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Mon Feb 26 2024
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Relationship Timeline Of Damian Schnabel

Wife : Amanda Redman
Damian Schnabel married Amanda Redman in 2010.

Damian Schnabel is the husband of Amanda Redman, an American actress. His wife Amanda famously rejected the role offered by Indiana Jones but is still a successful actress, having worked in movies like Sexy Beast, and shows like New Tricks and The Good Karma Hospital.

Damian works in an Insurance company. He previously worked as head of design for a phone company. This article aims to provide some information on the life of Amanda's husband.

Damian Schnabel Married Amanda Redman

Damian Schnabel is currently in a married relationship with Amanda Redman. This romantic couple tied the knot in a vast ceremony on September 4, 2010.

Amanda Redman is speaking as there is yellow wall in the background.
Amanda Redman speaking to Who Do You Think You Are? (Source: Youtube @Who Do You Think You Are?)

Amanda has even said that during their time before the marriage, Damian would spend most of the time with her at her Home. While speaking to The Mirror in 2001, she said:

We've known each other for quite a long time, and now we are deeply in love. But we are not rushing things. He still has his own house, for instance, though he lives at mine for 98 percent of the time.

And they indeed didn't rush to get married. After getting together in 2006, they dated for a few years before taking their relationship to the next level. However, that wasn't the first time they found themselves in each other's arms. Their wedding happened in the presence of their friends and family at Maunsel House, located in Taunton, Somerset.

Damian Schnabel And Amanda Had Broken Up At One Point

Every relationship has its ups and downs. So was the case with Damian and Amanda. These two had ended their relationship, and probably the last thing they expected was to fall for each other again.

Adam Rayner is on a suit in the picture.
Adam Rayner, in an interview with Flicks And The City (Source: YouTube @Flicks And The City)

The first time these two met each other was in 1999. However, they ended things a few years later, in 2003, before eventually patching things up in 2006 and exchanging their wedding vows in 2010.

Caroline Peacock for The Sun writes that when Damian broke up with his future wife, she found herself in the arms of Adam Rayner, the English actor who has made a career in television through TV Shows like Warrior, Tyrant, Hunted, The Saint, and Mistresses.

Amanda Was Previously Married To Robert Glenister

Before finding love in Damian, she was in a marital relationship with actor Robert Glenister. They tied the knot in a private ceremony in the presence of close family and friends. 

However, their marriage ended just two years before they could celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. They wed in 1984 and completed their marriage journey in 1992. She probably wouldn't be worried about divorcing him since she found love in Damian.

He Is A Stepfather To Actress Emily Glenister

Damian may not have his kid from Amanda, but that doesn't mean he doesn't hold the responsibility of a father. He has a stepdaughter named Emily Glenister. 

Emily is the daughter that came from Amanda's marriage with Robert Glenister. She was born on July 1, 1987. Amanda had also talked about how hard it was to take care of her when she and Robert cared for baby Emily, ensuring their work didn't affect their personal lives. Amanda speaking to The Daily Mail, said the following about what she and Robert had to go through:

Like me, her father Robert Glenister is an actor and our careers were only in their infancy, so we had to take the work when it was offered. Emily was only three months old and still having night-feeds when I was back at work and on set by 5am, feeding her between takes.

Amanda Redman is interviewing online in the picture.
Emily Glenister in an interview with The Writing Room (Source: YouTube @The Writing Room)

Emily has always had a special bond with her mother, and it must feel nice to see her daughter entering the same industry. She might not have worked on many movies yet, and among the few, most of them are with his mother. They have worked together in New Tricks and At Home with the Braithwaites.

What Is Damian's Education?

Damian Schnabel has worked in a lot of companies. And his CV includes companies that deal with insurance and mobile, so, to take on those types of responsibilities, he needs to be a highly educated man. So, what is his education?

According to his LinkedIn profile, Damian holds a BSc degree in Industrial Design from Brunel University. He studied there from 1991 to 1995. He also studied at The British School of Brussels, but his LinkedIn doesn't state what he learned at Brussels.

A Bit About His Wife Amanda Redman

Amanda Jacqueline Redman is an actress from Brighton known for her work in The Good Karma Hospital, New Tricks, and At Home with the Braitwhites. She was born on August 12, 1957

Amanda Redman is on a pink dress as she is speaking to the hosts in this picture.
Amanda Redman in This Morning promoting The Good Karma Hospital (Source: YouTube @This Morning)

The woman is a treasure in England and is respected for her contribution to the field of drama. It even got her the honor at a Member of the Order of the British Empire in 2012. The honor has also been given to Mountaineer Nirmal Purja.

Besides acting, the woman is also involved in teaching as she teaches drama at the Ealing Studios. Her IMDb page says she is also the Artist's Theatre School founder.

Where Is Damian Today? 

Damian Schnabel is not constantly in the media like most celebrities. He is also not on social media for us to learn something about his life. Man lives a low-key life and keeps things to himself. But one thing we do know is his work. 

Damian currently works at Convex Insurance. He has been given the title of Head of the Brand, meaning he would have much responsibility there. The man took over this responsibility in November 2021

Before Covex, he worked on AXA as the Head of the Group Brand & Marketing. He worked there for more than seven years. Another company he has also previously worked at was Virgin Mobiles & Media. In Media, he worked as the Head of Brand Experience; in mobile, he worked as the Head of Design. Damian was also at Virgin Management Ltd as Head of Group Creative.

His Wife Suffered Nine Miscarriages

It is hard for any woman to go through even one miscarriage, but because Amanda has gone through nine, we can only sympathize with what she has gone through. Her dream of having a vast family never happened because of it.

She only has one daughter, Emily. She was born after the failure of her first two marriages. We can see why she treasures Emily so much. While speaking to the Daily Mail, Amanda said:

I always wanted children and assumed I’d have a huge family, but it just never happened. I had two miscarriages before conceiving Emily when I was 29, which meant that when she was born, I was blown away: I couldn’t believe it had actually happened.

How Rich Is Damian Schnabel? (Plus, His Wife's Net Worth)

Damian may have landed celebrity status because of his wife. But let's not discredit him as just Amanda's husband. He has accomplished a lot in his life. He has worked in some reputed companies like AXA and Virgin Moblie. And his work has helped him to obtain a net worth of $5.9 Million.

Schnabel's wife, Amanda Redman, is also an established actress in the UK. Her movie works have helped her to obtain a net worth of $5 Million. Her wealth can be credited to the success of her shows like New Tricks and The Good Karma Hospital.   

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