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Tue Jun 21 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Deidrie Henry

Husband : Douglas Dickerman
Deidrie Henry Married To Douglas Dickerman In 2014.

Do the thing that makes you happy and wait to see how things will be in your favor. Today we will discuss Deidrie Henry, who has achieved much more in the entertainment industry. If you are completely unaware of her, then read the article until the end.

How Deidrie became famous, and who is she? Well, she is multiple awards winning actress, musician, and civil rights activist. One of her renowned work is being the longtime spokesperson for Popeye's Chicken.

Henry was born on December 22, 1974, in Barbados, an island country in the Caribbean region of North America. Born to her American parents, she of Afro-American ethnicity and holds an American nationality.

Deidrie Henry's Low-key Married Life

The famous actress is a married woman. On December 12, 2014, Deidrie exchanged her wedding vows with Douglas Dickerson. The couple dated for six years, and right after that, she got roles in Popeye's commercials.

Deidrie Henry and her long-term spouse Douglas Dickerson
Deidrie and her husband
Source: CeleLiveUpdate

Not to mention that Deidre also has a child from her marriage with Douglas Dickerson. However, Henry and her spouse do not wish to share the details of their child. 

Since the nuptials, Henry and her spouse seem to be living happily as there are no rumors or controversies about the couple.

Kicked-off as a theater artist

Before fame, Henry wanted to pursue her career in the airline field, and she graduated in aeronautical science and received a pilot's license.

Deidre Henry began her career via Theater.
Deidre Henry began her career via Theater.
Source: Getty Images

Deidrie, however, decided to build her career in acting and began performing in theaters, including Atlanta, Oregon, New York, and Paris.

After performing in theaters for many years, Henry did her first television appearance as a Desk clerk in the TV series Savannah.

Deidrie is also known as the Popeyes' girl

Deidrie became very popular in a short time, as she started appearing in various movies and television series such as NCIS, Shark, The Riches, Beyond the Blackboard, Beautiful Boy, and many more. 

Henry advertising the crunchy chicken of the Popeyes
Deidrie as the Popeyes' chicken lady

Besides all her filmography appearances, Deidrie is widely famous for her appearance as Annie on the advertisement of Popeyes. Most of the people know her as the Popeyes chicken lady

Besides her acting career and endorsements, Deidrie is also known as a Civil and Women's Rights Activist, and staunch liberal Democrat. Henry is working in this field for many years. 

Deidrie's appearance in popular Tv series Game of Silence

In 2016, Henry portrayed in one of the most famous television series  Game of Silence as  Det. Liz Winters. She appeared in the series on eight episodes, along with other famous stars such as Michael Raymond-James, and David Lyons. 

The sitcom is about a rising attorney whose life becomes worst when his childhood friends' threatens to reveal a dark secret from their experience. 

Deidre has also played in The Whole Truth, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, her recent portrayal in Shameless and Criminal Minds, where Brittany Curran played as Addyson Jones.

How Much Net Worth Does Deidrie Henry Accumulate?

The famous actress from Criminal Minds has a total net worth of $1.8 million, which is more than another actress Hannah Lochner. She managed to sum up all the wealth through her portrayals in numerous movies since 1997. 

As per some sources, the average salary of an American actress ranges from $31,000 to $81,000. Thus we can assume the yearly wage of Deidrie. 

According to a cheatsheet, the highest-paid amount per episode was $100,000. No doubt, Henry had received a considerable amount from the series.

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