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Fri May 26 2023
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Darius Benson has gained his fame as a social media personality. He is famously known for his comedic content on his Youtube and Vines, which are usually hilarious and fun to watch. Frow his career as a content creator, many of his fans are enticed by his personal life.

Benson leads a life like an open book. But he refrains from sharing his personal life. But with his social media career has also pursued an acting career. He debuted as an actor in the movie Alien: Battlefield Earth in 2021.

Unraveling the Mystery: Is Darius Benson In A Loving Partnership Or Flying Solo?

Darius Benson leads a single's life and doesn't share a romantic relationship with anyone. While the social media star regularly uploads his content, Benson keeps his love life hidden from the things shared. So, the details of his relationship under wrap away from the media. 

There is no information available on his past dating history on the Internet. Benson never hinted about his romantic partner in all his Instagram posts. 

Darius Benson with his vine best friend Alli Fitz.
Darius Benson with his vine best friend Alli Fitz. (Source: Instagram @ mrlegendarius)

Fans look forward to seeing him in a romantic affair with someone. However, they can only speculate until the official information is shared by him online. 

In the past, Benson has collaborated with several creators like Kennedy Grace. Nevertheless, it was only an on-screen bonding and nothing romantic was going off camera. 

Unlocking the Vault: What Is Benson's Staggering Net Worth?

Darius Benson may have accumulated an admirable net worth, but details are not discovered. His successful career in the social media world is his primary source of income. Like many content creators, Darius may hold close to a million dollars as his net worth.

Benson has earned some decent throughout his successful youtube career. He has a community of 740k subscribers with over 69 million views in all his videos. 

Darius Benson posing with his luxurious car brand Mazda
Darius Benson was posing with his luxurious car Mazda.  (Source: Instagram @ mrlegendarius)

The YouTuber Benson has earned money through sponsored brand deals on his social media. He has promoted several brands, including the health and beauty brand Birch Box. 

Unfortunately, there is no information exploring his real estate and business ventures. Regardless, he owns a car of Mazda, which costs over $22k

An Introduction To Darius's Family 

Darius Benson was born to his parents on June 17, 1993, in the United States and is pushing his 20s. Unfortunately, the name of his parents isn't disclosed and remain unknown. 

There are no details available on the professional career of his parents. He may be respecting their privacy and keeping their details under wrap away from media sites. 

The picture of Darius Benson with his father during his early life
The picture of Darius Benson with his father during his early life. (Source: Instagram @ mrlegendarius)

Benson is close to his parents, although he hasn't placed any information about them. He often shows appreciation to his family by posting their pictures on his Instagram handle. 

The social media star Benson has shared two siblings with whom he shared early life and childhood. He is the older brother of Cameron Benson and Alexis Benson. 

Know About Darius's Siblings In Brief 

Cameron Benson is an ex-Vine creator and social media personality like his brother. He was born on May 2, 1996, and is two years younger than Darius. 

Cameron has also appeared in the 28th season of the reality show The Amazing Race. In that show, he participated along with his brother Darius and was his competitor. 

Darius Benson with his brother Cameron Benson and sister Alexis Benson during childhood.
Darius Benson with his brother Cameron Benson and sister Alexis Benson during childhood. (Source: Instagram @ mrlegendarius)

Cameron is well known for his zero-gravity vines and Vine Stories. He seems to keep a low-key profile and isn't seen active on social media platforms. 

Alexis may live a private life as no details are identified in her professional and personal life. One thing is clear she hasn't pursued a social media career.

Is Darius Active On Social Media Platforms? 

The vine creator Darius has stayed active on social networking sites. He uses popular social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Darius has over 322k followers on his Instagram with the username @mrlegendarius. He hasn't made a post for almost two years, and his Instagram handle is dead right now. 

Darius Benson cosplaying the character of Frozone.
Darius Benson was cosplaying the character of Frozone. (Source: Instagram @ mrlegendarius)

The celebrity personality Darius is often active on his Facebook and Twitter handles. He mostly stays on Twitter and has over 59 followers under the username @MrLegenDarius. 

People often search his Tiktok handle, but he hasn't opened any. His comedy videos are posted by Vines on their Tiktok handle, available with the username @vines_for_life.

The Physical Appearance Of Darius 

Aside from his incredible talent and creativity, Darius Benson is also handsome. He has an athletic body and stands at an impressive height of 6 feet, similar to Barney Harris

The Instagram star Darius has black hair that perfectly matches his brown eyes. Benson hits the gym to keep his body in proper shape.

Discover The Professional Career Of Darius Benson!

Darius Benson is a well-recognized Vine creator and social media star. He started his social media journey in 2013 by posting a Vine titled Got Jokes, which got huge attention. 

After the boost from Got Jokes, he kept uploading more comedic videos on Vine. His videos were well-received, and Benson became a star in no time. 

Darius was one of the 13 chosen Viners who represented the app in 2015. He then moved to other platforms like Instagram and Youtube, widening his career. 

Similarly, Darius entered the entertainment industry playing in several movies and TV series. He got tremendous attention for appearing in the reality competition show The Amazing Race.

Has Darius Retired From Youtube? 

It is unknown if Darius has officially retired from YouTube, like Marzia Kjellberg. Nonetheless, he is inactive on Youtube and hasn't uploaded videos for almost a year. 

Speaking of Darius's Youtube, he was 740k subscribers and has uploaded 156 videos. His most popular has been showered with 3.8 million views which is 1 minute and 30 seconds long. 

Unfortunately, the entertaining creator Darius's last video was uploaded on December 29, 2021. While searching through, his channel remains dead for around two years. 

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