Efraim Diveroli

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Former Arms Dealer - Author - CEO of AEY Inc. (1985)
Wed Dec 14 2022
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Have you ever watched the movie "War Dogs," a true-based story? Efraim Diveroli is the real hero of the film "War Dogs." It is a movie that is based on his real-life story. 

Further, Efraim also remarks as a former international arms dealer. He is also an author of "Once a Gun Runner" and the founder of popular arms company AEY Inc. So want to learn more about his married life, dating, net worth, family? Then keep learning the article till the end.

Is Efraim Diveroli Still Single?

Yes, it's true that international arms dealer Efraim Diveroli is still single, as of 2021. There seem no rumors about his past life or of any split. Thus his relationship status is a mystery to all.

Efraim Diveroli with his lovely sibling sister.
  Image: Happy faces of former Arms Dealer and his princess sister. 
Source: Facebook@efraimdiveroliofficial

Reserved guy Efraim seems to love to spend most of the time with his family. He keeps visiting them during any special occasion on his Instagram account. Furthermore, till now, there are no rumors about his marriage or dates. 

The Real War Dogs; Efraim Diveroli and David Packouz 

International Arms Dealer Efraim and his friend David Packouz were jailed for supplying manufactured rifles in China to the Afghan National Army and police. As of 2021, Efraim begets concluded his four ages of prison life. Diveroli still runs his own old weapons company, which is forbidden till 2025. Diveroli's partner David has now become a successful musician after consuming seven months during jail.

After Diveroli was out of prison, "War Dogs" was produced based on his life story. The filmmakers had made some parts of the movie without asking him. He declared copyright against the filmmakers of "War Dogs." At the same time, Efraim claimed that filmmakers should cut the profits since the film is based on his life.

Efraim Dilveroli's Net Worth in 2021

The Real War Dogs Efraim Diveroli's estimated net worth in 2021 is about $2 million. A huge part of this capital has grown of his weapons trading company AEY Inc. As a contract, "The Pentagon Headquarters, U.S." has granted his business $300 million

Efraim Dilveroli with his family riding citi bikes.
Efraim Dilveroli celebrating Mother's Day with his siblings and mother by riding Citi bikes.     
 Image source: Instagram@efraim_diveroli

Furthermore, the Creator of "Once a Gun Runner," Diveroli, has the background of the richest family. Diveroli's grandpa, Yoav Botach, has a net worth of up to $700 Million as the owner of the wealthiest estate in Los Angles. In extension, as his parents are "Traditional Orthodox Jewish," the assumed net worth is $185,000

Efraim DiIveroli's Early Life/ Career 

On December 20, 1985, Efraim DiIveroli was born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida, by parents Ateret Diveroli and Michael Diveroli. He is the grandchild of YoavBotach, one of the most flourishing estate owners in Los Angles. The Diveroli family was a "Traditional Orthodox Jewish."

Dilveroli noting down autographs on his book "Once a Gun Runner" at the Miami Dade book fair.
Caption: Efraim Dilveroli giving autographs on his book "Once a Gun Runner" at the Miami Dade book fair. 
Source: Instagram@efraim_diveroli 

At the age of 9, Efraim left high school because he felt education would not help him achieve his goal as a gun lover. When he was 16, he bought his father’s company “AEY Inc.” Even Efraim was in his teenage years, his company grew faster. The deal made him international recognition as “The Top Dealer” in the world of arms. 

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