Fact About Lola Burr, Bill Burr's daughter

Tue Jan 14 2020
By   Manish

Lola Burr one of today's trending names in the show business. She came to prominence as the daughter of the famous American stand-up comedian, podcaster and actor, Bill Burr and Nia Renee Hill

The matter of fact is that the three-years-old Lola's face hasn't revealed anywhere by the parents. Which makes the fans crazier about the daughter of the comedian. Let's dig-in about some of the facts about her.

Lola is the Only Daughter of Stand-up Comedian, Bill Burr

Burr became the father at the age of 48 years old after Lola gets born on the 20th of January 2017. She belongs to Mixed Ethnicity and is American by birth. You might say she's still very young for the topic but she has stepped on stages where the likes of Bonham and Zeppelin performed. 

Bill Burr holding his daughter at the stage where he'll perform his stand up show
Image: Bill Burr alongside his daughter at the set 
Source: Instagram @niasalterego

But regarding the Bill it's different he has always kept things out of the box when it comes to interviews about his daughter. During an interview about Lola, he made it clear that he is ready to look after his daughter for another thirty years. He later stated;

 "I became a dad late, at 48, I've gotta be there for at least 30 years to make sure she doesn't marry a jerk. But then I can just kick off and that will be it."

Seems like Lola is a very lucky kid and will be one of the successful people in the future. 

Lola's Mom, Nia Renee Hill is a Renowned Actress

Her mother Nia Renee Hill is one of the known names in the industry. The versatile actress is also a writer and filmmaker. Popularly known for her service on TV series like Long Distance and Divorce: A Love Story. 

Bill Burr wife and daughter
Image: Nia Hill with her daughter, Lola Burr enjoying beach time together 
Source: Instagram @niasalterego

As of now she is a full-time mom and taking very good care of her daughter. She almost regularly uploads her and Lola's pictures on her official Instagram account. Though she hasn't revealed her face till now he has very interesting topics to share between her fans. However, her fans are also still wondering about the cute Lola's face. 

Her Parents are Great Lovers

Both Lola's parents are one of the huge public figures. They were very long-time boyfriend and girlfriend until 2013 they exchanged wedding vows. 

It was an intimate ceremony were their family and friends were seen there as a guest. The duo's first encounter took place while Hill was working on a comedy show. 

A few dates later they figured out they were meant for each other and the duo move to Los Angeles, California. The couple started living together for a couple of years before walking down the aisle with each other. Hill sometimes makes a guest appearance in Blur's podcast.

Furthermore, Bill recently released his film, Paper Tiger on Netflix which exposes the myth of outrage culture.


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