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TV Personality, Mechanical engineer, Producer (1961)
Mon Apr 24 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Craig Tester

Wife : Becky Tester
Craig Tester is in a material relationship with Becky Tester.

If you are a fan of Oak Island then this amazing personality, Craig Tester is no strange to you. Popularly known as the producer of The Curse of Oak Island. By profession, he is an engineer and an expert in drilling and resistivity.

The talented personality Craig was born in the United States, however, his date of birth and place is still missing. Craig and other Oak Island partners, Marty Lagina were college roommates and live close to each other in Traverse City, Michigan. 

Craig Tester is a Happily Married Man

It is no strange that the Oak Island star is a married man. He exchanged his marital vows with his long-time girlfriend, Becky Tester short for Rebecca Tester. However, their exact date of marriage still seems to be missing. Due to his nature of privacy, very little is known regarding his personal life.

Craig Tester with his wife
Image: Craig Tester with his crew member of The Curse of Oak Island 
Source: TripAdvisor

Although we believed that he and his wife are now married for over three decades. His wife, Becky rarely visits the set of Oak Island but is one of the major helping hands for Craig. 

During their nuptial duration, they are blessed with three children. Jack Tester, Madeline Tester, and Drake Tester. All of his children are heavily engaged in their own professions and seem very helpful and supportive of Craig's profession.

The Tragic Death of Son Drake Tester

Son of Craig, Drake appeared on two episodes of the show in 2013 but hasn't been seen in the show since then which lead the fans to wonder what happened to him. In 2017's Season 5 of The Curse of Oak Island, many fans were devastated by the news of Drake's death. His son's death is the reason he left The Curse of Oak Island season.

Craig Tester late son, Drake Tester
Image: Craig Tester with his late son, Drake Tester during the series 
Source: monsters and critics

Craig's son, Drake passed away at the age of sixteen due to seizures. Drake has been suffering from a seizure disorder since he was born and he would have extreme seizures every year. 

The teenager Tester was a member of the cross-country team and was in his high school's chorus. On his two-episode appearance at the show, he helped his father and the Lagina brothers to solve the mystery of the Money Pit

How much is Craig Tester's Net Worth?

Craig Tester has unbelievable talents in his hands and has a net worth of $5 Million, the same as Tyler Mathisen according to Showbiz Cheatsheet. With the success of his show, it is widely believed that the series has helped him to add a great amount of sum to his net worth. Another History Channel presenter, Shelby Stanga has a net worth of $800,000

He also owns Metro Times part of the Oak Island Tours Incorporated and the company owns 78% of the island. He and his partner own a wind turbine company which is one of the largest wind turbine companies in the Mid-Western United States and the biggest in Michigan state. 

Craig Tester's Traverse city mansion
Image: Craig Tester's Traverse City mansion 
source: metrotimes

According to him, the CMS Energy value is a whopping $58 Million. Further, he has a background in mechanical engineering and according to some online sources Mechanical Engineers earn over $90,000 annually which is quite good for reality stars. As of now, he is still busy with his shows and living a lavish lifestyle in an affluent manner. 

Additionally, he listed his Traverse City mansion for $3.5 Million which consists of a 5,048 square foot waterfront, 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms as well as showcase views of the West Bay.


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