Fact About Dorian Hunter - MasterChef Season 10 Finalist

Tue Oct 08 2019
By   Bibek

Congratulations to the Masterchef Dorian Hunter! She won season 10 of the Fox Network reality hit TV show "Masterchef Kitchen" as announced on September 18, 2019. 

By being the winner she received prize money worth $250,000 and an opportunity to train under the best chef of the planet. The dream came true for the 45-years-old on the show where she was accompanied by her husband and four kids. Besides these, now, let's find out more facts about Dorian.

Dorian is the First African-American Woman to Win Masterchef!

This is season 10 of the reality hit TV Show Masterchef and so far no Afro-American became the winner of the show. The fact, however, changes this season after Dorian Hunter is announced the winner of the cooking show. 

Dorian Hunter with her Trophy
Image: Dorian Hunter looking at her Masterchef winner Trophy. 
Source: Instagram (@chefdorian_masterchef10)

With the announcement, Hunter became the first Afro-American woman to win the show. The show is judged by the three best chefs on the planet, Gordon Ramsey, Joe Bastianich, and Aaron Sanchez. In addition to the prize money, Dorian gets to train under these three chefs at their restaurants.

Never Giving up on the Dreams...

If you really want something and that's your dream, then you should never let of it. This became true in the case of Dorian. She dreamt of running her own restaurant but business needs a financial kickstart. 

Because of her financial issues, Hunter never really got the chance to pursue her dream. But Dorian never gave up on her dreams and continued to find different ways to fulfill her vision. The reality cooking show became that path for her.

Dorian Hunter and Gordon Ramsay
Picture: Dorian Hunter (right) and Gordon Ramsay (left) in Masterchef. 
Source: Instagram (@chefdorian_masterchef10) 

She joined the show hoping to learn a lot from the industries brightest minds and wishing to fulfill her vision. It looks like now Hunter will take a leap in completing her lifelong project of owning a restaurant. 

What is her Winning Menu?

In the winning episode, the 45-year-old Dorian cooked the food which no one would forget. Hunters' magical hands created a menu which included the dishes like Seared Sea Scallops with Cornmeal tuille, Sweet Corn Puree, and Pickled Swiss Chard.

In addition to that, Dorian prepared Applewood smoked short rib which was kept together with Potato. Not just that, Hunter also kept a horseradish gratin in her menu for an entree. 

Dorian Hunter preparing food
Picture: Dorian Hunter preparing Season winning Food in the finale. 
Source: Dailytribune.com

The three judges praised her after tasting the food and meanwhile, Dorian bought the lemon blueberry tart with blueberry and cream cheese filling, toasted meringue and pecan crust as the desert. This was the icing on the cake as the taste buds of the judges exploded with an amazing dessert.

She is the Mother of Four!

After winning the show, Dorian posed with three judges, her husband, and two children by holding a trophy in her hand. It's just been several months Hunter received some fame in the media. So as of now, nothing about her married life is disclosed.

Hunter, however, is a married woman and been in a marital relationship for a long time it seems, probably more than two decades. Dorian and her hubby worked really hard to raise four kids together. Her eldest son is in the mid-20s now while the other three children are still in their teenage years.

Dorian Hunter with her family and judges of Masterchef
Image: Dorian Hunter (third from left) with her family and judges of Masterchef. 
Source: Deadline.com

Prior to appearing on the show and gaining all the fame, Hunter worked at the textile factory. Dorian's life is now changed as she is planning to open up her own restaurant with the prize money. With some other famous chefs like Jacinda Carter and Morgan Harvey, Hunter could be in the same bracket in the coming years.

Moreover, she is also looking to write a cookbook in the future with all her magical recipes.

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