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Wed Aug 02 2023
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Delores Martes Jackson is the ex-wife of the famous Tito Jackson who is the original member of Jackson 5. Jackson again made headlines after she was found dead at her boyfriend's house.

It was shocking for everyone, especially the Jackson family. Let's find out about her mysterious death and her personal life.

Exploring Delores Martes Jackson's Mysterious Death 

Delores Martes Jackson was found dead on August 27, 1994.  Tito Jackson's ex-wife was found unresponsive in the swimming pool of her boyfriend Donald Bohana's house located in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Dee Dee's cause of death was reported to be a homicide. Initially, police suspected that the 39-year-old lady must have accidentally drowned in the pool which led to her death. 

Delores Martes Jackson was found dead in her boyfriend's house.
Delores Martes Jackson was found dead in her boyfriend's house. Source: Pinterest

It was Bohana himself who called 911 for help. According to Donald, he had a few drinks with his wife Delores Martes Jackson before she went swimming.

The smell of alcohol was also found when Tito Jackson's ex-wife vomited during the CPR method. However, was the alcohol really the cause of her drowning?

Delores Martes's Boyfriend Bohana Guilty Of Homicide

According to Delores's boyfriend, she was an excellent swimmer who can even make Olympic-level turns. It was mysterious how such a personality could have drowned in the home pool until and unless something happened.

With this in mind, Lori Jones decided to examine Dee Dee's case which was unclosed as there was no lead if it was accident or murder. Through proper consultation with the swimming expert and the medical team, he provided new evidence to the case.

Donald Bohana was accused of homicide which he did not plead guilty to. He hired lawyer Harland Braun who had handled the Robert Blake case to help him with this legal problem.

The trial which began on June 2, 1998, concluded Delores's then-husband guilty of homicide. Following that, he was made to serve prison for 15 years.

Is Delores Martes Jackson's Boyfriend Still In Prison?

No, Delores Martes Jackson's boyfriend is not in prison now. He was granted parole in December 2022 after serving 24 years in California state prison. 

Donald Bohana's parole was denied five times before he was released. He has been out of media reach now.

Delores Martes Jackson's Ex-Husband Was Saddened By Loss Of His Children's Mother

Delores Martes Jackson AKA Dee Dee Jackson was married to Tito Jackson the original member of the famous music band Jackson 5. Tito remembered that the ex-couple met at Fairfax High School in Los Angeles and got married in 1972 after graduating from school.

Delores Martes Jackson was married with Tito Jackson for 21 years.
Delores Martes Jackson was married to Tito Jackson for 21 years. Source: Pinterest

While the American musician Tito was shy, his ex-wife Delores was outgoing. He said:

"She had ran up to me and said 'Happy birthday' and gave me a kiss on the cheek"

Together, Delores and Tito were the parents of three children. Despite their divorce in 1993, the American musician was pretty sad after losing his ex-wife. While the world believed that Dee Dee died of an accident, Jackson was sure of the murder.

Tito Jackson & Delores Martes Jackson Shares Three children

During their two decades of marital life, Delores Martes Jackson and Tito Jackson became the parents of three sons. Dee Dee was the mother to Taj, Taryll, and TJ Jackson who are all grown up and are singers now.

While Delores was famous for her connection with Tito and Jackson 5, she preferred to be out of the spotlight. Dee Dee tried to give a normal life for her three children according to her sons. Taj even said that their mother was the perfect role model for them.

Delores Martes Jackson's three children
Delores Martes Jackson's three children. Source: Pinterest

It was Tito's children who gave him the news of Delores's demise. on that dreadful night, TJ had a bad feeling. He said to ABC News

"I just had a sixth sense in my head, as if I knew already it was terrible and I knew already that my mother wasn't with us."

Even though Tito and Delores separated in 1993, she never stopped caring about her children. And neither did the children as TJ said to this day he is learning to cope with his mother's death.

Was Delores Martes Jackson Rich? Know Her Net Worth At The Time Of Death

Tito Jackson's ex-wife always remained out of the spotlight. She probably did not work after marrying Tito. Her ex-husband had to travel across the country for the tour so Delores remained at home taking care of the children.

So, Delores Martes Jackson's net worth at the time of her death is unknown. Nevertheless, she lived a rich lifestyle with her ex-husband's fortune. 

Tito Jackson is a millionaire and has a speculated net worth of $2 Million. He amassed this huge wealth from his long professional journey in the music industry. Now his sons are taking up his place and have earned millions as well.

Delores Martes Jackson Wiki/Bio:

Delores Martes Jackson was born on April 1, 1955, in Los Angeles, California. If Tito Jackson's ex-wife was alive today, she would have been in her late 60s in terms of age.

Delores Martes Jackson and Tito Jackson were childhood sweethearts.
Delores Martes Jackson and Tito Jackson were childhood sweethearts. Source: Pinterest

When it comes to speaking of personal life, Delores always kept her mouth shut. Thus, her parent's identities are out of media reach. 


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