Damon Wayans' Wife, Lisa Thorner's Married Life

Sun Aug 01 2021
By   Manish

Lisa Thorner is one of the famous celebrity wives, whose marriage failed to reconcile. All things in her marriage turned out to be unsuccessful when she could not maintain a good bond with her former husband, Damon Wayans.

Talking about Lisa's estranged spouse, Wayans is a notable member of the Wayans family of showbusiness. He grabbed millions of attention in the 80s after his outstanding stand-up comedy on Saturday Night Live.

Is Damon Wayans' Ex-Wife, Lisa Thorner Married Twicely?

Former actress, Lisa is living a low-key life up until now. She is not familiar to talk about her intimate details on media. So, she has made her official Instagram account private.

Lisa Thorner on the red carpet with her ex-husband, Damon Wayans. Do the former couple share any children from their 16 years of marriage?
Lisa Thorner and her estranged husband, Damon Wayans 
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Many people asked Wayans' former spouse Lisa, is she married twicely or not? Well, the response from her side is still has not come yet. So, she is possibly single at the moment.

16 Years of Marriage Came to an End with Tragic Divorce

American fashion model, Lisa has had some beautiful moments with her ex-husband, Wayans. The former pair had their first encounter in the early 80s. Later, they publicly announced their relationship in August 1981 shortly after their first meeting.

The couple then walked down the aisle in a traditional Christian wedding ceremony on 24th April 1984 on behalf of their dearest ones. Furthermore, they settled down their newly married life in Huntington, Vermont.

Lisa Thorner and her former husband, Damon Wayans attended 12th Annual American Comedy Awards on 22nd February 1998 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. What does Damon's ex-wife, Lisa do for a living?
Lisa Thorner with her ex-husband, Damon Wayans on the red carpet of 12th Annual American Comedy Awards
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All the things were going right until some misunderstandings happened between them. Moreover, they announced their separation after 16 years of marriage and filed for divorce in 2000. They, further, concluded their divorce on 21st May 2000

Proud Parents of Four Successful Children

Mr. and Mrs. Wayans welcomed four adorable children, Damon Jr. (born in 1982), Michael (born in 1985), Cara Mia (born in 1987) and Kyla Wayans (born in 1991). All of their kids are now fully grown up and successful their respective careers in showbusiness.

Lisa Thorner and her husband, Damon Wayans are the proud parents of Damon Jr., Michael, Cara Mia, and Kyla Wayans. Know all you need to know about Lisa's ex-husband, Damon's past relationship affairs.
Lisa Thorner gave birth to Damon Wayans' four adorable children, Damon Jr., Michael Cara Mia and Kyla Wayans
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More to this, the two have become grandparents to Amara Wayans (born on 13th November 2002), Aniya Wayans (born on 3rd October 2004) and Berlyn Wayans (via Damon Jr.). They also have a granddaughter, Ava Marie Jean Wayans (born on 13th February 2014) [through Michael's marriage].

Lisa's Estranged Husband, Wayans' Love Affairs

Lisa Thorner's ex-husband, Damon has been dating Charity Duplechan for more than one and a half decade. The duo had their first romantic encounter shortly after Damon's divorce.

However, there were some rumors of their split up. But, according to Daily Entertainment News, the couple are still together and enjoying their love chemistry till now.

Lisa Thorner's estranged husband, Damon Wayans is currently dating Charity Duplechan for more than one and a half decade. Is Damon's ex-wife, Lisa exchanged her wedding vows again?
Lisa Thorner's ex-husband, Damon Wayans is dating Charity Duplechan since 2003
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It was found that Lisa's former spouse hooked up with an American actress, Stacey Dash in 1988. During that time, Damon was still in a conjugal relationship with Thorner. Similarly, Clint Eastwood became involved in extra marital affairs as well. 




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