Erika Nardini and Brett Nardini Married Life

Fri Nov 29 2019
By   Bibek

Barstool Sports is one of the most influential brands in digital media right now. This powerful brand is lead by a seasoned media executive, Erika Nardini. Since Nardini joined the digital magazine in 2016, Barstool has reached new heights every year. 

As much as you can find a flood of information about her professional life, it is highly unlikely to find details of her personal life. One thing to notice about her is the CEO is very good at managing her family time with her work time. In this article, however, we try to explore more about her married life, so' if you're curious, then read along.

Erika is Married for a Long Time Now

The forty-three-years-old Business executive is a married woman. She's been in a marital relationship for a long time now. As per online sources, she walked down the aisle with Brett Nardini in the 90s

Erika Nardini with her family
Image: Erika Nardini (in the middle at the top) with her family. 
Source: Dignity Memorial

There are, however, no precise records of their nuptials, but this information is based on somewhat the birth of their children. Back then, she was not the powerful CEO that she is today, maybe because of that, there is no coverage of her matrimony.

According to sources, the pair exchanged wedding vows in Midtown Loft in New York City. The duo still lives in New York with their children, and also the headquarters for the Barstool Sports is in New York. 

Balancing Her Life With Two Children

The lovebirds share two children from their marriage. In 1999, Erika gave birth to the pairs' first child, Josh Nardini. Additionally, a year later, the couple expanded their family from three to four.

The Nardini duo welcomed their second child, a son, Sam Nardini, in 2000. Scrolling through her Instagram, you can find some pictures of her lovely sons who are now in their late teens and entering into adulthood.

Erika Nardini with her two sons
Picture: Erika Nardini (in the middle) with her two sons. 
Source: Instagram @ekanardini

Nardini's Social media is filled with updates on her professional life. It's not that she is frequently working; she takes her time off from her busy schedule. Erika is often spotted exploring different places and also enjoying sports with her sons. 

Besides the four of them, the Nardini family also has two more members. The couple has two Bernese Mountain Dogs. She loves pets and enjoys spending time with them. All in all, the CEO shares quality time with her family, which also suggests that she has a set priority.

Her Barstool Journey

Before joining Barstool, she worked in the various financial companies as a media planner. Erika is very dedicated to her work and wouldn't take no for an answer. Her wanting to win attitude is what makes her one of the best CEOs out there as of now.

The position at Barstool Sports is the highest position she's taken in her career. In 2016, she bought into the vision of the Barstool and its' founder David Portnoy. Nardini was already a big fan of the digital sports magazine, and when the opportunity comes to lead the company, she wouldn't say No. 

Erika Nardini, CEO of Barstool Sports with the founder David Portnoy
Frame: Erika Nardini (right) with David Portnoy (left). 
Source: NY Post

As of now, the company is worth more than $100 million, according to Bloomberg. The employee count increased from 12 to 122 since her arrival. The fantastic growth financially and its' loyal fan base has made Barstool what it is at the moment. 


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