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Tue Dec 28 2021
By   Orish Thapa

Isac Hallberg, a celebrity child, is known as the son of actress Rebecca Ferguson and her partner Ludwig Hallberg. His mother, Rebecca, is a well-known Swedish actress, while his father, Ludwig, is a Swedish businessman and coach. Rebecca Ferguson has played the role of Elizabeth Woodville in the miniseries. Later on, the Golden Globe Award nominee got roles in many blockbuster movies like Mission: Impossible.

As she rose to fame, many fans wanted to know whether the actress was married or not. Also, does she have children? Read more to find out all the details on Rebecca Ferguson's son.

Who is Isac Hallberg?

Isac Hallberg was born in 2007 to Rebecca Ferguson and Ludwig Hallberg in the coastal city of Simrishamn, Sweden. Isac Hallberg has a half-sister, Saga, who was born in May 2018.

Isac Hallberg was born in 2007 to Rebecca Fergusona and Ludwig Hallberg.
Isac Hallberg is mostly known as the son of popular actress Rebecca Ferguson.
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The celebrity kid studies at Simrishamn School and watches some new films with his mother whenever she has time. Isac even repeats some songs from the film "The Greatest Showman," where his mom appeared as Jenny Lind, the Swedish opera singer who performed in the circus of Phineas Taylor Barnum, which Hugh Jackman portrayed.

Furthermore, Isac lives with his father in Simrishamn when his mother is on the set or promoting some new film. But he moves to Rebecca's apartment when she returns to a fishing city to rest and recharge her batteries.

Married Life of Isac Hallberg's Parents

Even though Ludwig and Rebecca separated in 2015, they remain friends and maintain cordial relationships mostly because of their son.

Isac Hallberg lives with his father most of the time.
Isac Halberg's father Ludwin Hallberg is a coach and a businessman.
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Ludwig and Rebecca met each other in 2002 when the actress had just turned 19 and Ludwin was 42. Despite their age gap, they fell in love with each other and soon moved together. However, in 2007 the couple welcomed their first and only child, Isac Hallberg.

Rebecca always tells in her interview that she is a family person so, to create a happy family with her loved ones, she left her career as an actress and moved to Simrishamn with her husband. 

Rebecca has played many roles in blockbuster movies like Mission Impossible.
Rebecca Ferguson on the set of DUNE with the actor Javier.
Photo Source: Instagram@officialrebeccaferguson

Later Rebecca and he opened a tango school in the city. But in 2011, their calm life changed when Ferguson met Richard Hobert at the market and a popular Swedish film director. Where he invited her to act in his new movie "A Simple to Antibes." Thus, she was again involved in the movie industry, which ruined her family life. And, in 2015, they finally decided to split.

Nowadays, Ludwig lives with his son in Simrishamn, and he still runs a dancing school, co-founded by his ex-partner, Rebecca. He spends much time with the famous actress when she is free from filming new projects and comes home. In addition, he has a friendly relationship with Rebecca's new husband.

Isac Hallberg Mother, Rebecca Ferguson's New Husband.

After Rebecca Ferguson and Ludwig Hallberg separated in 2015, Rebecca Ferguson got married to a man known as Rory in 2018. Isac Hallberg served as the ring bearer during his mother's wedding to Rory in 2018.

After divorce with her first husband Ludwig, Rebecca married to Rory.
Rebecca Ferguson with her new husband Rory.
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However, we do know that the pair have been dating since 2016. Before the couple became official, they were good friends. Furthermore, Rebecca owns a house in Richmond in London with her husband, Rory.

Rebecca share one daughter with Rory.
Isac Hallberg has a step-sister, Saga from his mother, Rebecca's second marriage with Rory.
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Rebecca gave birth to her second child in mid-2018 with her boyfriend, Rory. Her daughter was named Saga.

Rebecca Ferguson is also very fond of Isac Hallberg and, as a result, loves to take him to the movie's sets. Rebecca Ferguson and Isac Hallberg also enjoy watching movies and climbing trees together.

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