Ennis Howard Plemons

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Tue Aug 15 2023
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Ennis Howard Plemons has famously gained the attention of people as a celebrity kid. He is the son of popular American actors Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst.

The relationship details of Ennis' and his parents are explored in this particular article. His mother Kirsten Dunst is popular among the general public for her acting work in Spider-Man

Is Ennis Howard Plemons Still Single Or Taken? The Truth Revealed!

Ennis Howard Plemons is still a preschooler and too young to be involved in all these romantic affairs. It is better to focus on the relationship details of his parents without further delay.

Ennis Howard Plemons's parents Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst.
Ennis Howard Plemons's parents Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst. (Source: Pinterest)

Ennis the first child of his parents Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst born on May 8, 2018. They are a newly wedded married pair who have shared only one year of their marital life. 

Plemons and Dunst first met on the set of Fargo in 2015 but didn't develop a romantic relationship at that time. They surprised the world when their engagement completion was shared in 2017.

The loving duo Plemon and Dunst didn't rush to complete their marriage taking their time. They eventually completed their wedding after four years of engagement in Jamaica in 2022. 

What About The Siblings Of Ennis?

The celebrity kid Ennis is not the only child of his parents Jesse and Kirsten. He has shared a sibling whose name is James Robert Plemons born in April 2021 and has an age gap of three years.

Ennis with his sibling James are enjoying their childhood and focusing on their studies right now. People are looking forward if they will pursue an acting career like their parents. 

Jesse and Kirsten have kept their kids private and haven't shared much regarding them. Their mother hasn't shared any pictures of them on the social media handles like Instagram. 

Digging into Ennis' Net Worth: How Much Wealth Does He Have?

Ennis Howard Plemons being a preschooler can't pursue a profession and have a net worth. He is enjoying a lavish life sharing the financial riches of his parents as of now. 

Kirsten Dunst has a net worth of $25 million.
Kirsten Dunst has a net worth of $25 million. (Source: Instagram @ kirstendunst)

Ennis' father Jesse Plemons has been able to make an astounding net worth of $8 million similar to Terria Joseph. He has accumulated this wealth through his successful acting career. 

In 2023, Jesse made an acting appearance in the television series Love & Death for seven episodes. He is surely adding more money through his upcoming acting work in AND and Zero Day

On the other hand, Ennis' mother Kirsten Dunst has made an admirable net worth of $25 million. Her acting work in Spider-Man including its sequels earned her $17 million as per ImDb.

Is Ennis Active On The Social Media? 

Ennis Howard Plemons is not active on the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. However, her parents are active on social media interacting and engaging with fans.

You can see Ennis' mother Kirsten Dunst has a large following on her social media handles. She is mostly active on the Instagram platform available under the username @ kirstendunst. 

A Brief On Howard Plemons' Father Jesse

Jesse Plemons is a popular American actor born Jesse Lon Plemons on April 2, 1988, in the United States. Likewise, he is the son of Lisa Beth Plemons and Jim Bob Plemons

Plemons started his acting career by appearing in the movie Finding North in 1998. He played in numerous films and TV Series but came into prominence appearing in Friday Night Lights.

After remarkable acting in Friday Night Lights, Jesse continued to deliver amazing acting work on several other projects. He played Todd in one of the successful TV Series of the era Breaking Bad

It is no surprise that Jesse is an Oscar-nominated actor with five award wins and forty-one nominations. Some of his other notable acting credits are Game Night, The Irishman, and Battleship

Has Jesse And Kirsten Never Shared Glimpse Of Ennis? 

No, Jesse and Kirsten have provided an occasional peek of Ennis to the media outlets. He accompanied his parents Kirsten and Jesse on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

The picture of Ennis Howard Plemons's first media appearance
The picture of Ennis Howard Plemons's first media appearance. (Source: CelebSuburb)

During Ennis's first appearance on the  Hollywood Walk of Fame, he was only 15 months year old. The celebrity kid was wearing a button-up shirt, cute tiny trousers,  and white sneakers.

Nonetheless, the lady Kirsten has always been conscious not to share any pictures of her son Ennis. She is possibly trying to avoid unnecessary chaos from the media outlets and the public.  

A Short Introduction To Ennis's Mother 

Kirsten Dunst is a well-known American actress born Kirsten Caroline Dunst on April 30, 1982. Her parents are Inez Dunst and Klaus Hermann Dunst including a brother Christian Dunst

Kirsten got her breakthrough by appearing in the television series Fargo playing Peggy Blumquist. Yet, her role as Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man and its sequels made her an international icon. 

Kirsten Dust enjoyed her time in Venice, Italy.
Kirsten Dust enjoyed her time in Venice, Italy. (Source: Instagram @ kirstendunst)

Dunst has been contributing to the entertainment industry through her acting work for over three decades. Her acting roles in Melancholia and Little Women are also included in the top-tier list.

Kirsten last appeared portraying the role of Rose Gordon in the movie The Power of the Dog. She is going to make an acting appearance in the upcoming project Civil War

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