Dustin Tavella Wins America's Got Talent Season 16

Sat Sep 18 2021
By   Orish Thapa

The Virginia native magician Dustin Tavalla is officially crowned the winner of America's Got Talent season 16. He is the third magician to win Got Talent including Season 9 winner Mat Franco and Season 13 winner Shin Lim

After many weeks of fierce competition, the 35-year-old magician has named the champion and took the prize money of $1 million, as per sources. Kristen Beilein has net worth of $1 million. In addition, he was also offered a headlining show at Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The Virginia native magician Dustin Tavalla is crowned the winner of America's Got Talent season 16.
Photo: Dustin Tavella won America's Got Talent season 16.
Source: Talent Recap

Dustin continued to impress the judges and audiences with his storytelling abilities throughout his journey in the show. His story about dedication to being a family man to their adopted sons Xander and Sylas touched the hearts of many people in the audition.

When PEOPLE asked Tavella how he felt after winning the show, he told them that "It was crazy." The magician also said that he would've been happy for the winner even though if it wasn't him before the host, Terry Crews, announced his name as the winner. He also shared that there were tons of amazing acts on the stage.

To be the winner of season 16, he defeated his fellow top 5 finalists, Runner-up, aerialist Aidan Bryant, Comedian Josh Blue who became third-place, singer Brooke Simpson and quick-change artist Lea Kyle (who judge Heidi Klum gave Golder Buzzer). 

After the two hours of long finale show, Klum told PEOPLE that for Tavella and his family's future, the season 16 winner would be amazing. Klum even added that he is very happy and would have been happy for any of these people you saw on that stage because they're fantastic.

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