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Thu Jun 08 2023
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Delinah Blake is an American professional Psychologist. She came to the limelight following the arrest of her celebrity father. His father is none other than the Hollywood popular actor Robert Blake.

Psychologist Blake was the first person, Robert, her father called after his arrest. The Lost Highway actor was charged with the crime of murdering his second wife, Bonny Lee Bakley.

Delinah Blake Relationship Status: Marriage & Motherhood

Yes, the celebrity daughter, Delinah Blake is currently in a nuptial relationship with her husband Gregg Hurwitz. The couple has been married for a long time now.

Blake has kept their initial meeting out of media reach. The important details like their marriage date and marital life are kept hidden from the public.

Delinah Blake with her husband Gregg Hurwitz and half-sister Rose Lenore Sophia. Source: Buzz Nigeria

Together Delinah and Gregg are the parents of two daughters. The married couple has been raising their children away from the spotlight. They do not want to see their children's personal life being intruded.

Delinah and her spouse Gregg are happy with their marital life. There are no rumors regarding their divorce as well as extra-marital affairs. Currently, the family of four is living in Los Angeles, California.

Who Is Delinah Blake's Husband?

Delinah Blake's husband, Gregg Hurwitz is an author and novelist from the United States. His works have been on the list of bestselling books like Evan Smoak, Orphan X, and so on.

Delinah Blake's husband Gregg Hurwitz is an American Novelist and screenwriter.
Delinah Blake's husband Gregg Hurwitz is an American Novelist and screenwriter. Source: Twitter @GreggHurwitz

Hurwitz grew up in the San Francisco area and went to Harvard University for his studies. After graduating from Harvard University with a Bachelor of art degree, Gregg went to Trinity College, Oxford for further studies.

Besides novels and screens, Gregg has also written comics for comic book publications such as DC and Marvel. Delinah Blake’s husband has been nominated for many accolades. Some of his works are translated into 30 languages.

Delinah Blake’s Early Life: Age, Mother & Educational Details

The celebrity daughter, Delinah Blake was born on January 1, 1966. She grew up in her birthplace Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of Lost Highway actor Robert Blake and his first wife Sondra Blake.

Delinah Blake's mother Sondra Kerr Blake.
Delinah Blake's mother Sondra Kerr Blake. Source: Facebook @Sondra Kerr Blake

Delinah’s parents are well-known names in Hollywood. Her mother Sondra Kerr Blake is an actress who has made appearances in American Killing, Dangerous Minds, Days of Our Lives, and so on. She was raised alongside her brother by her parents.

Blake graduated in 1984 from Calabasas High School located in California. Following that, she went to the University to gain a degree in Psychology.

Delinah’s Parents Remained Together For More Than Two Decades

The Hollywood fame, Robert Blake and his first wife Sondra Kerr Blake remained married for almost 22 years. The former couple got married in 1961 in a private setting.

Delinah Blake's parents Sondra Kerr Blake and Robert Blake.
Delinah Blake's parents Sondra Kerr Blake and Robert Blake. Source: Mcphagwara

While they were in a relationship, Robert and Sandra attended different movie events together. Similarly, the former couple also became the parents of two children. Unfortunately, their relationship met its end in 1982.

Delinah’s parents have not yet talked about their divorce reason. Meanwhile, some of the internet tabloids say, their marriage came to an end due to Sondra’s infidelity. She cheated on Robert with actor Steve Railsback

Sondra Kerr Denied Her Relationship With Robert Blake Was Abusive

American Killing actress, Sondra Kerr had denied her relationship with Robert Blake being abusive. She gave clarification that the rumors of the Lost Highway actor putting a gun in her mouth were not true.

Sondra Kerr Blake still from Gunsmoke.
Sondra Kerr Blake still from Gunsmoke(1955). Source: IMDb

However, Sondra had also once drafted documentation that says otherwise. She had mentioned that her former husband tried to kill her alongside her then-boyfriend actor Steve. The plot was going to happen in the Beverly Mansion.

Delinha Blake's mother, Sondra was informed about the plot by the director and other people. This shows Robert does not back out from planning to murder people.

Delinah Blake's Siblings 

Delinah Blake has one full sibling and one half-sibling. She has a brother named Noah Blake born a year before her, i.e., on February 1, 1965.

Denilah Blake's brother Noah Blake.
Denilah Blake's brother Noah Blake. Source: IMDb

Noah is an actor by profession and has more than 65 credits as an actor on his IMDb profile. He has an estimated net worth of $1 Million.

Blake's half-sister, Rose Lenore is now a young lady. She was raised by Delinah in Sherman Oaks. She took care of Rose ever since she was a child.

Delinah Blake's step-sister Rose Lenore Sophia Blake.
Delinah Blake's step-sister Rose Lenore Sophia Blake. Source: Instagram

Rose studied at Campbell Hall School and was a cheerleader at the age of 15. The picture of her leaked by Papparazi created distance between her and with classmates.

Delinah's half-sister faced a lot of problems while growing up. However, in 2019 Rose Lenore was living with her boyfriend.

Delinah Blake's Father Accused Of Murdering His Second Wife, Bonny Lee Bakley

Delinah Blake caught media attention at the time of her father's trial. She supported her father in his trial on the charge of murdering his second wife.

Robert's second wife, Bonny Lee was shot to death in the car parked outside the restaurant in May 2001. On this charge, the American actor was arrested in 2002.

Delinah Blake's father Robert Blake accused of murder of his second wife.
Delinah Blake's father Robert Blake accused of murder of his second wife. Source: People

Blake pleaded not guilty in the trial. According to him, he was not present at the crime scene. He had gone into the restaurant to take his personal gun, which he uses for safety purposes.

Robert was granted bail on March 13, 2003, after spending 11 months in jail and $1.5 Million cash bail. He was found not guilty on March 16, 2005, as there was a lack of evidence and witnesses. 

How Was The Relationship Between Robert Blake & Bonny Lee Bakley?

American actor Robert married Bonny Lee Bakley who he met in 1999 in a Jazz restaurant. The pair tied the knot in November 2000 after signing a long agreement.

Bakley's lawyer advised her not to sign the agreement. However, she wanted to marry the celebrity. Following their marriage, they never stayed together.

Robert Blake with his second wife Bonny Lee Bakley.
Robert Blake with his second wife Bonny Lee Bakley. Source: Quora

Bonny and their daughter Rose Lenore Sophia Blake stayed in a guest house beside Robert's residence. Their relationship was not on good terms even though they were married.

Delinah's father had also hired a private investigator to spy on Bonny. She was caught operating lonely heart scams later on.

Where Is Delinah's Father Robert Bakley Now?

Delinah's father, Robert Bakley is now no more in this world. He died on March 9, 2023, in Los Angeles, California. The Lost Highway actor Bakley passed away peacefully surrounded by his family members.

Robert Blake got engaged to Pamela Hudak in 2015. Source: Favebites

The cause of Bakley's death was said to be heart disease. Surely, Delinah's heart was shattered when her father died.

Delinah Blake's Net Worth

The eldest daughter of Robert Blake, Delinah went back to leading her private life. She has not talked about her professional life as well as assets. However, according to People, Delinah worked as a teacher.

Nevertheless, One can assume Delinah Blake living a rich lifestyle. Blake's spouse Gregg is a well-known American Novelist and screenwriter who has an estimated net worth of $1.3 Million.

Blake's Father Robert Went To Bankruptcy

Lost Highway actor Robert Blake had his name among the wealthiest actor once. He had an estimated net worth of $12 Million before his trial began.

Robert Blake's former studio house. Source: Pinterest

Unfortunately, all the fortune Blake earned in his life went on to save himself. He filed for bankruptcy and had a debt of $3 Million worth of unpaid legal fees and taxes.

For this, Blake was charged $1,110,878 in unpaid back taxes by the California state. To lead a normal life again, he created a YouTube Channel.

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