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Tue Mar 02 2021
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Daisy de la Hoya appeared in the second season of Rock of Love. Don't you remember her? The Daisy Rock of Love Star. 

If that's not enough to describe her beauty, the VH1 channel gave her self-titled TV show to run. I am pretty sure that you have seen it. The name is Daisy of Love

So, how is the actual love life of the Daisy of Love? 

Personal Life of Daisy de la Hoya

As of now, Daisy de la Hoya is single. Yes, she was and is quite popular for her love affairs. 

Hoya was quite famous for her romantic relationship with Corey Haim. The couple dated back in early 2010. All thanks to their mutual friend Corey Feldman that the former couple met each other. 

Daisy de la Hoya and Corey Haim were dating each other at the time of Haim's death
Daisy de la Hoya and Corey Haim were dating each other at the time of Haim's death

Image Source: NBC Universal

Feldman introduced Haim to Daisy de la Hoya around the February of 2010. In an interview, Hiam said that they were attracted to each other on their first meeting. They shared quite a special bond on their very first meeting. After a few meetings in the same week, Daisy and Corey started going out together. 

As they were just starting their love story, an unfortunate event crossed the life of Daisy de la Hoya. Her boyfriend Corey Haim died a month later in March 2010. 

And legends have it that Daisy de la Hoya has gone completely underground. She has not even disclosed a pinch of information regarding her personal life. 

Daisy de la Hoya and her ex-boyfriend Dave Navarro
Daisy de la Hoya and her ex-boyfriend Dave Navarro

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Well, the same legends have it. Daisy de la Hoya was romantically involved with celebrities like Dave Navarro, Tommy Lee, and Joshua Lee to name a few.

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Daisy de la Hoya's Net Worth: $250 thousand

As of February 2021, Daisy de la Hoya is estimated to have a net worth of $250 thousand. She gathered her fortune from her professional career as an American actress, reality TV personality, and musician. 

Talking about her musical career, Hoya started out as a musician in 2003. You would not believe me, but, she is the playback singer for the Halloween Sex N Vegas album by Seraphim Shocks'. She even joined Seraphim Shocks on a number of tours and live concerts. 

In the year 2008, the singer released her first solo single titled Heartbreak. Following her first solo, she came up with her second song, Pretty Messed Up in 2008. 

Then, Daisy de la Hoya went to build her career on the YouTube platform. She uploaded a video of her playing and singing the time's one of the top-rated songs, Rock and Roll Monkey. Soon, she was approached by several reality TV show producers because of her undeniable beauty. 

Daisy de la Hoya in Rock of Love 2
Daisy de la Hoya in Rock of Love 2

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And, she appeared in the TV show Rock of Love 2. She became the runner-up of the show while Ambre Lake was the winner. But, the popularity kissed Daisy de la Hoya. With love, fans gave her the new title, the Daisy Rock of Love Star. 


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