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Thu Jan 05 2023
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Dane Wurmlinger is an American journalist who is the NBC 16's Morning Anchor at the KMTR NewsSource. He is very much beloved by his audience in Eugene, Oregon. The handsome blond anchor is a joy to watch with his energetic personality and can-do attitude.

Born on the 5th of December in the mid-1990s, Dane was raised in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, and thrived living in his family's bread and breakfast called River Cove - A Waterfront Bed & Breakfast. The news anchor was a social boy who enjoyed talking to the guests at the family enterprise.

Family Background 

Dane is a Christian, along with his family, who go used to go to the St. George Catholic Church in Idaho. He is the son of Eric Wurmlinger and Rosalynd Thompson Wurmlinger, who are Republicans. He also has a younger sister.

Old Photo of Siblings Jilian and Dane Wurmlinger.
Old Photo of Siblings Jilian Wurmlinger and Dane Wurmlinger. (Source: Instagram @thegreatdj)

Dane's parents are both active in their respective careers, with his dad managing the family bed-and-breakfast after retiring from his job as a Sales Rep at Western Image Inc. His mother is continuing her career as a team leader in the electric utility company Avista Utilities. 

What is Dane Wurmlinger's Salary in 2021?  

Dane reportedly makes about $100 thousand yearly from his job as a morning anchor. Considering his youth and how famous he is with his audience, those numbers will definitely soar. He has also written articles for the KMTR News Source network and may have been renumerated.

Sources estimate Dane's net to be about $1 million, similar to meteorologist reporter Keisha Burns, with some even stating that it is three times that. His family also has a huge estate in Idaho's Post Falls. He may follow in his father's footsteps and inherit the family bed and breakfast after retirement.

Educational Qualifications

NBC's news anchor, Dane, graduated from Northern Michigan University in 2018. He obtained a Bachelor of Science - BS, Media Production and New Technology /Performing Arts. He was a part of the Alpha Psi Omega fraternity and performed acting skits in his spare time.

Dane Wurmlinger with his parents Eric and Rosalynd
Dane Wurmlinger with his parents Eric and Rosalynd. Source: Instagram @thegreatdj

Before that, Dane went to high school in his hometown of Idaho at the Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy, better known as the CDA Charter Academy. He graduated high school in 2014 as part of the class of 2010. In high school, he participated in theatre groups and a jazz band.

Is Dane In A Relationship?

Well, the northwestern boy, Dane Wurmlinger, is very private about his personal life. He has wonderful relationships with people, but little is known about his romantic life. According to sources, Dane is a single man, but if he is in a relationship, he keeps it under wraps.

Dane is moving to Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he will undoubtedly build a new social life in his new career step. Love will surely follow as he is currently hustling hard in his career.

Personal Interests

KMTR News Source news anchor Dane has had an active interest in acting and storytelling. He is also musically inclined and can play the piano and the saxophone. As a singer, he has an Alto voice and has always been happy to lead activities and broadcasting. His passion for storytelling and his good voice have made him ideal for anchoring. 

Dane Wurmlinger in his social media
Dane Wurmlinger in his social media. Source: Instagram @thegreatdj

Dane is very fond of craft beer and even goes skiing in the winter. He is also an avid hiker and fond of theatre performances. He has also conducted volunteering activities with great aplomb. 

In his late teens, Dane volunteered at Holy Family Catholic School as a Leader at a Youth Rally. He worked with elementary and middle school kids. 

About Dane's Grandparents

Dane's paternal grandparents are Joseph Paul Wurmlinger and Helene Dulvick Wurmlinger. His grandfather sadly passed away in 1991 before Dane was even born. 

Dane's grandmother passed away in 2016 when he was ninety years. Helene was a registered nurse and very passionate about her job. She was enthusiastic about traveling and had visited Europe, Africa, and Hawaii.

About Dane Wurmlinger's Sister

Jillian Wurmlinger is the only sister of Dane and the youngest in the family. She is a media producer and computer artist who does 3D animating, modeling, and post-production work.

Dane Wurmlinger in his sister, Jillian Wurmlinger. Source
Dane Wurmlinger in his sister, Jillian Wurmlinger. (Source: Instagram @thegreatdj)

Jillian graduated from Northern Michigan University, the same as Dane, earning a Bachelor of Science in BS Multimedia Production/Computer Art. She finished her degree in 2021 and even had an anchoring internship in college.

Jillian currently works in the NBC Network as a media producer in the WLUC station's TV6. She is a lesbian, the same as former actress Kristy McNichol. She is in a relationship with a woman named Emily Mahon, and the two live together in Marquette, Michigan. 

Career Highlights

Dane started his career in 2014 as a news anchor at WNMU-TV station in Marquette, Michigan. During that time, he was in his college days. He also worked as a weather forecaster in the same period. He worked part-time as a news producer on the same station in his final years of college.

Dane later moved to Michigan in 2017 and started working as a newscaster and a multimedia journalist on The Upper Peninsula's ABC 10. Later, deciding to find better opportunities, he moved to Eugene, Oregon, in 2019.

In Oregon, Dane gained a lot of audiences and positive views. He started as a News Anchor and Reporter at the KVAL-TV station. He also did some news producing. Then in June of 2021, he shifted to NBC's KMTR News Source as a morning News Anchor with co-anchor Genevieve Melzer, where he stayed till the end of 2022.

What Is New For Dane Wurmlinger As An Anchor?

Recently, news of Dane leaving NBC's KMTR NewsSource has been publicized. He is moving to Chattanooga as the new Co-Anchor of the Good Morning Chattanooga show on WTVC NewsChannel 9, which belongs to ABC and Fox. 

NBC 16 was sorry to see him go but extended their warm wishes. Dane's last day was Friday, December 30, 2022, when his coworkers bid farewell to him in a public news segment.

Social Media

Dane is very active on social media, having accounts on all major platforms. On Instagram, he is available under the handle @thegreatdj, with about 900 followers. He is also active on Facebook as Dane Wurmlinger (Great Dane).

Dane Wurmlinger in his reporting mode.
Dane Wurmlinger in his reporting mode. Source: Instagram @thegreatdj

Dane is also active on Twitter under @OregonNewsDane, but that is a work account. He may leave this handle soon as he moves to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Dane is also a LinkedIn user and has more than 500 connections on his page Dane Wurmlinger


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