Dive Into Brittany Snow's Marital Life: Everything to Know About the 'Pitch Perfect' Actress's Personal Life

Tue May 30 2023
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Inside Brittany Snow's married life with Tyler Stanaland: The spouses have called it quits!  

Actress Brittany Snow has a remarkable career going. Since rising to become a household face with the CBS soap opera, Guiding Lights in 1998, Snow has also garnered proportionate love for her work on the silver screen. While fans love her career, Brittany's love life gained much traction from the fans.  

Born on March 9, 1986, in Tampa, Florida, Snow's destined life in the spotlight began when she started modeling at 3. She portrayed Susan Lemay on the beloved show Guiding Lights for three years and steadily climbed the ladder of stardom. While her illustrious career is worth a talk, her personal life is under media scrutiny currently.  

Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanaland's Beginning As a Couple!  

The first time is usually a lesson, well, at least, in the case of Brittany Snow. Snow jumped into marital life three years ago with a dream of happily ever after, only to see her marriage unraveled within two years.  

Brittany Snow was married to Tyler Stanaland.
Brittany Snow married realtor Tyler Stanaland in 2020. Photo Source: Instagram

The Pitch Perfect actress continues to reflect on and divulge her marriage and split from Tyler Stanaland. The Florida-born actress and her now ex-husband, Stanaland, started dating in 2018. 

There were no fueling romance rumors or playing coy as the lovebirds kept their relationship forthright. Tyler and Brittany kept their affair public from the beginning. The pair reportedly met through a bunch of mutual friends.  

Although it appeared like a whirlwind affair from the outside, Snow alleges that their relationship was years in the making. They were captivated by each other for a couple of years! Before Stanaland could garner the courage to take the step.

Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanaland: Taking a Shot At Marriage!

Almost a year after their dating bliss, Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanaland announced their engagement in February 2019. Gushing about her old-fashioned proposal, Snow revealed that Stanaland got down on his knees in their kitchen, apparently the same place where they shared their first kiss.   

Brittany Snow is best known for her role in Pitch Perfect.
The couple called it quits last year after two years of their wedding. Photo Source: Instagram

Brittany and Tyler shared many milestones in the coming time until their wedding, including relocating to NYC! The duo kept hype by throwing a lavish two-day extravaganza bachelor party. 

Snow and Stanaland became the few couples who didn't let the Covid pandemic affect their wedding plans. The twosome tied the knot just days before the Covid-inflicted lockdown, in March 2020, in an intimate ceremony in Cielo Farms in Malibu.

Snow and Stanaland Couldn't keep the hype up in their Wedlock!

But the end came sooner than one expected. Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanaland announced their separation after two years of their wedding! By September 2022, Snow and Stanaland officially separated.   

Did Tyler Stanaland's appearance on Selling the OC have anything to do with the couple's split? 

Snow explained the decision to split was "made with love and mutual respect for one another." 

Brittany and Tyler don't share any kids, but their dog Charlie is like a kid to the couple and a priority. And so, Snow and Stanaland promised to navigate the split amicably.

A source later revealed that Stanaland's appearance on Netflix's Selling the OC played the primary catalyst in their split.  

Tyler Stanaland is a Successful realtor!  

Tyler Stanaland might have lived under his now ex-wife's shadow. But he is ready to take his leap in his pursuit of fame. 

Amid the duo's shocking split last year, an insider had said that Stanaland's adamance about being on television was a big problem for Snow, who didn't want Tyler to appear on Selling the OC in the first place.   

Brittany Snow's ex-husband, Tyler Stanaland is a realtor.
Stanaland appeared on Netflix's 'Selling the OC' last year. Photo Source: Instagram

Stanaland allegedly wants to make a name for himself on television. Born to the successful realtor John Stanaland, Tyler is a scion of his father's luxurious real estate firm in Orange Country, California.

For long, Stanaland had an offbeat career as a surfer. Now, he decided to venture into his family's business. Tyler joined the Oppenheim Group to be a part of Selling the OC in 2022. 

During a conversation with People, he boasted about selling a Laguna Beach Montage property to Mark Cuban for $19 million. Stanaland's stint on the Netflix show was a big hit.  

Stanaland's good looks and physique had all the women cast drawing to him like moths to flames. A source revealed that a co-star, who remains anonymous, even tried to kiss him off-screen. Understandably, following said incident, the Pitch Perfect actress called it quits.  

Brittany Snow's Many Boyfriends Throughout the Years!  

Brittany Snow achieved stardom early in her Hollywood journey. Brittany also kicked off her dating life early on. Her romantic history is as versatile as it is high-profile. 

The Guiding Lights alum's first public romance with Michael Johnson was a long haul. They dated for three years before breaking up in 2007.   

Brittany Snow dated actor Michael Johnson.
Snow dated actor Michael Johnson for three years. Photo Source: Instagram

The same year she called it quits with Johnson, Brittany started dating Josh Henderson. Things between Henderson and the actress were kept casual. 

The Pitch Perfect actress even romanced actor Ryan Rottman. Snow started dating right after her breakup with Henderson in 2008. Snow and Ryan's love fizzled within two years.  

Brittany was briefly linked with musician William Tell in 2011. But after no confirmation from either side, the dating rumor remained hot speculation. 

Brittany Snow was linked with musician William Tell in 2011.
The Pitch Perfect actress was in a three-year-long relationship with actor Tyler Hoechlin. Photo Source: Instagram

The Pacifier actress dated Teen Wolf actor Tyler Hoechlin for three years, from 2012 to 2015. Snow and Hoechlin rarely gave insight into their romance, Despite making an attractive couple. 

Brittany's last boyfriend, before she became a wife for the first time, was filmmaker Andrew Jenks. Moreover, Snow and Jenks dated for nearly a year.  

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