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Mon Mar 20 2023
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Elijah Alexander Knox is the celebrity son of Flex Alexander and Shanice. His father, Flex is an actor who is known for movies like Snakes on a Plane, and Lawd Have Mercy while his mother, Shanice is a grammy nominated singer known for songs like When I Close My Eyes, and I Love Your Smile. 

Both Elijah's parents Flex and Shanice have also worked together in the show One on One. Elijah's father was one of the main cast of the show whereas his mother had a special appearance in one episode. 

Elijah is the youngest child of his parents as he has a sister named Imani Shekinah Knox. Flex and Shanice's estimated net worths are $5 Million and $250,000 respectively.

Relationship Status: Flex's Son Is Single

Elijah Alexander Knox has no girl in his life as his current relationship status is single. It hasn't been long since he turned eighteen so getting into a relationship is the least of his worry. 

Elijah Alexander Knox is wearing the purple graduation hat.
Elijah Alexander Knox's graduation photo (Source: Shanice Instagram @shaniceonline)

For now, Flex's son, Elijah is fully focused on his family, friends, and more importantly his life. He lives a quiet life and hasn't revealed much about himself. His parents seldom post about him on their social media as well so it's hard to learn about his life.

Net Worth Of Elijah's Parents, Flex And Shanice

Elijah Alexander Knox is still young to be working right now. So, we will be focusing on his parent's wealth instead. His father, Flex Alexander has an estimated net worth of $5 Million. His mother, Shanice has an estimated net worth of $250,000 respectively.

Flex's primary source of income is acting and his film Snakes on a Plane made $34 Million at the box office. And for his popular show, One on One, his salary was $25,000 per week. 

Elijah's mother, Shanice makes money through singing. Her most streamed song on Spotify is I Love Your Smile which has over 68 Million streams. And her most viewed music video on YouTube is When I Close My Eyes which has over 1.7 Million views.

About Elijah's Parents Lovelife

Elijah's father, Flex Alexander, and mother, Shanice is in a happy married relationship for a long time. The two walked down the aisle on February 19, 2000. The fact that they stayed together even after they lost all their money just proves that their love is pure.

Both Flex Alexander and Shanice are wearing all white in the picture.
Elijah Alexander Knox's parents, Flex Alexander and Shanice (Source: Flex Alexander Instagram @flexaforeal)

The story of how Flex and Shanice met is pretty sweet. The two lived in the same building in San Fernando Valley and one day, they crossed paths when they both had to use an elevator. 

Even though that was Flex and Shanice's first encounter they were aware of each other being a celebrity. That's how they started talking and soon love blossomed between the two.

The Financial Struggle Of Elijah's Parents

Elijah's parents would have been much richer if the real estate market hadn't crashed during the 2010s. Flex and Shanice almost went bankrupt because of this. 

Page Six has reported that Flex and Shanice had bought a lot of properties as a long-term investment but the market crash made them poor. The article also says that the entire family was even forced to leave their LA Home. 

Elijah's parents have been each other's backbone in their marriage. They have dealt with all the highs and lows together. Of course, having no choice but to leave their home due to lack of finances was the worst time of their life. 

However, Flex and Shanice never stopped caring about each other. Flex once even borrowed $350 from his friend to celebrate his marriage anniversary with Shanice.

Has An Older Sister 

The birth of Elijah Alexander Knox wasn't the first time One on One actor, Flex and his wife, Shanice had become parents. They had a daughter before him and her name is Imani Shekinah Knox.

Elijah's sister Imani is around three years older than him. She was born on August 23, 2001. She has followed in the footsteps of her mother as she is also a singer and a songwriter.

Elijah Alexander Knox, Flex Alexander, Shanice, and Imani Shekinah Knox are posing for the picture in all white.
Elijah Alexander Knox with his family, Flex Alexander, Shanice, and Imani Shekinah Knox (Source: Shanice Instagram @shaniceonline)

Imani isn't popular like Shanice but it has mostly to do with the fact that it hasn't been long since she started. She only has one song on her Spotify at the time of this writing called At Your Best (You Are Love)

Besides that, Imani is only on TikTok doing a lot of cover songs for fun. Her mother also loves to promote her work through Instagram.

Elijah Is Trying To Make A Career In Music

Elijah Alexander Knox also wants to make a career in music like his sister, Imani. Mother Shanice had a huge influence on these two's life as she is a professional singer. He goes by the name of Lenci4thenight.

Elijah has also only started in the music industry like his older sister, Imani. So far, he has released a song called Luv vs Lust. He has also produced a song called Looking For The Light

Currently, Elijah is already working on his first album called Nycto Boy. He is an artist to look out for.

About Elijah's Grandparents

Elijah's grandparents from his mother Shanice's side are Carl Black and Crystal Wilson. His grandparents from his father Flex's side are Alethia Knox and Robert Whitehead

Alethia Knox's looks a bit blurry in this old picture.
Elijah Alexander Knox's grandmother, Alethia Knox (Source: Flex Alexander Instagram @flexaforeal)

Elijah's father Flex didn't have an easy life growing up. He hasn't revealed much about his father but his mother, Alethia was a huge influence on his life. She used to do 3-4 jobs to take care of Flex and he is thankful for that.

Elijah's other grandfather, Carl always kept a lowkey life and didn't reveal much about himself. His grandma, Crystal has a bit of a media appearance in the tv series Unsung where she appeared for two episodes.

Flex Was Previously Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Elijah's father, Flex many years back found himself in trouble after a case of sexual harassment popped up. The unidentified woman alleged that her contract was canceled by Snakes on a Plane actor when she refused to have sexual contact with him.

The charges filed against The Hills Have Eyes 2 actor, Flex was for the amount of $2.2 Million. Sitscomsonline reports that he made inappropriate comments about the accuser's boyfriend and also attempted to kiss the woman. We are trying to find out what happened with the case.

Elijah's Father Infamous Michael Jackson Role

Flex Alexander has been acting for a living for many years now. His work has been liked by many, but there is one thing that has hunted him to this day. It is his infamous Michael Jackson role.

Elijah's father played the role of the king of pop in the biopic titled Man In The Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story. The problem people took with the casting was that he looked nowhere close to Rebbie Jackson's brother, Michael Jackson. It was a disaster and he gets trolled for it to this day.


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