Dario Melendez

Sportscaster, Journalist
Wed Jun 05 2019
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Dario Melendez is an American journalist working for the FOX sports. Melendez is based in Connecticut, Wisconsin as a sportscaster.

Dario was born and raised in Boco Raton, Florida U.S.A. He completed his studies from Sacred Heart University with a Bachelors' Degree in Media Studies in 2008.

Dario joined Sacred Heart on a football scholarship. He played as a quarterback and wide receiver. Melendez's professor mentions that he took every advantage that was offered to him during his classes. Likewise, he credits his success specifically to the professors from his alma mater.

After graduating from the university, Melendez secured a job as an anchor and reporter for Milwaukee based media company WISN-TV. The company is owned by the Hearst Corporation which has a 20 percent share in the sports network honcho ESPN.

Know Dario Melendez Bio, Wiki, Career

After having a good stint in the company as a weekend anchor, Dario went over to land his fortune in the ESPN.

In 2013, he kick started his journey with the 'Highlight Express' for the ESPN News. Melendez gave the credit for this opportunity to Sue McInerney and the Napoli Management Group, that helped him get noticed.

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Melendez was now actively involved in larger roles for the company. 

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Melendez covered sports, wrote, anchored and produced reports on a daily basis. Likewise, he was also involved in broadcasting school and collegiate athletics in and around Milwaukee.

Dario in the field

Some of his coverage included Green Bay Packers, the Milwaukee Brewers and the Milwaukee Bucks.

Recenty, he covered one of the most viewed soccer game the Superbowl that was held in Fort Meyers, in between, he also went to Miami as well as Tampa Bay for a short tour.

Is Dario Melendez A Controversial Reporter?

Dario is also part of a controversial topic regarding the LGBT community. Previously, he took a shot at the community, claiming that, a player who cannot score in a game is to say that they went “Homo-for-Four”.

Dario even commented insensitive views regarding the acceptance of openly game players in professional games.

Is Dario Melendez Personal Life Controversial?

Being a celebrity, Dario has not made his personal life public in the media. 

Dario and Jen

Dario Melendez is married to American sportscaster Jen Lada. Together they have a children from their marriage but nothing much is disclosed about their personal life. However, we believe both the husband and wife is living a happy life.

What's Dario Melendez's Net worth And Salary?

As a sportscaster, Dario takes home a salary of about $70,000 to $100,000 annually. Likewise, he gets to earn from various other endorsement. 

Additionally, His wife, Jen Lada is estimated to have a net worth of over $10 million. Dario and Lada affluent a luxurious lifestyle and are seen touring all around the world for vacation.

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