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Mon Sep 23 2019
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Marita Stavrou and her ex-husband Reggie Miller made headlines a few years ago because of the hiding assets. Miller played with Indiana Pacers (NBA Team) and is considered the legend just like Michael Jordan whereas Marita works as an actress.

Despite appearing in the famous 90s show The Family Matters, Stavrou gained fame after tying the knot with NBA legend Reggie Miller. After the divorce, did Marita started dating? Along with her personal life, know more about some facts of her life.

Marita is the Ex-Wife of NBA Legend

Marita Stavrou worked as an actress when Magic Johnson introduced her to Reggie. The couple immediately fell for each other and soon exchanged wedding vows in August 1992. 

Reggie Miller with his ex-wife Marita Stavrou
Image: Reggie Miller (left) and his ex-wife Marita Stavrou (right). 
Source: Pinterest

Right from the day of their marriage, the problem between the couple started to uncover. In an interview in 1994, Miller told that Marita got bored on the pairs' first night together. Not just that, Stavrou moved away from Reggie in order to pursue her movie career.

Because of all of this, the NBA legend felt neglected, and with her not being around, the split seems inevitable. Marita asked Miller to construct a $3 million mansion in Indianapolis which got burned down before the pair even moved there. After the investigation, it was revealed that the fire was intentional and the police suspect that Stavrou might've something to do with it.

Reggie Miller house
Picture: Reggie Miller and Marita Stavrou's house in Geist which was burned down. 
Source: Wthr

Soon after that incident, Reggi filed for divorce. The couple separated in 2001 which was followed by the courtroom drama. 

An Expensive Divorce Settlement

In 2001, Marita received a good sum of money as per the divorce settlement. According to Miller's lawyer, Marita has already received $5 million. But as per Stavrou, Reggie is hiding his assets so that he does not have to pay a huge sum of money.

Marita signed a prenup before the marriage and according to which, she is set to receive 5 percent of his assets. The pair is making headlines because of their hefty settlement issues. Marita's lawyer is pressing for more money as per NYPost.com.

He filed the divorce before he signed a humongous $36 million deal with Indiana Pacers. As per his close friend, he says,

"I'm guessing he probably wasn't all that happy in the marriage. Well if it's going down the tubes, I'll file now, that way she won't get any more of my money".

Furthermore, Reggie wrote huge checks of around $33,000 to his friend in 1999 to reduce his living expenses. As of now, he owns a net worth of $90 million including an estate in Indianapolis.

Reggie Miller estate
Image: Reggie Miller's Indianapolis estate in 2019. 
Source: Virtualglobetrotting

Her Current Relationship Status

The Family Matter actress does not prefer to use any of the social media platforms. As she does not use these platforms, it is difficult to track down her current relationship status.

Referring to many online sources, it is revealed that Marita is currently single. As per reports, she has stayed single since the divorce. Following her divorce, Marita started to appear less in Television and films. As of now, she is sometimes spotted with her friends vacationing. 

The former NBA player, Reggie Miller, with his love partner, Laura Laskowski, and three adorable babies.
Snap: The former NBA player, Reggie Miller, with his love partner, Laura Laskowski, and three adorable babies.
Source: Instagram @reggiemillertnt

On the other hand, her former hubby has found a partner for him. Miller, however, has not tied the knot with his girlfriend, Laura Laskowski, but the couple is now raising their three children a son, Ryker Dean (b. 2013), a daughter, Lennox (b. 2016), and a new-born baby girl (b. 2021)

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