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Sun May 29 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Drew Brees

Drew Brees and Brittany Brees married in 2003.

Drew Christopher Brees is a professional football quarterback from America. He is well known as the football player The New Orleans Saints of NFL. Brees also played for San Diego Chargers in the 2001 NFL Draft.

Drew Brees was born on 15th January 1979, in Dallas, Texas. Born to his American parents Eugene Wilson Brees and late mother Mina Ruth, he is of White ethnicity and holds American nationality. 

Marital Life With Wife, Brittany

A famous quarterback player is a married man. In February 2003, Drew Brees tied the knot with Brittany Dudchenko.  

Image: Drew Brees and his wife, Brittany
Source: Heavy

Brees and Brittany first met during their college days at Purdue. Remembering the day, Drew said to ESPN the Magazine,

''It was when I was a sophomore. It was my 20th birthday and I'd had about 17 shots and put my foot in my mouth. It was a typical football player cheesy line - we'll leave it at that. It took me six months to get the courage to talk to her again. I finafled my way to get invited to a party that I knew she'd be at.'' 

After a few months, Drew and Brittany went on a date, along with his friends. Britanny explained, 

''So he asked ne out, and all my girlfriends wanted to come with,'' 

She added,

''You Know, because he was That Guy Who Made Such a Fool of Himself. She he brought some of his football friends and we went to the movies. And his friends started throwing Gummy Bears at the screen!''

Since then, Drew and Brittany are together and share four children. Three of them are sons, Bowen Christopher Brees (born on 2010), Baylen Robert Brees (born in 2009), Callen Christian Brees (born in 2012), and a daughter named Rylen Judith Brees (born in 2014). 

Net Worth

The famous quarterback earns staggering money from his career. To date, Brees has played many matches with various teams, which has added up a decent sum to his total wealth.

Drew Brees' total net worth is estimated to be $130 million as of 2019 which is higher than Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers. However, some sources claim Drew has earned about $221.71 million in total, and his yearly wage is $22 million.

Earning From San Diego

In 2001, Drew Brees signed his first professional contract for $627,500, including signing a bonus. The following year, Drew signed an extension contract for $307,000 and $400,000 as an annual salary. 

In 2003, Drew Brees again signed an extension contract with San Diego for $307,000. His annual salary was $980,000 at the time. In 2005, Drew signed an $8 million worth contract with the San Diego Chargers as a franchise player for a year.

Contract With The New Orleans Saints

In 2006, the famous quarterback signed a $60 million contract with the New Orleans Saints for six years, which included $1.6 million as a signing bonus, $2.5 million as option and workout bonus, and $1.9 million as his annual salary.

In 2012, Drew again signed a five-year contract with the Saints for $100 million, including a $7.4 million signing bonus and $3 million as yearly wage. As per Forbes, Drew's income from 2012 to 2013 is reported to be $51 million.

On 13th March 2018, the famous quarterback signed a $50 million extension contract with $27 million guaranteed.

The same year in April, Brees and his wife filed a lawsuit against San Diego Jeweler, citing they paid $15 million for investment-grade diamonds, which had a price tag of $6 million. Almost after a year of the lawsuit, the couple won the case and received $6 million.

House and Cars

Drew has a vast range of car collections and several luxury mansions. Some of his luxury cars include Bugatti Veyron, which has a base price of $2.2 million, Ford Mustang, BMW, and more to mention. 

Photo: Drew's New Orleans House 
Source: velvet ropes

Additionally, some of his luxury mansions include the present home in New Orleans bought for $1.6 million. The house contains 10,800 sq. Feet. His other house includes House Kauaii, which costs $1.7 million and House San Diego with a price tag of $2.4 million

Initial Career

During his high school days, Brees played several matches and earned him pretty good fame. After graduating from high school, Drew only got offers from Kentucky and Purdue College to [play football. He later chooses Purdue. In 2001, the famous footballer graduated from college, receiving a degree in industrial management. 

During his beginning season, Drew appeared as the backup quarter to Doung Flutie. On 4th November 2001, Brees made his debut in a professional game, which was against the Kansas City Chiefs on the 8th week.

The following year on 19th August, Brees was listed as the game started during the 2002 season.

Brees' ups and downs with Chargers

In 2004, Brees' career with the Chargers was at risk when the San Diego squired the NC State's Phillip Rivers. Later, the Rivers guaranteed Brees to get a job to start the season as the backup.

The whole season of 2004, Drew appeared as a starter for 15 games. For the first time, the Chargers won the match against AFC West in ten seasons. 

Drew's days at ?San Diego
Picture: Brees while playing for San Diego Chargers
Sources: 97.3 The Fan

After the season was over, Drew was offered for an additional five-year contract, but Brees wanted an increment in the contract and salary, which did no go well, leading in breaking the offer.

2006 to Present

When the Chargers denied increasing the wage, Brees met various teams, among which Miami Dolphins and The New Orleans were more interested. 

New Orleans made an offer for $10 million and $12 million the following year. Brees later went with the New Orleans Saints signing a six-year contract on 14th March 2006. 

In the first year, Drew played under coach Sean Payton. Unfortunately, the team could not perform well after the damaged caused by Hurricane Katrina.

On 13th January 2007, Drew played on the first playoff for the New Orleans. Since then, brees played various games for many teams earning him pretty colossal fame all over the world.

As of 2019, the famous footballer threw 370 yards against the match with the Houston Texas at Mondy Night Football. He had a minor injury following the match and returned during the 8th Week and played against the Arizona Cardinals. 




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