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Mon Feb 13 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Edward Dejesus Benzino

Wife : Mary A. Scott
Edward Dejesus Benzino took the wedding vows with Mary A. Scott.

Most people gain fame and fortune through various achievements. However, some people earn the same fame and fortune when they are related to such personalities. And same goes for Edward Dejesus Benzino.

Edward, better known as Benzino's father and Coi Leray's grandfather, was an average man from Boston, Massachusetts, till his son made it in the hip-hop industry. The man became even more recognized when his granddaughter Coi Leray became famous after having beef with her father, Benzino.

What Is The Net Worth of Edward & His Son Benzino? 

Edward Dejesus Benzino is an average old guy who didn't have any fame till Benzino made it in the hip-hop industry. Moreover, the profession and income of Edward are not revealed, making his net worth also hidden. However, his son, Benzino, is a renowned record producer and a television personality.

The hip-hop star Benzino
A black & white picture of Edward Dejesus Benzino's son Benzino. Source: officialbenzino

Though Benzino had a prominent name in the industry, it is revealed that the star went broke after selling The Source magazine and had a hard time financially. And now the net worth of the hip-hop star Benzino is estimated to be around $400 thousand.

Benzino's Father Is On Twitter 

The cool pops Edward is available on Twitter. Though he is not much active, he keeps tweeting various stuff. But he has never posted pictures either of his or his family.

On Twitter, he is available under the username @scnopps617. He joined Twitter on July 2014. Since his account is personal, he has just about 20 followers. And it seems he hasn't been using his social media since late 2020.

Benzino Father Edward Was A Criminal:

On Benzino's official site, he has referred to Edward as a "person of interest of authorities," Another source also stated that Edward was incarcerated. That certainly means that Edward was involved in some crime. However, there is no information about what type of crime he committed.

On the other hand, Scott’s father, Edward DeJesus, was seen as a person of interest by authorities in the city of Boston for activities that potentially compromised authoritarian law and regulation.


Did You Know That Edward Is A Widower?

Edward Dejesus Benzino was happily married to Mary A. Scott. However, his lovely wife, Mary, has left him behind and died. Throughout his marriage, he shares three children with Mary. He has two daughters named Maureen Scott and Anita Scott Wilson, Maureen, and a son, Benzino. 

A picture of Benzino with his mother
A rare picture of Benzino with his mother, Mary A. Scott. Source: dailymail

However, the date of Edward and Mary's marriage is unknown. And the condition of their relationship when Mary was still alive is also not revealed. Hopefully, the couple was in a lovely relationship.

His Son Benzino Is A Platinum Artist

Raymond E. Scott, better known as Benzino, was born to Edward DeJesus Benzino and Mary Scott on July 18, 1965, in Dorchester, Massachusetts. He is the father of Coi Leray, Taj Collins, and Zino, and he also revealed that musical artist Chavo is his boy.

Love And Hip-Hop Atlanta star Benzino. Source: officialbenzino

Benzino is famous for his appearance in the Vh1 reality series Love&Hip-Hop: Atlanta. He is also known for The Next: 15, a TV One original series. According to his official website, he is an artist and producer with five platinum sales.

Granddaughter Coi Leray Is Popping Off As A Hip Hop Artist

Coi has been a prominent figure in the pop industry since long before she became famous for her beef with her father, Benzino. She has been known in the industry for her catchy hooks and sharp flow through slick delivery. 

Coi Leray on her Instagram
Edward Dejesus Benzino's granddaughter Slick Coi Leray on her Instagram. Source: Instagram@coi_leray

Moreover, Coi is also said to have contributed a massive part to the meteoric rise of women's hip-hop. Her songs have been a massive hit on TikTok and have been on car stereos. 

Moreover, she has recently released her album TRENDSETTER, which has a featured single, Blick Blick, with Nicki Minaj. And if you can collaborate with Nicki, you've made it far in the industry.

Beef Between Granddaughter Coi Leray & Son Benzino

Earlier this year, a beef was going on between Benzino and his daughter Coi Leray. They were going back and forth online, coming for each other's throats. Coi revealed that after she told her that her family was broke. 

Coi Leray and Benzino before their fight
Benzino and Coi Leray before their beef. Source: thejasminebrand

After Benzino sold The Source, he threatened her and her mother in text messages.

“My dad is texting my mom threatening her and me because I said he went broke on the breakfast club on the day of my album release. I hate to bring this shit to social media but my father need help. Sorry if I offended you on breakfast club but don’t treatment me or my mom because you hate to admit that we went broke after the source.”

-Coi Leray on twitter

For this, Benzino received massive criticism online, for which he responded that nothing was going on and that he loved his daughter. However, Coi told the otherwise and threatened Benzino that he would post the screenshots of what he said to her.

Coi Leray's tweet
Coi Leray on Twitter exposing Benzino. Source: Twitter@coi_leray

Benzino Quits Instagram

The fans of Benzino are shocked after realizing that Benzino has quit his Instagram. It appears that he deleted his Instagram, under the username @iambenzino, after Coi wanted him to stay away from social media and heal mentally.

On one episode of The Cruz Show, Coi revealed that she had reported Benzino's account to Instagram for his mental health. She said;

"I try to report him! Cause he needs to know the 'off' button. He does not know the 'off' button."

Benzino tweeted after a while
Benzino's recent picture. Source: Twitter

However, the hip-hop star Benzino is still on Twitter with the same username as @IAMBENZINO, and his most recent post was on November 13.

Where Is Edward Dejesus Benzino In 2022?

Though we don't know Edward's exact age, it's apparent that he is an old guy with a retirement age. Also, he hasn't been updating his social media, so his where about are entirely unknown. 

Hopefully, the old man's health is not deteriorating seriously, and he is doing fine.

Edward Prefers Not To Share His Story To The World: 

Unfortunately, there is not enough information about Edward's early life and education. Moreover, the information about his education also remains under the covers.

Since Edward is not acting as a media personality, he has never gotten his chance to reveal his story. And Benzino also has never talked openly about his parents and grandparents, so the identity of the parents of Edward Dejesus Benzino is also not revealed.


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