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Acting (1962)
Thu Feb 24 2022
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Spanish actress, Elena Seijo is known for her naturalistic acting. She is noted for her acts in the television series Feria: The Darkest Light, The Mess You Leave Behind, The Barrier, Luci, Caseiros, and more. She is also seen in the movies A esmorga, Elisa & Marcela, and A metade da Vida.

Seijo was born on 22 June 1962. She hails from Ourense, Galicia. Her full name is Elena Seijo Lores. She has dark eyes and black hair. 

How Did Seijo Begin Her Career?

Seijo had a keen interest since her early hood. At the age of 14, she became a member of a drama club which she started with her friends. They named it Free Youth Dramatic Gathering Sara Vela.

Elena Seijo in a blue designer dress.
Photo of Elena Seijo (Source: Instagram@elena_seijo_lores)

Later, she started acting in Galician theatre. In the year 1996, she acted in the TV series Pratos combinados. She worked in that series till 2002. Her acting career was followed by Los Serrano (2005), A Vida por diante (2007), and more.

Net Worth of Elena Seijo

Elena has earned a decent sum of money from her acting career. She has a net worth of $2 million. She has got a beautiful house, a vehicle, and other luxuries.

Seijo is currently living a lavish life in the United States.

Is Seijo Married?

Seijo was probably married before but she has never pointed out who her husband is. These days, she frequently shares pictures with a man who she might be dating.

Elena Seijo in a black jacket posing with her boyfriend in a grey wind coat.
Photo of Elena Seijo with her boyfriend (Source: Instagram@elena_seijo_lores)

The man seems to be in his fifties and the couple appears to be very much in love. The lovers also went to meet Seijo's daughter in Berlin.

Seijo's Hobbies

Seijo adores her work a lot. She is mostly seen on her film sets and with her co-actors. Nonetheless, whenever she finds spare time, she travels to new places, meets her friends, plays with her pet, and even goes to the beach.

Her Instagram posts clearly show that she has multiple hobbies. Seijo also practices meditation. 

Seijo's Daughter

Seijo has a daughter who graduated in 2019. However, Seijo has not provided her daughter's name yet to the public. But, she is proud of her daughter and shares lots of snaps through her Instagram account.

Elena Seijo in a grey winter coat and black pants with her daughter in red dress and cap. Elena's boyfriend in a grey winter cap, black jacket and blue jeans.
Photo of Elena Seijo with her daughter and boyfriend (Source: Instagram@elena_seijo_lores)

Lately, she shared about her daughter's profession and how she went to Berlin to meet her child. Seijo's daughter teaches in an institute in Berlin.

Where Did Seijo Study?

Seijo was immensely interested in acting. She performed in theatres too. However, she went to study Pedagogy in 1994. Before that, she was studying theatre and acting at the University of Vigo in 1993.

Nevertheless, Seijo is a well-educated actress and was always eager to learn new things since her school time.

Does Elena Have a Pet?

Yes, Seijo has a pet dog. Its name is Galicia. Galicia is a Maltese breed. It is a cute white fur dog. Elena often shares her pet's photos.

Elena Seijo in a blue t-shirt and pants lying on a sofa with her pet looking at the lens.
Photo of Elena Seijo with her pet (Source: Instagram@elena_seijo_lores)

Seijo's love and care for her pet have always motivated her fans to respect animal rights and not harm them.

Seijo on IMDb

Elena has earned twenty-three credits on her IMDb profile. She has acted in sixteen television series and three movies.

However, Seijo is yet to add awards to her IMDb profile.

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