Duncan Keith Have a Girlfriend Or Single?

Tue Nov 19 2019
By   Bibek

The year 2015 was quite hard for Duncan Keith personally as he faced a lot of questions regarding his divorce. Keith ended his relationship with his teenage love in 2014, but many rumors surrounded the separation.

As of now, the NHL player has moved on from his past relationship. He found love again and is very happy in his romantic love life. So, who is his new love? Are you ready to know the answer to the question? Then read along.

Who is his newfound love?

Along with the likes of Mike Comrie and Nic Kerdiles, Duncan has taken the NHL by the storm. His records and trophies speak for themselves. With so much success, he is bound to have some fan following.

Alexandra Stewart along side Duncan Keith and his son Colton Keith
Image: Duncan Keith (left) holding his son Colton Keith alongside Alexandra Stewart (right). 
Source: Hitberry

The NHL player grabs media attention, and so does anyone who comes in contact with him. After separating from his former wife, Keith is now spotted with a new girl by his side. Not many people have an idea of who she is, but the rumors started floating about their relationship as she was seeing holding Duncan's son during the match.

Any information about Keith's newfound love is still a secret apart from her name, Alexandra Stewart. In this matter, the pair is very discreet and rarely gives away any of their details. The rumors started to float on the internet in 2017, and so far, there are still not many details about the couple. 

Duncan Keith and Alexandra Stewart catching a big fish
Picture: Duncan Keith (right) and Alexandra Stewart (left). 
Source: NBC

The same year, the duo were spotted fishing as per NBC Sports. But apart from that, the social media of Keith and Stewart.

The Divorce Settlement with his Ex-Wife

Previously, the Chicago Blackhawks star was in a long-term relationship with his former wife, Kelly-Rae Keith. The couple started dating when they were teenagers, and after dating for several years, the pair took the next logical step in their relationship.

Duncan Keith and Kelly-Rae Keith with their son
Frame: Duncan Keith (right) and his former wife Kelly-Rae Keith (left). 
Source: Heavy

Keith and Kelly tied the knot in an intimate ceremony. Neither Keith nor Kelly has disclosed any details about their wedding ceremony. The fans loved the pair together and were surprised to hear the divorce news between the duo. There were lots of rumors floating around about the separation.

According to many online tabloids, Kelly had an extra-marital affair with Duncan's teammate Patrick Sharp. As the internet blasted on the infidelity, Duncan hit back at the rumors saying that the whole thing with Infidelity is a fabrication. He further added, his divorce has nothing to do with Patrick, and all is well between them. 

Kelly lost on $150,000 Monthly Spousal Support

In an interview with Kelly, she revealed the court decision has put her in the place of economic hardship and disadvantages. Kelly filed for a $150,000 monthly spousal support, but according to the Vancouver Sun, she lost the case.

Duncan Keith kissing his son Colton Keith
Image: Duncan Keith with his son Colton Keith. 
Source: Heavy

According to Duncan, he is paying around $10,000 monthly for spousal support and another $10,000 monthly for the mortgage and other expenses. Similarly, the British Columbia Supreme Court also ruled the demands of Kelly as disproportionately high. 

Now, according to the court order, Duncan will pay $15,000 for childcare. The first time, Duncan opened up about his divorce in a press conference held by the Chicago Tribune. Keith missed the Chicago Blackhawks convention in July 2015. 

Duncan Keith on the Chicago Blackhawks Convention
Picture: Duncan Keith at the Chicago Blackhawks Convention. 
Source: Yahoo

The player felt the need to apologize to the fans for not attending the convention, that is where he opened up about his divorce. After ending the marriage in 2014, the pairs' son Colton Keith's custody is now with Duncan.


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