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Singer, Musician (1988)

Daniel Pitout is none other than the famous masked singer Orville Peck! Daniel is also part of two bands, Nü Sensae and Eating Out. The star is renowned for being one of the most eligible gay bachelors and the founder of the AIDS Day Music Project.

Daniel has been an icon since his foray into music. Pitout has the looks, the charm, the heart, and the tattoos needed. But he protects his privacy. So here is what we know about the mysterious star.

About The Stage Persona Orville Peck

Who has not been surprised by Orville Peck? The masked singer made headlines when he debuted and was a Best New Artist pick in 2020 for his album Pony.

A Picture of Daniel Pitout as Orville Peck.
A Picture of Daniel Pitout as Orville Peck. Source: Facebook 

The charm and charisma of Orville Peck have generated fans of all ages. He is insanely popular and still has not confirmed his identity officially.

Orville Peck is a fully-fledged character and has a life of his own. Peck is recognized for his signature style, which includes wearing a fringed Lone Ranger-inspired mask and ornate Nudie suits reminiscent of classic country stars.

How Did Fans Know about Daniel Pitout?

Mysterious masked star Orville Peck wrote his heartfelt songs and shared them with the world without revealing his true identity. His music connected with people, expressing his heartbreak and loneliness many found relatable. 

Daniel Pitout's music added to the intimacy of his words. But as Daniel gained more fans, some wanted to uncover him. 

Eventually, it was discovered that Orville was Daniel Pitout, a member of well-known Canadian garage and punk bands called Nü Sensae and Eating Out. Pitout is one of the most unconventional stars and activists.

Daniel Pitout and Orville Peck revealed as the tattoos are the same.
Daniel Pitout and Orville Peck revealed as the tattoos are the same. Source: Facebook and GayLetter

The reveal, though not confirmed, came when fans compared the tattoos of the two public personas. Many of Daniel's tattoos matched that of Orville Peck. Other background stories about their past also matched to a high degree.

Daniel: Appearance 

Daniel is an attractive man with chiseled features and blue eyes. He also has a slim and toned body with a flexible physique.

Pitout stands at a height of 5 ft 11 in (180 cm) tall and weighs around 78 kg. He has light brown hair and often lightens his hair. Aside from his height and body features, fans remain intrigued by Daniel's tattoos!

Tattoos on Daniel Pitout's Body!

Orville Peck, or Daniel Pitout, has many tattoos on his body. He has slowly increased the amount of ink on his body and currently has more than ten pieces.

A Picture of Daniel Pitout showing off his tattoos.
A Picture of Daniel Pitout showing off his tattoos. Source: Facebook 

Most of his tattoos are more or less based on his life. He has a horse tattoo with the words PONY under it as a hint to his debut album. Also, he has one celebrating his grandfather, Bill. Recently he showed off multiple snake and animal tattoos and even a worm tattoo.

Daniel Pitout: Early Life & Bio

Daniel Pitout was born in the country of South Africa in the Megacity of Johannesburg. The talented singer, Pitout, was born on January 6, 1988. According to interviews, Daniel spent his early years in the Johannesburg area. Pitout lived with his parents and grandparents.

Daniel Pitout posed for a picture on a skateboard.
Daniel Pitout posed for a picture on a skateboard. Source: Instagram

Orville Peck's grandfather was a horseback sheriff in the country and one of his inspirations. But Daniel's family grew up poor and moved to Canada in the mid-2000s. The artist did not learn to ride when he was young.

Pitout is also a talented performer and it's not a secret. Interestingly, Daniel learned ballet when he was young and was a part of musical theatre and voice-acting gigs. Moreover, he was also a stage actor in London and North America.

Daniel Pitout's Net Worth & Music Career

Daniel Pitout is a self-taught musician who can play the guitar and drums among multiple instruments. Moreover, Pitout commands an estimated net worth of $1.2 million

Given his current success, Daniel's fans may find it surprising to know he faced bankruptcy before. But these days, Pitout holds a reputation as a great singer, songwriter, and performer. Also, find out how rich Jessica Aldean, the ex-wife of Jason Aldean Williams is!

Daniel's Solo Run

Daniel Pirout started a solo career when he started performing as Orville Peck. He worked for years living with his parents to craft his new debut and music.

Daniel Pitout as Orville Peck in his solo career.
Daniel Pitout as Orville Peck in his solo career. Source: Facebook

Orville Peck released his debut album "Pony" in 2019, which was a huge success and highly praised for its unique sound and storytelling. The album showcased his versatility with a mix of melancholic ballads and lively tracks, all infused with his signature Western aesthetic. 

His solo music features rich baritone vocals, twangy guitar melodies, and lyrics that delve into themes of love, loss, and the human experience. The songs blend traditional country elements with modern influences, attracting a wide audience.

Daniel Pitout and his Run with Bands

Daniel Pitout is surely a notable figure in the Canadian music scene. Daniel is recognized for his contributions to the genres of garage and punk. He gained renown through his involvement in two prominent bands, namely Nü Sensae and Eating Out.

Nü Sensae, a Vancouver-based band formed in 2008, garnered attention for their raw and energetic sound. Daniel served as the drummer for the group, infusing their music with his dynamic beats and contributing to their distinctive punk aesthetic. 

Daniel Pitout (middle) in his band, Nü Sensae.
Daniel Pitout (middle) in his band, Nü Sensae. Source: Tumblr

With their aggressive yet melodic style, Nü Sensae quickly gained a dedicated following and achieved recognition within the underground music community.

Pitout's musical journey also extended to his involvement with the band Eating Out. Although information about Eating Out is relatively scarce, Daniel is the frontman. It is a gay band.

Together with his bandmates, he played a vital role in shaping the group's sound and creating a punk-inspired experience for their audience.

Gay And Activism

It is no secret that Daniel is a proud gay man. He knew about his sexuality since he was a child. That is why he empathizes with outlaws and adores the concept of cowboys.

In 2013 he was named one of the most eligible gay bachelors of the year by OUT magazine. Daniel has also been very active in his support of gay rights and activism. He was also a guest judge in RuPaul's Drag Race.

In 2012, he founded the AIDS Day Music Project. The project sold tickets and did raffles, and raised money for AIDS patients. However, it seems to be no longer active or is active only in December.

I grew up in South Africa where HIV is a huge part of everybody’s daily life. I have also lost family and friends to AIDS and have several friends living with HIV. I have always been a huge advocate for HIV awareness and decided I wanted to get some of my friends who play in amazing bands and make amazing art to get involved.

Social media

Daniel Pitout is active on social media. Previously, he had profiles as his real name Daniel Pitout, and his bands, Nü Sensae and Eating Out, also on Facebook. But the profiles have been made private such as his Twitter @danielpitout.

Currently, he is only present as Orville Peck. Orville is present on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. He also has his website, orvillepeck.com, and also has a dedicated YouTube channel.

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