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Thu Jul 06 2023
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Explore Elizabeth Hurley's star-studded romantic past: The actress has been married once and is a mother to one son!  

Best known for playing Vanessa Kensington in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Elizabeth Hurley is an actress and model. Her other notable credits include Bedazzled, The Royals, Runaways, and Passenger 57. At 58, Hurley continues to flaunt her ageless beauty and post steamy, and head-turning pictures.  

Born Elizabeth Jane Hurley on 10 June 1965, in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Since kicking off her career in her native in the 80s, Hurley has transcended from being an actress to becoming a fashion icon and bonafide Hollywood star. The Austin Powers actress had lived a high-profile personal life as well.  

Inside Elizabeth Hurley's Dating History!   

Throughout her decades-long stint in Hollywood, Hurley has drawn a substantial amount of notice and glare for her high-profile love life. Once an aspiring actress, Elizabeth was yet to make her mark when she started her first prolific romance. She met actor Hugh Grant on the set of Remando Al Viento, a Spanish production, in 1987.   

Elizabeth Hurley is an actress and model.
Actress Elizabeth Hurley boasts a star-studded romantic history. Photo Source: Instagram

The professional meet-up soon birthed a romance between the attractive couple and it was no transient affair. Hurley and Grant's relationship lasted 13 years, a period that wasn't without its share of scandals. Hurley had to bear much humiliation when Grant made headlines for soliciting a prostitute in 1995.  

But instead of abandoning the English actor, Hurley stood beside Grant during the testing time and continued to shape her career with him. The duo's withstanding relationship came to an end in 2000. Hurley has since kept an amicable bond with Hugh, who is a godfather to her only son. "I love him, but he's very annoying," Hurley said of Hugh.  

Elizabeth Hurley dated Hugh Grant.
Hurley dated actor Hugh Grant for 13 years. Photo Source: Instagram

The Royals actress was linked with Denis Leary and billionaire businessman Theodore Forstmann following her split from Grant. But neither of the relationships was confirmed by the involved parties. She began her next notable relationship with film financier Steve Bing in the early 2000s.  

Elizabeth and Bing even welcomed a son together before splitting ways in 2001. The pair weren't on the best terms after their split but Bing's death in 2020 evoked grief in Hurley, who, in her statement, said, "I'm saddened beyond belief that Steve is no longer with us." Bing allegedly died by suicide.  

The Austin Powers actress briefly dated NBA player Steve Nash in 2001. The romance was short-lived, but insiders said that the pair vibed and shared an authentic bond. Despite dating a string of famous men from the start, Elizabeth walked down the aisle only once, and that was with Indian textile heir, Arun Nayar.   

Elizabeth Hurley has been married once.
Elizabeth was married to Arun Nayar for three years. Photo Source: Instagram

The unlikely couple maintained a low-profile romance for years and tied the knot in 2007. The Gossip Girls fame announced her separation from Nayar in 2010. "For the record, my husband Arun and I separated a few months ago," Hurley tweeted at the time.  

Even though the news didn't garner much attention back then, Hurley reportedly cheated on Arun with cricket star Shane Warne, with whom she resumed her romance amid her divorce from Nayar. Hurley and Warne, too, called it quits after a brief engagement, in 2013. Warne died of a heart attack in March 2022.  

Elizabeth's dating profile went dry for several years and in 2013, the English actress sparked romance rumors with actor Justin Theroux. Despite the pair's many public appearances, Hurley claimed that the speculation was not true. "We did a job together, and he's a very nice chap, but they’re definitely not true," said the actress.  

Elizabeth Hurley's Life as a Mother!   

It has been over a decade since Hurley last a relationship of her's official. And there's a reason why. In an interview in 2019, the Brit decided that she was only to be recognized for her work and as a mother. "I decided I talk too much about it in the past," Hurley said while explaining her new reticence regarding her personal life.   

Elizabeth Hurley is a mother to one.
Elizabeth welcomed her only son, Damian, with Steve Bing, in 2002. Photo Source: Instagram

Since pledging to keep her personal life out of the media's reach, Hurley has indeed done a good job of putting a wall around her romances. She was linked with poet Henry Birtles last year and despite the incessant talk around it, Hurley's rumored beau, Birties, straight up shut down the claims.  

Hurley's official relationship status, hence, remains single or unknown if you will. The actress is busy channeling all her energy into her work and her only kid, Damian Hurley, 21, who is now carving his own prolific resume in the industry. Hurley welcomed Damian in April 2002.   

Elizabeth Hurley was married to Arun Nayar.
Damian Hurley is an actor and model. Photo Source: Instagram

As an infant, Elizabeth's son was at the center of a brewing fiasco between his mom and dad, Steve Bing, who denied the paternity claim at first until a DNA test proved otherwise. Although Bing recognized Damian as his son near the end of his life, Damian was cut out of his father's inheritance by his grandfather, Peter Bing, in 2021.    

Damian's father, Steve Bing, died by suicide in 2020! 

Known for bearing an uncanny resemblance to his gorgeous mom, Damian is an actor and model. The young heartthrob made his acting debut on Hurley's show, The Royals. Since signing with Tess Management and later with IMG Models, Damian has taken multiple gigs, including with Pat McGrath’s makeup.  

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