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Communication Specialist (1991)
Sat Aug 12 2023
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Dyllan Christopher is a former American actor. He has made notable appearances in several movies and TV Series including Armageddon, Bones, CSI, and unaccompanied minors.

Lately, Dyllan is not seen on the screen. Well, he is not active in the entertainment business. Yes, the Armageddon actor has changed his professional career. Let's see what Dyllan Christopher does now alongside his exciting life details.

Dyllan Christopher's Relationship Status

The American celebrity, Dyllan Christopher is not known to have dated or been in a romantic relationship with anyone. He has always been secretive about his personal life, especially his love life which has made it difficult to know his relationship.

Dyllan Christopher with his friend at the game.
Dyllan Christopher with his friend at the game. Source: Instagram @mr25days

Nevertheless, Dyllan keeps on playing the role who has a love interest. For instance in Bones, he portrayed the character of Eli Bilbrey who is the love interest of Patty Hoyle, a recurring character in the series.

How Old Is Dyllan Christopher Now?

Well, Dyllan Christopher was born Dyllan Christopher Fernandez on December 12, 1991, in Los Angeles, California, United States. Based on his birthdate, the dashing actor, Christopher is currently in his early 30s in terms of age.

Dyllan Christopher with his mother.
Dyllan Christopher with his mother. source: Instagram @mr25Days

Did you know? the Armageddon actor, Dyllan's age was only two when he started his acting profession. Yes, Christopher was an acting enthusiast since birth and his mysterious parents supported him in his artistic endeavor. His mother is in the acting industry too.

To hone his acting skills, Dyllan attended classes at the illustrious private school Flintridge Prep and studied films, and developed a love for storytelling. He was in the top 20 while graduating from the school. 

Dyllan Christopher's Movies And TV Shows

Following his education, Dyllan moved here and there for landing a role on the screen. His first acting debut was at the age of two as mentioned earlier. Dyllan appeared in Lemon Clorox commercial.

Furthermore, the former American actor, Christopher got the role of recurring role on prime-time television as the son of Murphy Brown played by Christopher Rich.  

To date, Dyllan has 34 credits as an actor on his IMDb profile. His last project in the showbiz industry was Glee in 2013. Following that, Christopher has been inactive in the acting world.

Here are some of the popular Dyllan Christopher Movies and TV Shows are:

Unaccompanied Minors2006Spencer Davenport
Bones2008Eli Bilbrey (guest star)
Miami Medical2010Unknown (guest star)

What Does Dyllan Christopher Do Now?

After not seeing the Armageddon actor on the screen for a long time, many people wanted to know his current profession. What does Dyllan Christopher do now? This question has been on people's minds for a long time now.

Dyllan Christopher now works as a communication specialist.
Dyllan Christopher now works as a communication specialist. Source: Instagram @mr25days

Turns out, the former actor Dyllan is now a communication specialist. Guess where he works? Christopher is a communication specialist for his mater – Flintridge Preparatory School since January 2018.

Besides this, Dyllan makes 3D prints of game characters and paints them. The Bones actor is quite happy with what he does now.

Dyllan Christopher Net Worth: Earnings, Income Source & Real State

Looking at Dyllan Christopher's professional life and lifestyle, the former American actor has at least $500 thousand as net worth which is similar to Swedish model Clara Felicia. He was in the showbiz industry for almost two decades.

Dyllan Christopher looks dapper in a suit.
Dyllan Christopher looks dapper in a suit. Source: Instagram @mr25days

In this period, Dyllan was a part of several hit movies. Now, he is a communication specialist and earns an average of $62,452 as a salary. Similarly, he seems to be in a possession of 3D printer which ranges from $200 to $1000. 

Moreover, Christopher also makes substantial income from his 3D prints and paints, as well as by selling the shirts that he sews himself. As for real estate and properties, the former actor is yet to talk about it.

Did You Know Dyllan Christopher Is Something Of A Chef Himself?

Yes, the Armageddon actor has a lot of interesting hobbies. Among them, one is cooking. He is somewhat of a chef himself and is a foodie. 

Dyllan Christopher keeps sharing amazing foods which he made himself. From crispy chocolate cookies to delicious cakes, he has made it all. One can see his delicious dish on his Instagram account.

Unaccompanied Minors Actor Is Fond Of Cat

There is one cat that Dyllan Christopher loves featuring on Instagram. It is a white cat named Lola which Christopher uses as a cat shawl.

Dyllan Christopher wearing his cat Lola as a shawl.
Dyllan Christopher wearing his cat Lola as a shawl. Source: Instagram @mr25days

Yes, the Unaccompanied Minors actor has posted a collage picture of him using Lola as a cat shawl over the year. In a post of June 2023, Christopher mentioned that the cat is 14 years old and has a high temper. But, it still plays with him.



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