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Actress (1965)
Fri Jul 15 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Darcy LaPier

Ex-husband : Brian Snodgrass
Darcy LaPier Married To Brian Snodgrass In 2002 And Divorced In 2010.
Ex-husband : Mark R. Hughes
Darcy LaPier Married To Mark R. Hughes 1999 and divorce on 2000.
Ex-husband : Jean-Claude Van Damme
Darcy LaPier Married To Jean-Claude Van Damme on 1994 and divorce on 1997.
Ex-husband : Ron Rice
Darcy LaPier and Ron Rice married on 1991 and divorce on 1993.
Ex-husband : Larry Ray Robertson
Darcy LaPier married to Larry Ray Robertson on 1984 and divorce in 1993.

Darcy Lapier is the Hollywood Actress who has worked as a producer and model in the industry. She has acted in the movies like Operation Delta Force 3: Clear Target, Street Fighter, Double Trouble, Think Big. Furthermore, she is famous due to her several marriages with high profile celebrities.

Darcy LaPier was born on July 9, 1965, in Molalla, Oregon, U.S. Lapier is a Cancer ad her ethnic race is Caucasian, as well as her nationality, is American. She attended State University in Portland (Oregon) and studied acting at the University of Oregon. Later on, she enrolled at  Huntington Film Institute in Florida. Scroll down to know more about her.

Current Relationship And Affair

Darcy is perhaps leading a single life as per 2020. However, there are no specifics details about her present love life.

It seems like nowadays she just wants to keep herself out of the limelight. That's why there is no evidence of her present partner. But she married for five-time, unlike Radha Delamarter, who is married for four-time. Scroll down to know.

Darcy Lapier Early Marriages

Darcy LaPier was 19 years old when she tied the knot with Larry Ray Robertson in 1984. That was her first marriage, but their union did not last for long, and they separated soon after in 1993.  After her divorce, She left her husband and went into the Miss Hawaiian Tropic to seek a career as a model. 

When attending Miss Hawaiian Tropic, she said yes when she was asked out on a date by the competition organizer Ron Rice who was almost twice her age.  After that, she stayed with Ron in a lovely beach home where she had had her first child named Sterling-Rice. However, their relation broke apart after she started to date, Jean-Claude Van Damme.

However, her romance with Van Damme prospered into marriage, despite allegations of violence and conflicts plaguing their union. She had a second child named Nicolas Van Varenberg with Van Damme.

Dracy Lapier And Her Ex- Husband Jean-Claude Van Damme.
Image: Darcy Lapier And Her Ex-Husband Jean-Claude Van Damme.
Source: Pinterest

When Rice learned of her romance with the Claude. LaPier had not divorced her first partner, and she had committed bigamy, which implied that her second marriage had been dissolved, and no payment had been given to her.

Even with Van Damme, their marriage did not last long, and they separated in 1997 after three years. Meanwhile, she had requested full custody of the 2-year-old baby, which she got at the time.

After that, she had marital life with Mark Hughes, who founder of the multinational conglomerate. He married took place on Valentine's Day in 1999, during which Darcy LaPier lived in his Malibu mansion of 32,000 square feet. Hughes has purchased a 4-million-dollar helicopter to carry her to their 150-foot yacht. Their marriage ended after Hughes died on May 21, 2000.

Dracy Lapier And Her Ex- Husband Mark Hughes
Image: Darcy Lapier And Her Ex-Husband Mark Hughes
Source: Pinterest

Her most recent marriage was with Brian Snodgrass. The duo exchanged their wedding vows in 2002. From their marriage, they got a daughter Madison. But without any specification, they got seperated in 2010. Scroll down to know her net worth.

Income And Earning Of Darcy LaPier 

As of May 2019, Darcy LaPier has a impressive net worth of $100 million based on Celebritynetworth, just like Elaine Starchuk. Through her work as an actor, producer, and model. As well as from her previous marriages and eventual divorces, she has been able to amass the jaw-dropping wealth and fortune. 

Dracy Lapier And Her Lavish Manson
Image: Darcy Lapier And Her Lavish Manson 
Source: Google Image

The all-around appearance and acting ability gave her a reputation for herself as a multi-talented actress whose cowgirl character has earned her a well-known worldwide brand through which she must have made thousands of dollars.

Alimony History Of Darcy LaPier 

So far, she had married for five-time with high profile celebrity as well as with billion-dollar business tycoons. From her marriages and divorce, she has amassed an enormous amount of wealth.

After getting divorce with Hollywood legend Jean-Claude Van Damme, she received $150,000 in child care a month, plus $300,000 in attorney costs. She also earned $10 million in child benefits as her compensation since the court reached its ruling.

Later on, after the death of her fourth husband, Mark Huges, who was a billion-dollar business owner, she received a massive amount of $100 million being the widow of Huges.

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