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Sun Jun 25 2023
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Who is Dick Van Dyke married to? The veteran actor is a father to four!  

Dick Van Dyke is one of the last-standing legends of the Golden Age of Hollywood. The actor, 97, has had a decades-long consistent acting career, performing extensively on stage and screens. And in the process, has entertained several generations of fans.  

Also, a comedian, and a talented singer, Dyke is yet to retire from his career. The actor aging actor had fans in disbelief when he was revealed to be Gnome on the mascot-singing show, The Masked Singer, earlier this year. Dyke's life gains momentum of attention again as the legendary actor celebrated Father's Day with his kids and grandkids.  

Dick Van Dyke is Married to His Second Wife, Arlene Silver!  

The Emmy-winning actor has had a colorful romantic life and after several failed romances, the actor found the one pretty late in life. The Mary Poppins actor has cited many tips to stay in shape at almost 100, and one of the secrets includes, having a young optimistic wife, who can tend to your needs. 

Dick Van Dyke is an actor and comedian.
Dick Van Dyke has been married twice. Photo Source: Instagram

And for the 97-year-old legend, the woman happens to be Arlene Silver, a 46 years younger makeup artist. Hollywood powerhouse marrying women half their age is no shocker, so, let's delve into Dyke's relatively new marriage with Silver. The duo first crossed paths at the 13th Annual SAG Awards in January 2007.  

Silver recalls sharing a few words with the actor, although she knew little to nothing of his work. Dyke, on his part, was charmed by Arlene's beauty and her oblivion to his stardom. The actor hired Silver as a makeup artist for some of his projects but couldn't approach her romantically as he was in a committed relationship with Michelle Triola Marvin.  

Dyke and Silver tied the knot in 2012! 

 Dyke's longtime partner, Marvin, tragically passed away in 2009, prompting the Mary Poppins actor to find a confidant in Silver. The twosome eventually started dating and walked down the aisle on the leap day in February 2012. The Tony-winning actor later dished on his scrutinized marriage with the young makeup artist.   

Dick Van Dyke is married to Arlene Silver.
Dyke and his wife, Silver, share an age of 46 years. Photo Source: Instagram

"I married somebody half my age and everybody thought I was crazy," Dyke said, adding, "but she is just an absolute angel. And the age difference hasn't been a problem at all." Silver, for her part, has also asserted her natural chemistry with the old actor, who she says has a "wonder of a child."  

The happily married couple haven't welcomed any kids of their own, but Dyke's wife, Silver, has been a stepmom figure to the actor's kids from his previous marriage. In an interview earlier this year, the Grammy-winning entertainer credited his wife for maintaining his positive attitude toward life.   

Dick Van Dyke's First Marriage!  

Alongside his illustrious career, Van Dyke has navigated a pretty exciting love life. In his almost a century-long time on Earth, it is no surprise that the Bye Bye Birdie actor experienced a variety of romances and heartbreaks. Dyke married his first love, Margie Willett, in February 1948.    

Dick Van Dyke was married to Margie Willett.
Dyke and Willett were married for thirty-six years. Photo Source: Instagram

Too smitten in love, the young pairs were eager to start a family, but financial woes were a roadblock in the duo's dream nuptial. Dyke recalls how a radio producer offered to pay for their wedding and honeymoon on a condition. The actor and his teenage girlfriend, hence, tied the knot on a radio show, Bride and Groom, on February 12, 1948.  

During their 36 years as a husband and wife, they welcomed four kids, all while struggling and tackling various issues as spouses, and individual entities. Dyke battled alcoholism and his wife, who he describes as "earthy and artistic", with a slim interest in Hollywood, was consistently on anti-depressants.   

Dick Van Dyke's wife, Arlene Silver, is 46 years younger than him.
Dyke's ex-wife died of cancer in 2007. Photo Source: Instagram

The pair, however, pushed through those dreadful years until 1984; the year they finally pulled the plug on their strained marriage after Dyke started an affair with Michelle Triola. Willet died of pancreatic cancer in 2007. "Even though we were long divorced, with her death I lost a part of myself," the beloved actor wrote in his memoir, Keep Moving.  

Dyke's then-mistress, Triola, his former agent's secretary, was his next enduring partner. Although the pair never walked down the aisle, the Tony-winning actor spent 35 glorious years with Triola, who also passed away of cancer in 2009 at 76. 

Who are Dick Van Dyke's Four Kids?  

The actor, at 97, is a father to four, grandfather, and great-grandfather to several. The Mary Poppins actor is not only an iconic actor, a splendid family man, but also a doting, and terrific father to his brood of four. Dyke was even named the Father of the Year by the National Father's Day Committee, in 1967.   

Dick Van Dyke is a doting father of four.
Dyke is a father to four kids, who he welcomed with his first wife. Photo Source: Instagram

Needlessly to say, even the hailed terrific father wasn't without some shortcomings. Dyke admits the impact his alcoholism and cheating had on his kids. "When I went into therapy, I realized I was repeating my father's mistakes," the actor once confessed. Dan's oldest, Christian, 73, followed in his father's footsteps briefly before choosing a career as an attorney.  

The Comic actor's second son, Barry, 71, is the best-known of all. He debuted on his father's show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, at 9, and continues to be an active member of Hollywood. Barry is married to Mary Carey with four kids. Dyke's two youngest kids, daughters Stacy, and Carrie, have lived their lives out of the spotlight.  

Both of Dyke's daughters dabbled in showbiz early on, appearing on their father's eponymous show, and later appearing a flick or two. Stacey is reportedly married to a musician named Mike Breen, and Carrie to actor Kevin McNally. 

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