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Fri Feb 02 2024
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Debraca Denise is the stepdaughter of late stand-up comedian and actor, Redd Foxx. Her mother Betty Jean Harris, a showgirl and dancer gave up her career after marrying Foxx.

Denise who is in her early 70s lives a secretive lifestyle. As she is known as the adoptive daughter of Redd, there is not much information about her current whereabouts just like Christine Bolton.

Debraca Denise Married Life

The celebrity family member, Debraca Denise is married to her husband, Ralph Russell, a businessman based in Los Angeles. The couple exchanged their wedding vows in June 1975. Further, the lavish ceremony took place in the Grand Ballroom of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

Debraca Denise and her husband, Ralph Russell on their wedding day.
Image: Debraca (m) with her husband, Ralph (r), and her mother, Betty (l).  

The extravagant event reportedly cost $40,000 and was attended by 450 guests seated in concentric circles around a flower-covered gazebo. Meanwhile, the bride wore a white chiffon gown by Holan Miller of Beverly Hills.

After the ceremony, a champagne reception and a sit-down luncheon took place. Meanwhile, Debraca's mother, Betty hosted a party for close friends and relatives at her Toluca Estate home.

Debraca was given in marriage by her uncle, Kent Harris. Among all family members, Redd was absent from his adoptive daughter's wedding. The reason behind his not attending the ceremony was his complications with Betty.

Debraca Denise Present Status

It is not known where Debraca Denise lives. The details about her current status are a mystery. Also, she doesn't make any public appearances.

Denise and her husband, Ralph live low profile. Further, the couple has kept their children out of the limelight. There is almost no evidence that Debraca and her husband are still alive.

Redd Foxx and Betty Jean Harris

Debraca Denise's mother, Betty married John Elroy Sanford a.k.a Redd Foxx on July 15, 1956. They first met at a nightclub where they were appearing on the same bill. Harris knew LaWanda Page, who was one of Foxx's close friends.

Debraca's mother, Betty Jean Harris and step-father, Redd Foxx.
Image: Debraca Denise's mother, Betty Jean Harris married Redd Foxx in 1956.
Source: Pinterest 

Harris was Redd's second wife and she gave her career in show business to become a full-time housewife. Betty was a notable showgirl and a dancer. Foxx adopted Betty's nine-year-old daughter, Debraca.

After 18 years of marriage, Redd and Betty separated. The reason behind their split was Foxx's infidelity. Now talking about the late comedian's other marriages, his first wife was Evelyn Killebrew. Redd's third wife was Joi Yun Chin Chung, while his fourth wife was Kaho Cho from South Korea.

Debraca Denise feud with Kaho Cho

Foxx was a popular comedian and actor who was named the "King of the Party Records." At the peak of his career, Foxx amassed a decent fortune. However, at the time of his death, Redd owed over $3.5 million in taxes. Barry Van Dyke has also appeared in his show.

Redd Foxx and Kaho Cho.
Image: Debraca's step-father, Redd Foxx married Kaho Cho in 1991.
Source: Pinterest 

As per sources, Foxx's fourth wife, Kaho Cho filed a case against Debraca accusing her of being irresponsible with Redd’s money. Further, Cho accused Denise of stealing Redd's money instead of paying down the tax debts.

Debraca worked as the administrator for her stepfather's estate until she was removed in 2006. On October 11, 1991, Redd suffered a heart attack on the set and died a few hours later.

Debracca Denise's Net Worth

Red Foxx's adopted daughter Debracca Denise made her TV debut as Doris Martin in Sanford and Son in 1977 and later appeared in an episode of Sanford, Private Lives in 1981.

Debraca Denise Foxx and her then-boyfriend, Jackie Jackson, were photographed.
Debraca Denise Foxx and her then-boyfriend, Jackie Jackson, were photographed. Source: Pinterest

Debraca has a net worth of $550,000, slightly more than actress Lauren Cook's net worth. She likely earned well from her TV work.

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