Dive Into Rachel Weisz's Married Life and Her Dating History

Sun May 21 2023
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Rachel Weisz is married to Daniel Craig: The pair share one daughter!  

Rachel Weisz is an actress, wife, and mom of two. An Oscar winner, Weisz is one of the most decorated actresses in Hollywood. Rachel earned the honor throughout her three-decade-long career. However, do you know her about her love life? 

Weisz, 53, London-born and Cambridge-educated, became a naturalized American after marrying an American icon. Rachel exchanged her vows with none other than Daniel Craig. Her personal life comes under the media's soft scrutiny as the actress makes a heartbreaking revelation.  

Rachel Weisz's Experienced a Miscarriage!  

Rachel Weisz isn't about broadcasting her matters to assert her celebrity status. The London-born actress is known to keep it on the low. So, when she did decide to open up about a topic as sensitive as miscarriage, of course, it blew up.   

Rachel Weisz is an Oscar winner.
Rachel Weisz the Oscar-winning actress talked about her experience with miscarriage.
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The Mummy actress recently revealed that she and her husband, Daniel Craig, suffered a miscarriage. The actress was dishing on her recently released series, Dead Ringers, which touches on the topic. 

Weisz, who shares a daughter with the James Bond actor, kept details of the tragic loss wrapped.

Rachel Weisz Married Daniel Craig Over a Decade Ago!

The Oscar-winning actress Rachel Weisz and her American husband, Daniel Craig, have been married for eleven years. Weisz and her loving partner, Daniel, exchanged their vows in 2011. Moreover, Craig and Rachel shared said intimate moment away from the peering eyes.

Daniel Craig was previously married to Fiona Loudon
Weisz and Craig tied the knot in a secret ceremony in June 2011. 
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The pair Weisz and Craig were friends for many years. But they decided to change the nature of their relationship. As per the few reports that are available on the powerful, yet reticent couple, they had known each other for years before working together.   

Rachel and Daniel were friends for many years before they turned romantic! 

The first onscreen association of Weisz and Craig goes back to 2010. The pair played onscreen spouses in the psychological thriller film, Dream House. According to their fellow co-stars, they share this palpable chemistry that was meant to be translated into real life.   

The brunette beauty and the James Bond franchise actor started dating the same year and walked down the aisle on June 22, 2011, in the most intimate way possible; reportedly, only four people attended their wedding. Rachel gave birth to a daughter in September 2018 with her husband, Daniel.

Rachel's Married Life and Journey with Daniel Craig!

Over the years, the talented pair have turned into colleagues numerous times. In a marriage as tightly wrapped as theirs, it's hard to presume if the ship is sailing smoothly or with bumps, but taking it from their rare testimonies, the pair are applying the approach they think will best protect their marriage.  

Rachel Weisz is married to Daniel Craig.
Weisz and Craig welcomed a daughter in September 2018. 
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In one of her rare candid interviews, the Oscar winner shares that the duo keeping it extremely low profile is for the betterment of their marriage. "He's just too famous. You have to protect your marriage," Weisz explained. Craig, 55, on his part, also concurs with his wife's decision to put a wall around their personal lives.   

Get to Know Rachel Weisz's Husband, Daniel Craig!  

Although the man needs no introduction, here's some anyway. In 2005, Craig succeeded many legends like Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and Pierce Brosnan to play the fictional handsome secret agent Bond, in Casino Royale.

Daniel Craig is best known for James Bond.
Daniel Craig was previously married to Fiona Loudon, with whom he shares a daughter. 
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Craig's casting was initially met with flaming criticism from fans who thought he wasn't the right fit. But following the record-breaking success of Casino Royale, and the four subsequent sequels that followed, the latest being, No Time to Die, Craig has become the evergreen poster boy of the franchise.  

Besides his decade-spanning association with the Bond franchise,  Daniel is known for his award-winning roles in The Trench, Enduring Love, Knives Out, and Some Voices.  

Craig had been married once before he got hitched for the second time to Rachel. The Knives Out actor married the actress Fiona Loudon, with whom he shares his oldest daughter, Ella, from 1991 to 1994. Craig's dating history also includes Heike Makatsch and Satsuki Mitchell

Inside Rachel Weisz's Dating History!  

Since delving into her acting career, Rachel Weisz has only ever been with two men; the one she is happily married to currently, and another one is Oscar-nominated filmmaker/producer Darren Aronofsky.   

Rachel Weisz dated Darren Aronofsky.

 Weisz shares a son with her ex-fiancée, Darren Aronofsky. 
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Weisz was, in fact, halfway through in making her Aronofsky her partner of her lifetime. The pair started dating in 2001 after connecting at the backstage Almeida Theatre in London. 

The former pair kept their love out of the spotlight, but Weisz's budding affection for The Whale director was apparent as she relocated to New York for their relationship within a year of dating.  

The Mummy actress confirmed her engagement to the director in 2005 and divulged her excitement over their upcoming wedding. Weisz shared that they intended to tie the knot at New York's oldest synagogue and even talked about starting a family with Darren; they welcomed their son, Henry, in May 2006.

The all-set-to-go couple ended up straining their relationship after translating their relationship into work. Aronofsky attached his then-fiancée, Weisz, for the starring role opposite Hugh Jackman roles originally meant for Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett, in his 2006 film The Fountain.

The End of Rachel and Darren's Relationship!

Weisz and Aronofsky drew boundaries between their personal lives and work and even decided to live separately while working on the project. Not long after, the Brit complained about her fiancée not having time for her. 

The conflicted couple worked it out till they couldn't anymore. Rachel and Darren off their engagement in 2010. And the following year, Weisz started her journey with Daniel Craig.

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