Everything to Know About Milla Jovovich's Married Life

Fri May 05 2023
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Milla Jovovich has been married three times and is a mother to three! 

Milla Jovovich is best recognized for her headlining role in the action-horror film Resident Evil. Her impressive career includes credits in many sci-fi and action movies, including The Fifth Element, No Good Deed, and Ultraviolet. Jovovich once reigned as the highest-paid model in the world.  

Jovovich, 47, was trained to become an actress as a child. Although she has carved a career in modeling and designing, Milla has also dabbled in music. The actress's rapport with men in the industry is a tale old as her career. Jovovich has walked down the aisle with three men but shares her three kids with only one of them.  

Milla Jovovich's First Marriage!   

Milla Jovovich was a pretty bold and rebellious girl growing up, and the actress's first marriage proves it. We're not even sure if Milla's first nuptials counts or not as the Resident Evil actress did it to make a point to her mom.   

Milla Jovovich rose to fame with Residential Evil.
Milla Jovovich married her 'Dazed and Confused' co-star, Shawn Andrew.
 Photo Source: Instagram

The Ukrain-born actress was 16 when she starred in the cult comedy, Dazed and Confused in 1992. The film not only turned out to be her breakthrough as an actress but made her a wife at 16. 

The Fifth Element actress was filming with her co-star Shawn Andrews when the two decided to elope and exchange vows in Las Vegas. Jovovich later revealed that she wasn't in love per se, but just the idea of going against her mother and establishing her adult status seemed tempting. 

Jovovich's rebellious decision-making capability made the dumb idea of marrying that young seem compelling enough. The duo's haphazard marriage was reportedly annulled by Milla's mother, Galina Jovovich, after two months.   

Milla Jovovich's Relationship History! 

Despite being one of the most-sought actresses and models of her time, Jovovich managed to keep her love life away from the media's reach. Milla's fervent fans will reckon that the actress, at her peak, was quite the dater.  

After her frivolous marriage with Andrews was annulled, Jovovich jumped into her next romance. The screen beauty dated English bassist Stuart Zender, in London, where she relocated, for almost a year. 

Jovovich asserts she would very likely delve into the B-list category. If it had not been for French director Luc Besso, Milla would have been a B-list actress. Besson cast Milla in one of her career's vital roles, The Fifth Element, in 1996, and the two tied the knot in 1997.

Milla Jovovich has been married three times.
The actress's second marriage was with French director Luc Besson. Photo Source: Instagram

Jovovich believes that Besson's coming into her life transformed her career entirely. The pair's last venture before their eventual divorce in 1999 was the epic film, The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc.  

The Resident Evil actress briefly dated guitarist John Frusciante after getting enamored by his album Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt. 

Jovovich's last romantic rapport was with the late English poet Anno Birkin. The pair started as friends in 1998 and only turned romantic before Birkin's unfortunate death in 2001.  

Inside Milla Jovovich's Third Marriage!  

Jovovich and her third husband, Paul Anderson, with whom she has been married since 2009, are thriving, to say the least. The pair crossed paths in 2000 and went on to connect on the sets of their blockbuster flick Residential Evil.   

Milla Jovovich is happily married to Paul Anderson.
Milla Jovovich married English director Paul Anderson in 2009. 
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Anderson recalls getting struck by the actress immediately. "I thought she was the coolest looking woman in the world," the director says while dishing on their meet cute. The duo's journey from being colleagues to lovers and eventually spouses wasn't all that smooth.  

Anderson proposed to Jovovich a year after the release of their film. But Milla and Paul had a bumpy ride for the next four years, with the engaged pair often calling it off.

Jovovich and her on-off fiance rekindled their romance for good in 2007. The famed actress and her beau walked down the aisle on August 22, 2009.    

Milla met her husband on the sets of 'Residential Evil.'

Milla's husband, Paul, is an English director. The long-married pair share an 11-year of age gap. Anderson, 58, whose expertise is also sci-fi movies, boasts a prolific resume, which includes his debut film, Shopping, Mortal Kombat, and his recent, Monster Hunter. 

The actress and director have shared several personal and professional milestones since then. Besides their collective follies in the movie business, the couple also gets a thrill by turning estates. In 2022, the spouses listed their $14 million LA mansion in the market.  

Get to Know Milla Jovovich's Children!  

Milla and Anderson are doting parents to three kids. The pair welcomed their first daughter, Ever Gabo Anderson, in November 2007. As per reports, Milla's oldest, a spitting image of the actress, is gearing up to make her entry in Hollywood.   

Milla Jovovich is a mother to three daughters.
The long-married pair are doting parents to three daughters. 
Photo Source: Instagram

Ever's career choice doesn't come as a surprise as she has been accompanying her mom on movie sets ever since she was a kid. Although nothing big, Ever has already raked a couple of credits. She played a younger version of her mom's character in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and also did the same for Scarlett Johansson’s character in Black Widow.  

Jovovich's second daughter, Dashiel Edan Anderson, was born in April 2015. Before the birth of Dashiel, Milla revealed her concern over having a son and her feisty daughter's reaction. The family was overjoyed when they got blessed with another daughter.  

Dashiell is still too young to be deciding on a career path, but our best guess is that Milla is preparing her to step into the fashion world. The Fifth Element actress threw a design/fashion show-themed party on her daughter's recent 8th birthday.  

Jovovich and Anderson's youngest daughter, Osian, was born ahead of the pandemic in February 2020. Milla explains that she was worried sick when she got pregnant with Osian. The actress said that just the potential of losing that baby because of her age kept her on pins and needles for weeks. 

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