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Actor, Singer and Visual Artist (1980)
Sun Jan 29 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Ektor Rivera

Wife : Yara Lasanta
Ektor Rivera exchange the wedding vows with Yara Lasanta in 2013.

Ektor Rivera is a Puerto Rican actor who came into the limelight after becoming one of the main vocalists on live shows such as USA TV and Q'Viva.

He was born on February 11, 1980, in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. Rivera's zoadic sign is Aquarius, and he has Puerto Rican citizenship. His full name is Héctor Ramón Rivera Alicea.

Besides, actor Rivera is also a singer and visual artist and is recognized for his film, Sugar Plum Twist.

Educational Qualifications

Talking about Rivera's education, he graduated high school in Bayamon. However, the school's name is still unknown. 

After completing high school, he went to the School of Plastic Arts and Design of Puerto Rico for further studies.

Moreover, Rivera graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Image and Digital Design. On top of that, he is also a graduate of an Intensive English Program at UCLA.

Who Are The Parents of Rivera?

The Last Tour actor Rivera has gorgeous and wonderful parents who are residing in Puerto Rico. His mother, Iris Alicea was a Genealogist.

Picture of Ektor Rivera's father Hector Rivera Sr and his daughter Bria Yaré
Picture of Ektor Rivera's father Hector Rivera Sr and his daughter Bria Yaré (Image Source: Instagram @ektorrivera )

Rivera's father is Héctor Rivera Sr; who was Adjunct Professor at Palm Beach State College. Unfortunately, he died on April 9, 2019, at the age of eighty-five.

Married To Yara Lasanta

Ektor Rivera married Yara Lasanta who is a Puerto Rican Meteorologist and Beauty Pageant titleholder. They exchanged their vows in the presence of their family members and close friends in Barranquitas, Puerto Rico.

Picture of Ektor Rivera and Yara Lasanta during their wedding ceremony
Picture of Ektor Rivera and Yara Lasanta during their wedding ceremony (Image Source: @yaralasanta)

The gorgeous couple Rivera and Lasanta started dating in 2010. After three years of dating, they decided to get married on December 8, 2013

In addition, we can see the amazing couple's happiness and togetherness via social media. On their 8th anniversary, Rivera shared a kissing picture of them where he was expressing love towards her.

Blessed With One Child

The lovely couple Rivera and Lasanta aren't only living married life but also they are having a wonderful life as parents. They welcomed their first child Bria Yaré on December 1, 2020. They shared this news through their Instagram.

Additionally, Rivera shared pictures of their child with the caption:

"My girl was born! And it was like seeing the face of God himself. 🙏💕 To you friends, who, with your daily blessings, thank you! Bría was born on the first of December 2020. "

Picture of Ektor Rivera, Yara Lasanta and their child Bria Yaré
Picture of Ektor Rivera, Yara Lasanta and their child Bria Yaré (Image Source: Instagram @ektorrivera )

We can see the romantic couple's love and affection toward their child Yare via social media. After Yare's birth, they have been sharing many pictures of her, especially Lasanta.

What Makes Rivera Happy?

Rivera loves his family and enjoys spending time with them. Besides his family, he loves traveling, painting and playing guitar, which satisfies him. These are the activities Rivera appreciates which make him happy.

In addition, we can say that the activities mentioned earlier are Rivera's hobbies and are often seen doing that by him. You can confirm by seeing his social media posts.

Is Ektor Rivera A Millionaire?

If you have a query about Ektor Rivera's net worth, then let us inform you that Rivera has a net worth of $2 million just like Cristian Marcus Miniz, making him a millionaire. He earns through his acting and singing profession.

Screenshot of Ektor Rivera and his car
Screenshot of Ektor Rivera and his car. Image Source: Instagram @ektorrivera

Besides that, Rivera's other sources of income are dancing and selling paintings. Because of that, he has amassed some extra amount of money in his net worth.

In addition, Rivera owns a beautiful lovely car whose model is still unknown. We came to know from his Instagram reels that he often travels in his black car.

Rivera Is Also A Good Artist

Ektor Rivera is the kind of person who loves painting and has even considered himself an artist (painter). He has painted on various topics which we can see via Instagram and Twitter.

Rivera has once even stated that he found it easy to express himself through arts, so he turns his words into images. Because of his excellency in arts, he has been interviewed by @jomarjos and @elnuevodia.

Owns Golden Retriever

Rivera is a very kind and affectionate person, especially when it comes to an animal. He has a Golden Retriever of a Scottish breed. Marley who is his pet often makes an appearance on Rivera's Instagram handle.

Picture of Ektor Rivera, his sister and his pet Marley
Picture of Ektor Rivera, his sister and his pet Marley (Image Source: Instagram @ektorrivera)

We can see many pictures of Rivera and Marley via Instagram, where they seem to enjoy each other company.

Social Media 

Ektor Rivera is very active on social media sites and is often seen sharing his pictures. He doesn't only share his photographs, but also we can see his family's pictures.

Rivera has an Instagram account with more than 53.5 K followers whose username goes @ektorrivera, whereas his Twitter account is @EktorRivera, with more than 12.5 K followers. He joined Twitter in October 2009.

Besides this, Rivera also has a Facebook account with the username of Ektor Rivera. On Facebook, he has more than 13.6K followers.

Rivera Helped TV Program To Get Emmy Award

Rivera, a visual artist just like Jean Paul Egred used to host a TV program called Scientific Adventure for the SITV channel. The program was about the environment. He, alongside news anchor Marjorie Ramírez used to host that program.

Because of their excellent presentation, in 2015, the TV program received an Emmy Award as the best environmental program. Not only this Environmental Protection Agency gave the program the ''Environmental Excellency Award.''

Stands At A Good Height

Sugar Plum Twist actor Ektor Rivera is a good-looking guy and is often seen doing exercises. He stands at a good height of 182 cm (6 feet).

Picture of Ektor Rivera wearing red tshirt
Picture of Ektor Rivera (Image Source: Instagram @ektorrivera)

Rivera's weight is 80 kg which is a decent weight for his height. Likewise, he has wonderful black eyes which suit his black hair. 

Albums and Movies of Rivera

Rivera is famous for his acting and singing career among the audience. In his successful journey, he has appeared in many movies and has an album that has its own taste among the Puerto Rico audience.

Un Paso del Amor (One Step of Love) is the debut album of Rivera which was released on August 23, 2005. This album contains ten songs out of which three of them are I'm going to love youIn the meantime and Is love.

Talking about Rivera's movies, he has appeared in many popular films like Sugar Plam Twist, The Last Tour, and The Shallows. The albums and movies made him come into the limelight.

Raised Voice For The Freedom

Ektor Rivera isn't only an actor and singer but also a patriotic person who once raised his voice against humiliation and stepped forward for equality and sovereignty.

Rivera blamed the USA for discrimination and asked for help and freedom. He even expressed that the fear of raising voices against the president's humiliation isn't worthy and good for the citizens and their spirits. He even blamed the USA for discrimination and asked for help and freedom. 


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