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Sun Jan 09 2022
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Doval'e Glickman was born on December 22, 1949, in Tel Aviv, Israel, Zodiac sign Aries. He is an actor and writer also known as Dovaleh Glickman, Dov Glickman.

He was from a secular Jewish family. His Russian Jewish parents Shomo and Dvoro immigrated to the land of Israel in the 1920s, where he spend his childhood. 

He is also known for debuting in movies Sipurey Efraim (1995), Big Bad Wolves Yoram (2013), Shtisel (2013), and Laces (2018).

What Is Glickman's Profession And Start Of His Career?

The famous Israeli movies producer  Dov Glickman is an entertainer and he is an actor, film producer, and writer by his profession. He started to do acting in movies, Tv series, and theatre dramas in 1977. 

Glickman started his career at the age of 28 and went famous for his performance in Israel and also in other countries. He influenced people on the basis of his career and earned a lot of fame.

Portrait photo of Dovel'e Glickman wearing black coat
Portrait photo of Doval'e Glickman (source: IMBD)

Dov "Dovaleh" Glickman's Parent, Family, And Siblings.

Son of a Jewish family, his parents were Zvi Etkin. His father's name was Mohammad Bakri and his Mother's name was Ruth Dayan.

He has no brother and sister. He has one sibling named called Nava Semel.

Net Worth Of Glickman

Doval'e Glickman has earned a lot of fame and money from acting and writing. His main source of income is from movies.

He got famed by Movie Sipurey Efraim in 1995 and after also he had known for Movies Big Bd Wolves and Shtisel. The net worth of Doval'e Glickman is approximately $1 million USD.


Dovaleh Glickman has won many awards for his talent. He has won 5 awards and was nominated for 3 awards.

He was the winner of the Award of the Israeli Film Academy for Best Supporting Actor in the movie Laces (2018), Nominated for Best Supporting Actor Sheifa Lehane (2020), and Big Bad Wolves (2013).

Winner of the Israeli television academy in Drama Series Shtisel (2013) and nominated for Best Actor in a comedy series Stockholm (2018).

Dov's was also the winner of the international Fantasy Flim Award (2014) as the best actor in Big Bad Wolves(2013). German Screen Actors Awards, DSP Award winner (2019) as an Best cast (Bestes Enssemble) for Murer: Anatomie eines Prozesses (2018).

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