net worth.

Cooper Matheson and his family took a picture on Father's Day. (Source: Instagram @coopdahoop)

Cooper's father, Tim Matheson, is in the entertainment industry, and some of the celebrity's net worth is available to the public. Matheson has the same net worth as actress Tracey Bregman which is $7 Million.

Acting is his biggest source of income, and his wealth can be credited to the success of movies and shows like National Lampoon's Animal House, The West Wing, and Virgin River

Similarly, Cooper's mother, Megan Matheson, estimated net worth is believed to be around $1 million. However, her source of income is yet to be discovered.

Cooper Matheson and his Career!

Matheson doesn't shy away from sharing his life, showing everyone his favorite stuff, and hanging out with his close ones. However, his work is something he doesn't talk about much. But his father has provided a bit of information about it.

Cooper Matheson is standing Infront of a huge machine posing for the photo.
Cooper Matheson at Ames Research Centre (Source: Facebook @Tim Matheson)

While speaking to the Smashing Interviews, Tim Matheson revealed that Matheson currently works as an engineer at Boeing in Charleston, South Carolina. He brought it up when interviewer Melissa Parker asked if his kids are involved in the entertainment industry. He said:

My son is an engineer right now at Boeing in Charleston, South Carolina, so he’s not involved in it. He’s a deep thinker. He’s fun.

Cooper Learned Engineering From Columbia University

We see a lot of celebrity kids who follow in the footsteps of their parent's success and get into acting or music. Matheson is an exception since his career path is vastly different from the one of his father. He is an engineer and gained his knowledge and skills to make a career out of it through Columbia University.

One of his biggest achievements at the institute was easily making the Dart Throwing Robot. He was part of a four-person team that won the award. Even his father, Tim, was impressed by it as he congratulated his son for this success.

Cooper Matheson Parent's Marriage Lasted For Two Decades

Cooper Matheson's parents are no longer together, but it doesn't look like it has affected his relationship with his parents. Especially his father, as he has numerous pictures of him where they are just having fun. The biggest Bully of his life, as Cooper jokingly calls his father Tim Matheson, ended his marriage with Megan Matheson in 2010

Cooper's parents tied the knot on June 29, 1985, after just knowing each other for a year. It may seem like they rushed things looking at how quickly these two took their relationship to the next level. However, the fact that their marriage lasted two decades means they did everything to make it work.

The divorce must have been tough for Tim since he had previously witnessed his parents getting divorced. His parent's divorce also indirectly helped him to become an actor. He would spend much of his time in the theatres as an escape, eventually helping him develop a love for this art form.

Cooper Matheson Grew Up With Two Siblings

Tim Matheson shares three kids with his ex-wife Megan, one of whom is Matheson. He is the brother of two sisters, Molly Matheson and Emma Matheson. He is the youngest of the bunch, with Molly being his eldest sister, born in 1987, and Emma a year younger than her, born in 1988.

Tim Matheson is holding Cooper, Molly, and Emma close to him in the picture.
Tim Matheson with young Cooper, Molly Matheson, and Emma Matheson (Source: Life of Dad)

Much like Matheson, his sisters also have successful careers, but they are in completely different fields from him. His sister Molly works at William Morris Endeavor as she deals with the management aspects of the company. One of the biggest achievements of her career is Forbes recognizing her. She was once listed in Forbes's Top 30 young people in the country to watch.

Matheson's other sister Emma, on the other hand, has made a career as a marketer. She works in the marketing division of the Brooklyn Brawl. According to her father, Tim, she is involved in planning music festivals, among other works.

Cooper Lost His Belongings While Cycling

The celebrity kid Cooper Matheson's love for cycling is no secret. You can take a quick look at his Insta page, and you will find it. He finds cycling therapeutic and does it now and then. 

But Matheson has one memory of cycling that he probably doesn't want to remember! It is the time Cooper lost some of his belongings.

The bike is blue is color and is covered in luggage and water bottle.
Cooper Matheson's bike (Source: Instagram @coopdahoop

Cooper let everyone know about it through his Instagram, where he wrote:

On the bike, I am living in such close relationship to my belongings. And on this journey, I’ve struggled a lot with losing or leaving behind these precious possessions. For some color, on day 1 of this trip, I lost my fanny pack with my wallet, keys, id, passport, camera, $$, and journal ~ just a couple important tings. 

Cooper's Love For Nature And Animals

Other than cycling, there are two other things Cooper is fond of, i.e., nature and animals. That also explains why he goes on long cycling trips exploring nature and other things. 

His Insta page is filled with pictures of all sorts of flowers, plants, and animals. He is a huge advocate of a cleaner earth and wants everyone to be as environmentally conscious as him.


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