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Wed Jul 05 2023
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Inside Babyface's two marriages and his life as a father of three: Complete story here!  

Singer-songwriter Babyface sits comfortably in his old stardom. Hailed as a legend in the music industry, Babyface has his nearly four-decade-long success and fame upholding him in the fast-evolving industry. Throughout his stellar career, the singer has won 12 Grammy awards.  

He was born Kenneth Brian Edmonds on April 10, 1959, in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was producer Bootsy Collins who gave Kenneth his funny moniker because of his youthful looks. A decade into his multi-faceted career, the once laughable nickname had turned into one of the most renowned names in contemporary R&B.  

Inside Babyface's Marriages!    

For a man of his caliber, Babyface weirdly has a very short romantic history. The singer-turned-record producer has been married thrice and has three across two of those three nuptials. Despite garnering sky-high success in his professional endeavors, Kenneth hasn't been all that lucky in his personal life. 

Babyface is a singer-songwriter, and record producer.
Babyface is a 12-time Grammy-winning singer and record producer. Photo Source: Instagram

The Grammy winner's first wife was a woman named Denise. Since the relationship occurred and ended before Edmonds' rise to fame, not much is known about the marriage. He married his first wife, Tracey Edmonds (née McQuarn), a businesswoman, and television producer, in 1992.  

The duo crossed paths with Tracey auditioned for his song, Whip Appeal, in 1990. Although she didn't land the gig, Tracey certainly got the bigger prize. The couple tied the knot in 1992 and went on to welcome two kids. From the little reports available on the duo's marriage, both Babyface and Tracy's soaring careers got in their way.   

Babyface has won 12 Grammys throughout his career.
The Grammy winner has been married three times. Photo Source: Instagram

While Edmonds was carving his illustrious image, Tracey, too, was pushing the boundaries of digital media, real estate, and music. The ambitious couple even joined hands to establish their Edmonds Entertainment Group, followed by a few more joint ventures.   

Edmonds and Tracey's business took off but sadly, their personal relationship didn't. The couple-turned-business partners finalized their divorce in October 2005, nine months after Tracey filed for their legal separation, citing "irreconcilable differences."   

Babyface has been married three times.
Babyface is reportedly dating Rita Tischendorf. Photo Source: Instagram

Shortly after putting an end to their 13-year-long marriage, Babyface moved on with his backup dancer Nicole "Nikki" Pantenburg, and Tracey, with veteran actor, Eddie Murphy. The Every Time I Close My Eyes hitmaker started dating Nikki in 2007 and welcomed a daughter with her in 2008.   

After more than seven years of dating bliss, the twosome announced their engagement in 2014, and walked down the aisle in a star-studded ceremony, in May 2014. The couple's low-key marriage flew under the radar until July 2021, which was when the two disclosed their separation in a joint statement. 

Babyface and Nicole Pantenburg finalized their divorce after seven years of marriage! 

"After much thought and with great sadness, we have decided to end our marriage," the pair's joint statement read. The estranged partners further added how they have come to terms with great love and respect for one another. The Grammy winner and Nikki's divorce was finalized earlier this year in February.  

Since calling it quits with his third wife, the Grammy-winning record producer has maintained a low profile. Edmonds, 64, however, hasn't steered clear of the dating pool. Although the news is still pretty new, the legendary singer-producer is reportedly dating a German model named Rita Tischendorf.  

Who are Babyface's Three Children? 

Babyface's all three marriages may not have lived up to his expectation, but they endowed him with three adorable kids. Kenneth's prolific career and his decades-long legacy aren't the only things that he takes pride in. For the Grammy-winning singer, fatherhood holds a much bigger place in his heart.   

Babyface is doting father of three.
Babyface shares his two oldest sons with Tracey Edmonds. Photo Source: Instagram

His hitmaker, The Day (That You Gave Me a Son), gives an insight into the singer's life as a father. Babyface welcomed his firstborn, Brandon, with Tracey, in December 1995. The singer dedicated the aforementioned song to Brandon, who has remained out of the spotlight all his life.  

Dishing on his son's personality traits, the record producer gushes about how Brandon is and continues to be selfless and self-sufficient in his ways. Brandon is reportedly working as a producer and has credits in Games People Play, End of the Road, and more. Kenneth and Tracy's second son, Dylan, was born in 1998.   

Babyface's sons, Brandon and Dylan, are producers.
The singer and his estranged wife, Nicole, have settled for joint custody of their daughter. Photo Source: Instagram

Like his older brother, Dylan, too, prefers a life away from Hollywood's glitz and glamour. He is seemingly following in his brother's footsteps as his LinkedIn profile shows him holding credits in similar projects as Brandon's. Edmonds' youngest and only daughter, Peyton, was born to him and Nikki in 2008.  

Kenneth's joy knew no bound with the arrival of Peyton in 2008. The otherwise reticent record producer shared his happiness upon his daughter's birth. "Nicole and I couldn't be happier to have a new baby girl in the family," Babyface said, adding, "And my two sons are thrilled to have a little sister." Edmonds and Nicole share joint custody of their daughter.  

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