Ella Vardy- Jamie Vardy Daughter's Personal Life

Mon Mar 15 2021
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Being the child of a celebrity is one of the easiest routes to become one, and the case is precisely the same with Ella Vardy. She is the daughter of renowned English soccer star Jamie Vardy, who is considered a legend in Leicester City. The level of Ella's prominence grew immensely when the 34-year-old signed for the Foxes in May 2012 and later led the side to win a historic Premier League title in 2016.

Ella Vardy must be loving life around fame which explains why she has many followers on her Instagram handle. As the lovely daughter of Jamie with Emma Daggett, the celebrity daughter enjoys a luxurious life around all sorts of modern amenities. 

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Jamie Vardy is a fan-favorite figure around the town of Leicester, scoring a total of 135 goals in 296 appearances for the Foxes. Stay right here to know all about the net worth, personal life, and biography of Ella Vardy.

Ella Vardy: Parents Got Divorced

Jamie Vardy poses for a picture with his current wife and their daughters including Ella Vardy.

Ella Vardy is the daughter of Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy.
Photo Source: Made For Mums

While Ella Vardy might be living a resounding life right now in terms of wealth, the 10-year-old didn't have everything on her way. Not many know this, but Ella is actually a daughter of Jamie with his ex-wife, Emma Daggett. Surprisingly, the pair never opened up on their romantic affair to the mainstream media, which explains why people aren't aware of it.

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Ella Vardy did face a difficult and unfortunate situation to see her parents split up with a divorce agreement. The 34-year-old footballer later moved on quite well and started dating Rebekah Nicholson in 2014. They tied the knot on May 25, 2016, in Cheshire.

Ella Vardy 's father won the Premier League in 2016.

Ella Vardy's father, Jamie Vardy, amasses a net worth of $12 million.
Photo Source: AS English

Ella's mom, Emma Daggett, did shed light on the father-daughter relationship. As per the mother, Jamie never spent enough time with their child and rather focused on his other daughters, Sofia Vardy and Bella Vardy.

Ella Vardy's Six-Figured Net Worth

As the daughter of Jamie Vardy, Ella Vardy garners a whopping net worth of $100,000. Such a six-figure bank balance helps her to spend her life in peace and luxury, with the ability to spend and afford whatever she wants and wishes. 

Ella Vardy and his parents caught on the camera.

Ella Vardy's mother, Emma Daggett, got divorced from Jamie Vardy.
Photo Source: The Times

Ella Vardy is still a young girl of ten who goes to school for her academics. The daughter of the accomplished footballer is yet to start her own career, but only time will tell what she decides to pursue on. Courtesy of all the fame revolving around the Vardy family, there will be no doubt that Married Celeb will update you on; however, Ella opts to take her professional journey ahead.

Ella's major source of net worth is the funding from her dad, Jamie Vardy. Interestingly, the Leicester City talisman garners a staggering net worth of $12 million which s similar to Liz Wheeler.

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