Elisa Beristain and Pepe Garza's Married Life

Tue Aug 03 2021
By   Manish

Mexican-born American reality TV personality, Elisa Beristain is notable for her appearance in popular TV shows, Rich Famous Latina and Rich the Night. She has now become a social media influencer, who creates fashion, beauty and lifestyle contents.

Beristain has 436,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel under her official name. More to that, she is running a blogspot, BeriStyle, which specializes her daily life events. Let's take a glimpse of Beristain's personal life below.

What is Happening in Elisa's Married Life with Pepe Garza?

49 years old, Elisa Beristain is living in a blissful matrimonial relationship with an American businessperson, Pepe Garza, who is six years older than her. Despite the age gap between them, they are happily sharing their company with one another.

Elisa Beristain shared an old memory of her and her husband, Pepe Garza at the dinning table. Know all you need to know about Elisa and Pepe's wedding!
Elisa Beristain and her husband, Pepe Garza in their 20s
Source: Instagram @elisaberistain

The couple is having a good time for more than two decades in their marital union. Apparently, they wished one another on their 23rd wedding anniversary in 2021. Currently, they lives in their sweet home in Los Angeles, California, which is Kawhi Leonard's hometown.

A Glance of Elisa & Pepe's Wedding

Native of Mexico City, Elisa and Pepe of Monterrey exchanged her wedding vows in 1998. Moreover, their nuptial was a in a quiet and private ceremony, where they invited their close friends, relatives and family members.

Elisa Beristain's beloved husband, Pepe Garza kissing on her cheek at their wedding day. Do the couple share any children up until now?
Elisa Beristain and her husband, Pepe Garza completed 23 years of marriage
Source: Instagram @elisaberistain

At the time of wedding, the two were looking perfect together. The bride, Elisa wore a white Mermaid corset bodice gown. On the other hand, her groom, Garza donned in a three piece black suit with under white shirt.

Elisa Beristain walked down the aisle with her husband, Pepe Garza on their wedding day. What does Elisa's husband do for a living?
Elisa Beristain and Pepe Garza walking down the aisle in 1998
Source: Instagram @elisaberistain

The newly weds immigrated to the United States from the Gulf of Mexico border for a better living. After crossing the international border of US-Mexico, they settled down in Los Angeles, California.  Since then, they are living happily with holding one another's hand in the good and bad times just like famous couple, Fonzworth Bentley and Faune Chambers Watkins.

Elisa Beristain and her husband, Pepe Garza had a great bond with their late goddaughter, Jenni Rivera, who passed at the age of 52. Does Elisa share any children with her husband, Pepe?
Elisa Beristain and Pepe Garza's goddaughter, Jenni Rivera died at the age of 52
Source: Instagram @elisaberistain

What's more to that? Elisa and Pepe's beloved friend and goddaughter, Jenni Rivera passed away at the age of 52 on 9th December 2012. After her untimely death, they attended a memorial service and gave heartfelt condolence to Jenni's husband and her family. 

Shares Two Beautiful Children

Los Angeles, California-based YouTuber, Elisa and Estrella Media, Inc.'s radio programming director, Pepe welcomed two children so far. Their first daughter is Ivanna Garza Beristain and their younger daughter's good name is Isabella Garza Beristain.

Pepe Garza's wife, Elisa Beristain lost their third daughter, Victoria Garza Beristain one month later after miscarriage. How old is Elisa up until now? Know her age!
Elisa Beristain had a miscarriage that resulted in the premature death of Victoria Garza Beristain
Source: Instagram @elisaberistain 

Do you know? Elisa gone through a miscarriage of her third child, whom she named Victoria Garza Beristain. Unfortunately, her newly born daughter died due to lung problems caused by premature birth.

Elisa Beristain loves traveling with her husband, Pepe Garza and their two daughters, Isabella and Ivanna Garza Beristain. How is Elisa and Pepe's married life going?
Elisa Beristain and her husband, Pepe Garza going on a trip with their two beautiful children, Ivanna and Isabella Garza Beristain
Source: Instagram @elisaberistain

The family of Garza Beristain often travels new places during their off season. Otherwise they are seen spending a qualitative family time when they are not going outside. Fortunately, Elisa and her spouse, Pepe are raising their kids into right direction. 

Both Are Avid Animal Lovers

Rich Famous Latina star, Elisa and her fellow cast member, Pepe has a great affection towards pet animals. Likewise, they have two pet dogs, including an English Bulldog and a German Shephard.

Elisa often shares a couple of pictures whenever she is playing with her pet dogs, including Quesadilla. She also goes morning and evening walk with her pets every day.




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