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Tue Apr 30 2024
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Relationship Timeline Of Eva Tamargo

Boyfriend : Don Franklin
Eva Tamargo is in a relationship with Don Franklin.

Eva Tamargo is a renowned American actress who got into the limelight after appearing in popular T.V. series like RebelPassions, The Haves and the Have Nots, and No Me Hallo.

She was born on December 24, 1960, in Bronx, New York, USA. Her star sign is Capricorn, and she holds the nationality of America. 

Let's Know About Tamargo's Parents 

Tamargo was born to Agustin Tamargo and Rosalba Nápoles. She is the only child of her parents. Her father, Agustin, is Cuban, whereas her mother, Rosalba, is an immigrant from Itay. They later moved to the USA. 

Regarding her lovely parents' profession, Agustin used to be a journalist, whereas there is nothing to tell about Rosalba as her identity hasn't been revealed yet. 

Eva Tamargo Is Dating Don Franklin

Currently, Falling Angel actress Tamargo is in a relationship with Don Franklin, an American actor known for Seaquest DSV. Unfortunately, the information about love birds' first meet and love journey is still in the dark. 

Picture of Eva Tamargo and her boyfriend Don Franklin
Picture of Eva Tamargo and her boyfriend Don Franklin (Image Source: Instagram @evalution1111)

Furthermore, it is rumored that the lovely couple has been dating for more than five years. We often see their happiness and love for each other on Tamargo's social media. 

Previously Married To Michael Lemus

Tamargo was in a married relationship with content creator Michael Lemus before she got into the relationship with Franklin. The former couple exchanged their vows in 1985 with a grand celebration. 

They were living a happy married life until they decided to get separated. Unfortunately, the ex-couple divorced each other after eighteen years of their marriage, i.e., in 2003

However, Franklin and Lemus were already blessed with two lovely children before they decided to get separated. Regarding their separation, the reasons are still unknown to the public. 

Mother To Two Children 

Tamargo has been taking care of her lovely children singly since 2003. After her unsuccessful married life with Lemus, her children Matthew and Gabriella have been living with her. 

Unfortunately, the birth date of her two lovely children is still behind the curtains. Tamargo's children Matthew and Gabriela are rarely seen onscreen. 

Picture of Eva Tamargo's daughter Gabriella
Picture of Eva Tamargo's daughter Gabriella  (Image Source: Instagram @evalution1111)

It seems she wants to keep her children away from the limelight. However, we can see the pictures of Tamargo and her lovely children via Instagram and Twitter posts.

Did You Know? At present, Tamargo's boyfriend Franklin is also taking care of her children. 

Tamargo's Daughter Is A Tatoo Lover 

Gabriella, the daughter of Tamargo, is indeed a tatoo lover. Her upper body is mainly covered with beautiful tattoos. She has covered her right arm with many tattoos, whereas her left arm has a butterfly tatoo representing hope and transformation. 

Furthermore, Gabriella also has a tattoo on her neck. She considers her neck tattoo the best, which is in snake shape, representing her evil side. 

We can see her unique tattoo on her mother Tamrgo's Instagram posts. 

How Rich Is Eva Tamargo?

The Talisman actress Tamargo has earned a massive fortune of $2 million through her successful career as an actress. She has also made a considerable amount by appearing in T.V. commercials and ads.

Picture of Eva Tamargo wearing blue jacket
Picture of Eva Tamargo (Image Source: Instagram @evalution1111)

Besides that, she was also able to add some wealth to her bank account by giving Hollywood many popular and superhit movies. She made most of her income in the 90s. 

Without a doubt, Tamargo lives a wealthy life owning many expensive items, and yes, she is a millionaire just like Craig Groeschel.

Some Interesting Facts About Tamargo

  • L.A. Series actress Tamargo can speak English and Spanish very fluently.
  • She took acting classes in New York under the guidance of Sam WaterstonWilliam Hickey, and Dorothy Dorff.
  • Tamargo enjoys volleyball, skiing, ice skating, and tennis and is also seen playing those sports on social media.
  • She has been in Hollywood for more than twenty-eight years. Her first onscreen appearance was in 1994.

Physical Outlooks & Measurements

Well, Eva Tamargo has an incredible body and a gorgeous face. Despite being seventy-crossed, she looks very young, which could be a result of make-up and a good diet. 

Picture of Eva Tamargo wearing jeans pant
Picture of Eva Tamargo (Image Source: Instagram @evalution1111)

She is 5 feet 4 inches (165 cm) tall, weighing around 54 kg (119 lbs). Furthermore, she has black hair with brown eyes and fair skin. Her body size is 43-32-19

Rumors About Tamargo 

According to some stories, The First actress Tamargo enjoys horseback riding. She used to ride on horseback during her childhood. 

However, we can not see her pictures riding on horseback on her Instagram and Twitter. 

Also, she has not revealed her hobbies which makes us more puzzled regarding her love for horseback. We will soon update you if anything is found about her hobbies. 

T.V. Series & Movies 

As mentioned above, Tamargo is a well-known 90s American actress. She has appeared in many movies and T.V. series throughout her successful acting career. We can still see her onscreen.

Tamargo has been featured in many popular T.V. series. Some of her notable T.V. series are RebelThe Talisman, Falling Angel, Passions, and Saints & Sinners. Interestingly, some of the T.V. series is still running. 

Not only in T.V. series but also we can see her in many T.V. movies such as L.A. SeriesAccidental Reality StarAny Given Sunday, You Can Call Me Eve, and The First

Awards & Nominations 

In 2016, Tamargo won her first award, the "LAIFF Award. " She achieved that prestigious award through her notable acting in American Bred

She was awarded for Best Ensemble Cast along with many celebrities such as Viktoria Pavelka, Emily Goss, and Nate Scholz. Till now, she has won ''LAIFF'' two times. 

Regarding Tamargo's nominations, she was nominated in 2002 and 2008 for the "ALMA Awards." She was nominated in the category of Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama. 

Featured In Daytime Passions 

If you are unaware of Daytime Passions, let us inform you that it is an American-based magazine that includes bold pictures of film stars. 

Picture of Daytime Passion magazine featuring Eva Tamargo
Picture of Daytime Passion magazine featuring Eva Tamargo (Image Source: Instagram @evalution1111)

Once, Eva Tamargo was also featured in this magazine, including her fascinating pictures and mini bio just like Justin Hartley. Matthew Mitchell took her photographs for Daytime Passions. 

In addition, she has also shared one of her pictures featured in this magazine via Instagram and Twitter posts.  

Tamargo's Other Works 

Besides appearing in TV series and movies, Tamargo has also appeared in famous plays like Don JuanRake of Seville, Kennedy's Children and Shadow Box

Moreover, she is also featured in USA Network's Sins of the City and Fortune Hunter for Fox TV.

Active On Social Media 

Despite being a 90s actress, Tamargo has a great fan following on social media. She has got a profile on Instagram and Twitter. Indeed people admire her beautiful posts. 

Her Twitter account is @laevatamargo, where she has amassed more than 18K followers, whereas her Instagram account has more than 29.3K followers, whose username goes @evalution1111

The fun fact is that Tamargo's Instagram and Twitter accounts are verified. 

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